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20140221presentation symod l. martin uk


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Cross presentation on Ticketing
Laure MARTIN, director of Syndicat mixte de la mobilité durable 17 (Symod)
For the second year, the EIGSI General Engineering School organizes in La Rochelle, France, a high quality forum focused on interregional mobility in the Atlantic Area.
La Rochelle Mobility Forum is part of a 4 high quality forum cycle. Climatlantic is a project co‐funded by INTERREG IVB ATLANTIC AREA Programme,aimed at developing an Atlantic Strategic Agenda for Sustainable Urban Development and the reduction of the Carbon Footprint covering four main pillars: mobility, energy, territorial management and social behavior.

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20140221presentation symod l. martin uk

  1. 1. Presentation of the Syndicate of Sustainable Mobility Example of a mobility policy coordinated between several transport authorities Interregional Mobility Forum, Eigsi - 21/02/2014
  2. 2. Plan of action Institutional presentation : a brief history of SYMOD, legal aspect and functions  Travelling using public transport with Pass’Partout (Pass everywhere) 17  Ticketing : the evolution of ticketing in Charente-Maritime
  3. 3. Institutional cooperation for 13 years The members : With support from
  4. 4. Operational Cooperation Transport networks, intermodality operators : Touristic partners Technical partners Tourist Offices Tourist accommodation Plan Suite
  5. 5. The functions of the SYMOD - 3 requirements from the SRU(French urban solidarity and renewal legislation): Establishment of a single ticket (Pass’Partout 17) Establishment of an intermodal SIV -traveller information system (route search engine, dynamic display) Coordinate transportation services (supply) - 2 additional functions Central purchasing (Ticketing-SIV) Common banker (distribution of income)
  6. 6. A sustainable development approach Thanks to a common ticketing system, the Symod has worked for 10 years on the development of clean mobility solutions across the department of Charente-Maritime :  An integrated intermodal price with Pass’Partout 17 : Car+Bus, Ter+Bus  A successful ecotourism approach with Pass’touristiques, in partnership with Charente -Maritime Tourism and the Tourist Offices : Pass’Rochelais, Pass Rochefort Océan Pass Rochefort-Aix, Pass La Rochelle-Ile de Ré et Pass La Rochelle-Ile d’Oléron
  7. 7. The offer « Car+Bus » since 2010 A single ticket (available as a single journey, day, weekly, monthly and annual) to travel within the 9 zones of the Charente Maritime department and giving access to - the Departmental network - And the 4 Urban networks 252 sales and nearly 20 000 trips in 2013, which is constant / 2012
  8. 8. The offer Ter+Bus since 2007 A transport offer to travel between La Rochelle and Rochefort with Ter and urban networks Attractive multimodal pricing, available for occasional travel (unit, day) and regular (weekly, monthly and annual) 2 marketing networks (SNCF and urban networks) and an interoperability check (double validation and security control) Nearly 45,000 sales in 2013 (constant/2012) and 220,000 trips
  9. 9. Combined transportation/tourism since 2003 Pass Rochelais Pass Rochefort Océan Pass Rochefort-Aix Pass La Rochelle-Ré et La Rochelle-Oléron Basic principle : a transportation formula (day or weekend or week at a reduced rate)+ at least 1 discounted entry fee for a tourist attraction or leisure activity Led by a successful ecotourism approach, with nearly 7000 Passes marketed and 38,000 trips in transport networks (42% increase on sales and 27% increase in passengers)
  10. 10. Deployment ticketing- electronic banking Charente Maritime Public tender launched in 2002 by the Symod across the department. Central purchasing allowing the pooling of equipment, goods and also maintenance contracts Selected provider : ERG Transit Systems (Vix Technology) Widespread contactless ticketing in the whole departments transport network (2002-2010)
  11. 11. Description of the current ticketing system 6 ticketing systems (1 central (that of Symod) + 4 urban systems + 1 intercity Common software program (configuration, sales, control, SAV-after sales service, statistics) Each ticketing service is autonomous in managing its monomodal range. Possible specific developments (debit, internet sales…) Symod has within it's intermodal range 5 ticketing systems and recovers all data (sales/validations unimodal and intermodal)
  12. 12. Technical aspects : Diagnosis resulting from the audit (in 2009) Operational ticketing solution, multimodal, configurable and modern but not interoperable with the SNCF (not compatable) and limited to the change in type of pricing (kilometric to zonal for example)
  13. 13. SYMOD's Plan To change the current ticketing system to be interoperable with the future regional ticketing system Objectives : - To provide unique suport for all transport systems - To share prices and allow cross-selling - To simplify the use of intermodal tracks (tickets bought in person and online sales) - To make the transition to zonal pricing Impacts : - Standardization of the system - Changing the heart of the system - Updated software with a centralized architecture
  14. 14. Transfer strategy from the current system May 2012 :Launched a ticketing study to review technical and functional expenses, ensuring upgradability of the new ticketing system in Charente-Maritime - opening up the rail with a draught of regional keys - move to a single and multi-use card and openness to new technologies (Qrcode,NFC, paperless travel pass…) 28/01/2014 : Launch of public tender of renewal of ticketing in Charente-Maritime (2015-2016)
  15. 15. Conclusion The unifying role of SYMOD allows the development of shared tools and ensures interoperability for public transport in Charente Maritime. Consolidation of SYMOD's central role with all transport operators and tourist departments in Charente-Maritime In parallel to ticketing, discussions have been initiated around tariff harmonization, passenger information and coordination of transport supply