Israel Eid Al Adhka3k


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Israel Eid Al Adhka3k

  1. 2. This is the traditional sweet that we prepare in Al Adha feast. The dough is made up from semolina, butter, milk and water.
  2. 3. The dough is prepared to be stuffed with dates.
  3. 4. This is the date dough.
  4. 5. The dates are prepared in this shape to make it easier for stuffing
  5. 6. This is the way dates is filled inside the dough
  6. 7. The kaek is prepared in a round shape as you can see in the picture
  7. 8. These are used to make different shapes of kaek
  8. 9. And this is how they will look like
  9. 10. Kaek is arranged in a tray to be put in the oven
  10. 11. We usually leave enough space between the pieces.
  11. 12. And now kaek is ready for the feast .
  12. 13. We sometimes sprinkle ground sugar on the top to make it tastier
  13. 14. !! Bon Apetite!
  14. 15. Done by Niveen Al Rajabi The seventh class Alquds school for girls Jerusalem