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Published on This course Banner Ad Blueprint will undoubtedly have an impact on many would be affiliate marketers. They will be able to learn some tactics that have been utilized by internet marketing masters to gain an advantage in their online business. There is a powerful way for you to get around the bullying by some of the major search engines online using these techniques showing how to advertise properly using banner ads.

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Product Catalogue

  1. 1. * Glossy Heart: about 23 hours ago * Blogger template : Glossy Heart #violet #valentinesday #adaptedfromwordpress #green #fixedwidth about 23 hours ago * Blogger template : Sysyphus #elegant #adaptedfromwordpress #green #fixedwidth #web20 #internet 1 day ago * Sysyphus: 1 day ago * @Vegagirl5 well said :D 1 day ago Kamis, 04 Februari 2010 Banner Ad Blueprint Banner Ad Blueprint This course Banner Ad Blueprint will undoubtedly have an impact on many would be affiliate marketers. They will be able to learn some tactics that have been utilized by internet marketing masters to gain an advantage in their online business. There is a powerful way for you to get around the bullying by some of the major search engines online using these techniques showing how to advertise properly using banner ads. The course consist of 8 content packed modules designed to take a newbie from a stand still to up and running in no time. If you have experience of any kind already in internet marketing then you will rapidly be able to grow your business if you actually utilize the information that is presented in the course. Module 1:
  2. 2. This is where you will learn about the types of networks out there and what networks to get signed up with first. If you don't know the right way it can be difficult to get in without some of the insider information. If you have tried in the past and couldn't get in this is where you want to begin. Module 2: This is where you get the inside track on how to do your market research effectively. Listen if you get this part wrong you will be spinning your wheels and not be getting anywhere. When you know the right point to begin you will be successful in completing your journey. Those who missed this step or just skipped it paid for it dearly with a lot of wasted time and money. No matter what program you are into don't get this part wrong. Module 3: This is where you learn the difference between Direct Linking and Landing Pages. These are two very different techniques that require you to implement them at different times depending on what your are promoting. There are definitely pros and cons for each method and you will want to get out your pen and pad and take notes on this section. Module 4: In this module you will learn how to use a very important technique that is used by TV as well as billboards so you can implement them to your internet marketing to maximize your results. It is a simple concept but when used effectively it means more visitors to your site, and more visitors can equal more sales. Module 5: After you have a offer to promote and a banner created, you need to start advertising. This module will help you get off to a good start by explaining about the 2 options you have when
  3. 3. signing up to the ad networks and how they benefit you. Some networks allow you to specify which sites your ad will run on while others only allow you to specify what category your ad will be placed in. Module 6: Once you have everything developed then proper targeting is a must if you want to maximize your efforts. Learning how to use indicators such as gender, race, age, and household income can become a powerful tool to make your campaigns more effective. Module 7: In this module you will learn how to set up a formal contract between you and the website owner. You will want any of the correspondence that took place between you and the website owner via email, skype, fax, or any other medium included in this contract. Module 8: There is a proper way to track your campaigns, and in this module you will learn the proper way to set up 3rd party adservers to do that. You will learn what fees that you can get around and which fees are reasonable. Saj P and his partner on this new program Philip Monsour are excellent teachers of the paid advertising online business model. Their businesses are doing extremely well even in this tough economy. They have even had students of theirs to go on to become full time affiliate marketers online replacing their income and leaving the hectic commuting in heavy traffic to work for others. Those who have not found a better way to provide for themselves and families. Most of you know there’s tons and tons of courses out there on SEO, PPC, CPV, Video Marketing etc… BUT there is no solid product out there that shows affiliate marketers how to drive traffic using Banner Advertisements (Image Ads).
  4. 4. Along with that, too many people are getting slapped around by Google, and other paid traffic resources and I’m tired of seeing Money Hungry affiliates suffer from top internet advertising companies changing the rules every 30 days. We call this Banner Ad Blueprint for one good reason… It’s a REAL Media Buying blueprint from A-Z that shows affiliates…. …This System Will Spark A Marketing Revolution!” But only if I get it into the right hands. And I can’t stand the thought of anyone snatching one up like a trophy and letting it collect cyber dust on their hard drive. This system is a weapon, meant to be used! Click Here To get Your Banner Ad Blueprint NOW… Click Here to Official site Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus Here's my exclusive bonus that I offering for people who buy Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus through my link at the bottom of this page.
  5. 5. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 1 SEO Bazooka SEO Bazooka is powerful and proven search engine ranking technique that will seriously boost your search engine placements while simultaneously driving traffic to your website. A 13 page PDF and 20 minutes of video training will teach you everything you need to know to work this method. * Proven - This technique has worked for years, and with my unique twist it works even better! * Very Powerful - One of the most powerful search engine ranking techniques known to man. * Dominate ANY niche - Works in any niche regardless of competition. I currently use this in the very competitive web hosting niche and it works wonders. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 2 "New Web Traffic Secrets" Includes Master Resell Rights
  6. 6. "Everything You Ever Need To Know About Generating Hordes Of Traffic With Powerful Web 2.0 Techniques" Step by Step Video Course Reveals How To Unleash a Storm Of Traffic To Your Websites Using New Technologies And Websites Causing Massive Profit To Follow! The biggest problem any marketer faces is getting traffic to their website. No matter how good your website or your product, if you do not have traffic coming to your website it is not worth the code it is written in. This brand new, 172 minute video course will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through getting hundreds of visitors from Web 2.0 techniques. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 3 "The Craigslist Blackhat System" Includes Master Resell Rights Watch Over The Shoulder Of An Underground Craigslist Mastermind As He Reveals His Secrets On How To BANKROLL Up To $8,132.26 In Profit Every Month! ... 100% Guaranteed Downloads: Video 1- Introduction To Craigslist Video 2- Writing Ad Copy That Sells Video 3- Using Blogspot For Profit Video 4- Creating Hidden Text Ads Video 5- Generating Post Links
  7. 7. Video 6- Creating And Using Image Ads Video 7- Automating Your Craigslist Business Video 8- Using Craygo To Submit Your Ads Video 9- 2 Bonus Videos: Secret Bonus Technique #1 Secret Bonus Technique #2 Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 4 Site Flipping Profit Blueprints The site flipping market is still alive and well and there is a lot of money to be made in it if you know what you are doing. The Site Flipping Profit Blueprint program has been created to show you exactly how to create and market these profitable sites. It takes you from the ground up, showing you where to sell your site, where to absolutely avoid selling it, how to write a listing that will sell, what buyers are looking for and more. The table of contents from the book is : * Introduction * A Site Flippers Toolkit * What Makes A Good Site Flip? * The Selling Price * Is It A Keeper?
  8. 8. * Finding Ideas * Keyword Research * Creating Your Site * Increasing Value With Traffic * Site Flipping Tips * Advertising Your Site For Sale * Conclusion * Resources The book includes options to monetize with affiliate links - these are hyperlinked so you can easily change them to your affiliate links or change them to your recommended sites. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 5 T.A.P.™ Profit Funnel System This is What You Get With The T.A.P.™ Profit Funnel System: T.A.P.™ Golden Blueprint Concise 58 page course containing home study material covering all the aspects you need to know to succeed as an internet marketer, even in the hardest crisis: * The T.A.P.™ Main Concept
  9. 9. * Taking advantage of affiliate marketing * Untapped niches * Copying and Pasting my Strategies * Profiting Timetable & Agenda For your convenience I've put together my own activities schedule, so you will just follow it and this way you will never forget what you have to do, and how to prioritize your activities. This Agenda has DAY-BY-DAY activity for 15 weeks... Weekly Webinars You will be able to assist to LIVE Training Sessions, having a unique and priceless opportunity to count with my personal guidance, marketing updates and in addition I'll answer questions on real time! These Unique Live Webinars will help you easily Skyrocket Conversions! Resources Tool Kit A valuable guide with links to all the information and tools you will need to use to perform your online activities. I'm revealing the exact same resources I use to get the information I need, as well as others that you will take advantage of. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 6 The CPA Magic Bullet System? - How I Made $81,259.30 in 39 Days
  10. 10. there are 10 videos record, step by step, detailing every aspect of the campaign, revealing my hijacking & monetizing system by case-studying this successful campaign. The total running time of the videos is about 50 minutes long. I hope, and I believe, if this campaign can make me $80K, the mindset behind it can make anyone a few thousand dollars in any month – at the minimum. Here are some areas I have been working hard on in the videos so you can fully absorb: * Help you put all the (missing) pieces together. With this one live case study, I put each and every piece of CPA marketing into an organized system, and give it life. You don't have to be confused by “theories”. You can start applying theories into practical marketing endeavors. * Help you see hidden opportunities, everyday, even every minute, on the Internet. I believe this quote: “Money is never in short supply”. Some people can see boatloads of it, some people can see a bit of it, MOST people don't see it (that's why they have to live by paychecks). I am going to open your mind from ONE angle, and once you get it, you will start seeing money flowing around on a daily basis. (I am not exaggerating.) In the videos, I actually mentioned during the whole lifetime of this campaign, there are only 2 or 3 affiliates competing with me. Its amazing most people don't realize its such a golden opportunity they can monetize with. * Help you think creatively, think out of the box. I think everyone has been taught the same marketing principles, techniques, and then the majority of them just go ahead and follow the textbook by doing the same stuff and hope it will work differently for them. Think objectively, is it possible for you to make a difference? The approach I am going to show you in the training will force you to be creative, and the return can be HUGE. * Help you make money connections. Once you can connect the dots, making money will be like a snap.
  11. 11. * Help you find a winning offer, 100 times faster. When most people are taught the hard way to find a winning offer (crank one offer, no luck, then move on to the next one, until you hit something), my approach is dead simple yet effective. All of sudden, your success ratio can jump from 1 winner in 200 campaigns to 1 winner in 5! * Help you ramp up your offer, from making a few hundred, to making a few thousand dollars a day. * Help you realize, making money is that easy! Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 7 PageBuilder Elite Gold The Gold Edition of PageBuilder Elite adds some other cool features to the software: * Create a content page from any article (not just recent articles) on the EzineArticles or GoArticles directories * Create a content page from an article you've written yourself or from any PLR (Private Label Rights) articles you have * Add news related to the topic of your page from RSS feeds to make your pages more unique and always changing (search engines love that!) [Only works with pages generated in PHP] * Manage a list of affiliate links for products you market for extra revenue from your website * Automatically have your affiliate links added to your content pages (just think how much time alone this would save!)
  12. 12. * Rebuild your content pages whenever you like, to use new templates or different affiliate links * Use the recommended resources to further monetize your pages at no extra cost to you Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 8 The Ghost Method Discover How A Complete Newbie Exploded His Bank Account Perfecting Rubbish Techniques That Bogus Marketers Sold Him...... This Step By Step ,Shockingly Easy Blueprint Guarantees To Make You At least $500 Per Day In No Time.... In The Report You Are Going To Discover The Following: * Introduction. - As you can probably tell, I explain a little bit about myself and why I created this product. * Selecting The Niche. - I show you exactly how I find profitable niches that can be easily dominated. * Choosing Your Product. - I teach you how to pick out the good products from the bad products, and which products you MUST go after. * Choosing Your Keywords. - I show you how to do proper keyword research. This strategy is vital for your success. Following it will be one of the main factors in generating HUGE affiliate cash for yourself. * Website Setup & Installation. - I walk you step by step through the entire website setup and show you exactly how to upload content to your site and some very secret but special SEO techniques that will guarantee you first page listings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. * Back links & Traffic Strategy. - I show you extremely powerful traffic strategies that I use to generate thousands of visitors regularly. I teach you how to get loads of backlinks to your site
  13. 13. EASILY. These back links aren't poor, they are HIGH QUALITY. * Joint Venture Strategy. - You will discover my way of generating several thousand dollars in one single day through product launches * AutoResponders & List Building Secrets. - I show you where to get your auto responder from, and teach you how to implement it on your site. You'll also discover the exact way that I have used to create a large subscriber database. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 9 SEOmoz Store – SEO Guides (Secret Revealed) 1. The Professionals Guide To Pagerank Optimization This article serves as a comprehensive guide to both the theory behind Google’s PageRank algorithm and how SEOs can structure websites and sculpt links for optimal PageRank returns. Complete with detailed diagrams and simple yet effective examples, the article goes far beyond the traditional understanding of PageRank as a one-to-ten metric, displayed in the toolbar. The guide also covers the nu… 2. The Professionals Guide To Advanced Search Operators This article is designed as all-in-one guide to advanced searching and using advanced search operators to help resolve SEO issues or get answers to SEO problems. Offering the detailed coverage of three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), the guide also illustrates how the search queries can help with important SEO issues: competitive analysis, keyword research, SEO site diagnostics, … 3. The Professionals Guide To Blogging
  14. 14. This article serves as a guide to defining and understanding what blogging is and how a new blogger can create, write, and promote a blog of his or her own. It covers how to choose an appropriate blogging platform, how to optimize a blog for search engine rankings, provides tips on how to brainstorm appealing blog content, and identifies how to promote and measure the success of your blogging e… 4. Social Media Optimization Strategies This 55-page article is designed as a guide to optimizing nine of the web’s premier social media services. These sites form the basis of all social media campaigns, covering the areas of social news, bookmarking, professional and social networking. Both the basic and intricate steps to developing a strong presence and reputation are explained in detail, as are the strengths and weaknesses of ea… 5. Viral Marketing And Linkbait On The Web This article serves as a guide to creating, launching and promoting linkbait and viral content on the Internet. Covering all aspects of the linkbait genre, the guide explains what constitutes linkbait, who appreciates and spreads it and how it is used for maximum exposure and return. The guide also covers twelve potential linkbait formats, and offers guidelines on how traditional businesses, op… Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 10 Auto Cash System This system contains guides that teach affiliate marketing skills to make money from other peoples’ products. If you want to start earning an income online, you need to learn the right skills and techniques; otherwise you will eventually give up. So do the techniques in Auto Cash System work?
  15. 15. 1. With So Many Products Available, Which Should You Choose? I know that I have personally bought into many quick rich schemes in the past. Being lured by the promises of fast riches, I gobbled up every guide and material that claim to make me money fast (very foolish indeed). The simple way to earn money online is to find a product that works, and keep working on it! 2. What Is A Good Money Making Product? For example, if you use a guide and find that when you use one technique, you may realize that you can earn $20 a day. Well, that may not sound like much, but that opportunity makes me very excited! Simply replicate the technique over 10 times on different products in different markets, and you will be earning $200 per day. 3. What Skills Do You Need To Make Money Online? If you are beginner, you must first establish a good foundation first, especially if you have never made a single sale on the internet. These skills can be easily picked up, even if you do not know how to build websites. The best way to do this would be to find someone who is already successfully doing it (a mentor), and replicate his moves. 4. Can You Really Make Money Online With The Auto Cash System? Many people are using affiliate marketing to make an online income today, working at their homes on their computers. It is really like working for other companies, except that once you setup your sites, they are online and working for you forever, giving you a passive income. This concept appeals to me a lot, unlike working a day job where you only get paid whenever you work. Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus # 11 SNEAKY LAUNCH TRICKS Sneak peek of what’s inside this course:
  16. 16. * Product Creation Blueprint – Most people spent thousands of dollars to create an information product. I will teach you how you can get a thousand dollar product for just $100 or so. No one out there is sharing this same sneaky strategy! * The Mini-Launch Process – People paid me tens of thousands of dollars to learn how the whole mini-launch sequence and process works. You will get the same stuff that my elite coaching student paid me $997 to learn! *
  17. 17. Launch Strategies – 99.9% of the people who have products on the Internet do not know how to launch their products properly. We will teach you how to get there while skipping all the trials-and-errors! * Pre-launch Secrets – Big-time marketers used the concept of reciprocity to make tons of money on the internet. I will teach you how you can implement it and how you can sit back and wait for the money to keep rolling in! * Idiot-proof Launch Techniques – Learn how I implemented my mini-launch technique, quick
  18. 18. & easy, in less than a week to cash in 5-figure income in just 6 days when I did a mini-launch in the seduction niche. Beside that all Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus To Your Success, Pablo Francess Diposkan oleh pablo francess di 23:25 Label: Banner Ad Blueprint, banner ad blueprint bonus, Banner Ad Blueprint Review, banneradblueprint, free money, jobs, make money online 0 komentar: Poskan Komentar « Posting Lama Halaman Muka Langgan: Poskan Komentar (Atom) Network