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This is an open air activity in which our friends from Jerusalem together with ACONCAGUA, our teddy!! made accesories (necklaces and rings). You look really happy! You seem to be having a great time!

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  1. 1. Here is Ghadeer I am staying at her home for about one month ,she is welcoming one I enjoy staying here As you can see she is a smiley face
  2. 2. Students participating in an open day activity. In this activity they try to make accessories, neclace and rings using colored beads. They fill the beads in a thread making different shapes
  3. 3. Students work together
  4. 4. 9th grade students preparing a n
  5. 5. Students use different kinds of beads of different colors
  6. 6. Our friend aconcagua share us
  7. 7. We give our friend gift