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Bio-resume of Victor Errante.

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Victor Errante

  1. 1. created: September 29, 2010 Background and Professional Work Examples
  2. 2. You Can ’t Eat an Elephant in One Bite. My boss and mentor, Paul DeMargel, told me that back in the day, when I was very young and sat at the conference table of my new automotive client in Gardena, California. It must have been that “de er in the headlights” look on my face. He knew what was going on in my head. And whatever it was, those words have been with me my whole career (nearly half my life). And every time I have come face-to-face with a particularly challenging opportunity (another elephant, if you will), I reflect on that conversation and everything seems to fall into place. I have been fortunate in my career to have worked with some of that largest corporations in the world in developing performance improvement programs, marketing and advertising campaigns, and promotional activities to help support their B2B, B2C and now their C2C marketing/communications efforts. Working in this high-visibility environment has helped me develop a diverse skill set that has evolved with the changing needs of my clients. I feel that my experience is unique in that I can offer an “Ol d School ” work ethic combined with a broad understanding of emerging technologies and how they apply in today ’s business environment. It’s a powerful combination when “ Ol d School” and “ Ne w School” are working together toward common goals.
  3. 3. University of Missouri – Columbia I Graduated in May of 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I spent much of my Junior and Senior years as a Research and Editorial Assistant to Dr. Walter C. Daniel, Department Head of English and Vice Chancellor of the University. I was responsible for assisting Dr. Daniel in editing and preparing his original manuscripts for print/publication, including the college text: Images of the Preacher in Afro-American Literature. Mentor and friend
  4. 4. Stix, Baer & Fuller/ Dillard’s Department Stores Senior Copywriter (’82 – ’84) In my first “real” job out of school, I was involved in scheduling and conducting weekly advertising meetings with General/Division Merchandising Managers/Buyers and collecting merchandise for photo shoots and reference materials to create print ad copy for the Home, Housewares, and Men ’s store divisions. I produced all copy for these divisions, secured all buyer/merchant approvals and arranged placement in local ROP for approximately 200 monthly advertisements.
  5. 5. Maritz Motivation Company Creative Supervisor/Program Director (’84 – ’86) Back in the 80s, landing a job at Maritz was like finding the holy grail. Maritz was a highly sought-after employer and I, like most Maritz employees, felt I had one of the best jobs in the industry. Maritz offered me the chance to branch out into new and exciting areas of marketing with national and international clients. My job entailed identifying new sales opportunities with existing clients and the day-to-day management and supervision of Maritz resources to service these clients. I was also responsible for managing the profitability of my programs to maintain a consistent gross profit margin. My main account responsibility was managing Maritz’ most profitable book of business – the Nissan Dealer programs which contributed over $20 million in annual gross billings to Maritz.
  6. 6. Maritz Motivation Company Creative Marketing Director (’87 – ’90) In 1987, I was promoted to Creative Marketing Director of the Maritz West Coast Area’s Pacific and Universal City Regions. With my new title came the new responsibility of managing six Program Directors/Creative Supervisors. As the leader of the team, we developed incentive solutions for Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Infiniti, Lexus, Isuzu, Southern California Gas, Southern California Edison, Transamerica Insurance Group and Von ’s grocery accounts, among others.
  7. 7. Maritz Motivation Company Creative Marketing Director (’87 – ’90) For over 50 years, Maritz had focused on the B2B side of the business, exclusively. But clients were asking for B2C solutions to ensure there were qualified customers to purchase goods and services from their highly motivated sales teams. As the business needs of our clients evolved, the Pacific/ Universal City Regions began staffing for “ no n-traditional” business applications (i.e., direct marketing, point-of-sale, consumer promotion, etc.). We effectively started a new “company within a corporation” to service our import automotive and service-oriented clients. With this change in our approach, Maritz had to get “connected” to our satellite offices. I was asked to lead a task force which resulted in the installation of over 150 Macintosh computers within the Creative and Planning Services Division. The task force also performed a needs assessment that led to Macintosh computer installation/networking between the St. Louis office and West Coast offices.
  8. 8. The Waylon Company (’91 – ’98) With Maritz expanding into B2C marketing solutions, in 1990 I was approached by Bob LeClerc (Regional VP of the West Coast Pacific Region) with a proposition to move to California as a Creative Account Manager to help spearhead our new “non-traditional” business venture for our West Coast automotive clients. Moving to Los Angeles was not an option at that point in time. But as the Maritz business continued its rapid evolution to the new B2C/B2B model, it became clear that our clients’ business demands were out-pacing our ability to meet them in the short term. In mid-1990 I began to seek out local opportunities where I could completely immerse myself in the B2C side of the business. The Waylon Company was the solution.
  9. 9. The Waylon Company Senior Account Manager (’91 – ’95) The Waylon Company was a full-service promotion agency (ranked within the top 20 in the U.S. at the time). I was hired to work on Kellogg’s and other client businesses and to seek out vertical marketing opportunities. My new assignments with The Waylon Company opened many doors for me on a national and international basis where we expanded our business into Mexico, Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries. As Senior Account Manager, I was responsible for all phases of the Sales Promotion process, from sales development, concept/budget development, client presentation, execution and client billing.
  10. 10. The Waylon Company Group Account Director (’95 – ’98) In my new role as Group Account Director, I was responsible for managing several groups in sales development, concept generation and presentation, execution of promotional marketing programs for Apple Computer Inc. and other clients. I also had direct management responsibility for a five-person account support staff, and all marketing management, reporting and analysis for my clients with resulting seven figure annual billings.
  11. 11. NOW Resources, Inc./Distributor One, Inc. (’98 – Present) In 1998, I decided to leave The Waylon Company and venture out into a new entrepreneurial ad-venture . I started NOW Resources to continue the types of programs/promotional initiatives that I had learned at Maritz on the B2B side and later at The Waylon Company on the B2C side. NOW Resources performed as a full-service outsource marketing department for clients and agencies. NOW Resources later evolved into Distributor One, Inc., and became an Authorized Distributor of American Express Incentive Services, to service web-based marketing and stored-value card programs. The following pages may appear to jump around, but they follow parallel paths: Distributor One, Inc. (my own company) with ongoing contract and house projects and a full-time position as Director of Sales Promotion with Keller Crescent Advertising, which I filled between 2005 – 2008.
  12. 12. Distributor One, Inc.
  13. 13. Distributor One, Inc. Marketing Innovators, Inc., Solutions Architect In January of 2004, Distributor One accepted a contract project at Marketing Innovators in Rosemont, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) to assist the company in developing incentive solutions for their new and existing card-based clients. An executive from Maritz started Marketing Innovators in the 70s, but in 2004 the company lacked the practical experience to design and execute full-blown Maritz-type programs. As Solutions Architect, my responsibilities were to help the company bridge this gap to compete in this new digital environment. After several months in the Solutions Architect position, the company was involved in a leveraged buyout by Bravanta, a technology-heavy firm based on the West Coast. All hiring was frozen and I found myself in a state of limbo. After helping to secure and execute several projects for Marketing Innovators, I elected to move back to Saint Louis to seek out other, more stable outsource projects.
  14. 14. Distributor One, Inc. thembcgroup, Director of Sales Promotion/New Business Development In August of 2004, Distributor One was contracted by Craig Barnes, President and CEO of thembcgroup based in Saint Louis, Missouri. My responsibilities at the firm involved new business development and again, expanding the company’s core competencies and to help Craig move thembcgroup from its comfort zone into new areas of technology and service-focused business opportunities.
  15. 15. Keller Crescent Advertising Director of Sales Promotion (’05 – ’08) In November of 2005, I was contacted by a recruiter with an offer for a full-time position with Keller Crescent Advertising in Evansville, Indiana. This was a lucrative opportunity with a hot Midwest agency, so I moved from Saint Louis to Evansville and took a position as Director of Sales Promotion. My responsibilities included developing promotional marketing opportunities for new and existing clients by expanding Keller Crescent’s core competencies. Focus areas included traditional and web-based solutions, product education programs and employee performance incentives. I was also responsible for concept development, sourcing, execution and billing of all POS materials for new and existing clients.
  16. 16. Selected Keller Crescent Projects
  17. 17. Co-op Promotion, Partner Negotiations, Logistics PROMOTION Private Label Coupon Book SCOPE Account Specific OVERVIEW • The first promotion of its kind to target and promote complimentary private label (store) brands in an account specific national retail event. • The Coupon Book delivered store brand coupons for Ralston Foods manufactured products (i.e., Nutcracker nuts, Bremner cookies/crackers), and Carriage House pantry staples. • The Coupon Book included offers from other private label manufacturers to add value and extend reach. • Approximately 2,000,000 Coupon Books were distributed via in-store product sampling events coinciding with Back-To-School timing .
  18. 18.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Perry County Memorial Hospital Branding, Web/Process Integration, BabyPix App PROMOTION Perry County Memorial Website SCOPE Regional OVERVIEW • PCMH management chose to freshen the look and feel of their website with cool colors and visuals…to reflect their visionary approach to the leading-edge healthcare services they offer. • The new PCMH website delivered a pleasant user experience from the moment of entry with intuitive navigation and one-step clicks to get to the important services users need. • A Content Management System (CMS) enabled hospital staff to modify site content — client-side, without disturbing the site framework. This was especially useful for updating site sections such as Jobs and BabyPix with simple choose/click/publish functionality.
  21. 21. Big Red Shoe Fundraiser Performance Improvement, Cause Marketing PROMOTION RMHC Big Red Shoe Fundraiser SCOPE Regional/Ohio Valley Co-op OVERVIEW • Big Red Shoe crew incentive replaced long-standing Annual Golf Scramble fundraiser. • Individual McDonald’s restaurant goals were established based on prior year sales. • Relevant award opportunities – Apple iTunes and iPods for top performers. • Promo raised $27,233 in 14 days for the 39 store Co-op with 23 of 39 restaurants meeting/beating their program goals. • PSAs ran 400+ times in support of the promo. • Most successful activity ever conducted by the Ohio Valley Co-op.
  22. 22. Red Man Rewards Loyalty, Continuity, Cause Marketing PROMOTION Red Man Rewards SCOPE National OVERVIEW • Customer loyalty program announced/communicated via in-store POS, Direct Mailings, scheduled print advertising. • Red Man users registered online or via 800#. • Specially marked cans featured a unique serial # that consumers entered on the Red Man Rewards website; system captured all point earnings and held them on account for future redemption. • Participants redeemed points from a custom merchandise selection featured at . • “ Gifting” option included allowing registered users to donate points to corporate-approved Cause Affiliates (i.e., NWTF, Bassmasters, Ducks Unlimited, NRA, etc.)
  23. 23. HPNOTIQ $100,000 INSTANT WIN GAME Consumer Sweepstakes, International Logistics PROMOTION $100,000 Instant-Win Game SCOPE National/Global OVERVIEW • Highly regulated distilled spirits category. • Developed and executed the HPNOTIQ $100,000 Instant-Win game where game codes were printed on corks produced in Portugal with seeding and security taking place in Merlet, France. • Cases of finished, seeded product were distributed ONLY to those states where this unique game was in compliance with state and local laws. • Flawless execution, on time and on budget. • $100,000 Instant Win Game created lots of category buzz throughout its 18 month shelf-life.
  24. 24. Distributor One, LLC Walmart/Colortek, Copy Contact In October of 2008, Distributor One accepted a contract with Walmart/Colortek to develop and manage all phases of the Holiday 2008/09 circulars and tabloids. I was responsible for copy strategy and for developing final copy/content for these holiday print advertisements.
  25. 25. Walmart Marketside Specialty Foods Distributor One, LLC
  26. 26. Distributor One, LLC
  27. 27. Distributor One, LLC Life Empowerment Retreats, Director of Sales Promotion In March of 2009, I was approached by a long-time colleague, Joyce Dillon, to assist in the development and execution of an essay contest targeting Baby Boomers. The contest was to offer a group of winners a chance to earn a trip to Costa Rica to spend a week with a life coach who could help the winner chart a life course. As a pro bono project, Distributor One initiated the concept/copy development, contest rules structure, and secured legal approvals to ensure U.S. compliance, judging system/structure/data capture solution for all contest entries, website design/implementation, analytics.
  28. 28. Distributor One, LLC Healthy Living and Balance Boomer Essay Contest Affinity Group – Contest, Experiential Travel, Logistics PROMOTION Life Empowerment Retreat Essay Contest SCOPE National/Global OVERVIEW • Online promotion delivered an essay contest targeting Baby Boomers. • Contest offered a chance to earn a 7-day/6-night trip to Costa Rica with a life coach who could help the winner chart a new life course. • Pro bono project for a long-time colleague, Distributor One initiated all concept/copy development, contest rules structure, and secured legal approvals to ensure compliance with US/International law. • Web-based execution used a MySQL data capture solution for all contest entries, implementation, analytics, and an objective judging system to determine winners.
  29. 29. Distributor One, LLC Otto Guevara Presidential eCampaign, Solutions Architect In July 2009, Distributor One was contracted to assist with the development and implementation of a fully integrated eCampaign for Don Otto Guevara. The eCampaign was developed in similar fashion to the Barack Obama campaign utilizing all available social media tools. Screen grabs of these initiatives follow…
  30. 30. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Friendfeed In order to generate awareness and secure a digital foothold, we have established a campaign presence via the following: Distributor One, LLC
  31. 31. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Facebook Distributor One, LLC
  32. 32. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – LinkedIn Distributor One, LLC
  33. 33. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – LinkedIn Distributor One, LLC
  34. 34. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Blogspot Distributor One, LLC
  35. 35. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Twitter Distributor One, LLC
  36. 36. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Twitvid Distributor One, LLC
  37. 37. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – YouTube Distributor One, LLC
  38. 38. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Facebook Distributor One, LLC
  39. 39. Social Influence Marketing Tasks – Movimiento Libertario Website Distributor One, LLC
  40. 40. Phone: 636.219.1712 Email: [email_address] LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Skype: Reach Out
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