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Which smart phone handsets, which manufacturers and operating systems are really capturing the customers’ enthusiasm and devotion, globally?

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Cic Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: Leading the Pack in the Chinese and Western Markets Date: November 2009 Analysis Findings and Research Methodology
  2. 2. Key Findings In Q2 2009, iPhone buzz volume peaks are driven by product related information, like the iPhone 3GS launch and the iPhone firmware 3.0 unlocked version . The G1 buzz peak is partly associated with iPhone, with around 16% of G1 posts for the peak also mentioning iPhone. PALM PRE VS GOOGLE G1 Consumers think WebOS is Palm’s key advantage, while rich applications is G1’s APPLE IPHONE VS GOOGLE G1 Consumers think iPhone is for entertainment and G1 is for business BLACKBERRY STORM VS GOOGLE G1 BlackBerry users like Google services and think G1 has more applications RICH APPLICATIONS BUSINESS ORIENTED GOOGLE SERVICE TOOLS G1’s Competitive Advantages According to IWOM
  3. 3. IPHONE WEEKLY TREND iPhone buzz peaked in Q2, 2009: due to iPhone 3.0 firmware being unlocked by the iPhone DevTeam. iPhone firmware 3.0 unlocked version is released (Week 25). Sample Post (PV: 10,133, Reply: 188) in Week 25: 尽情欢呼吧! iPhone Devteam 即将演示 YellowSn0w 3.0 Cheer up! iPhone devteam would demo YellowSn0w which will crack iPhone’s 3.0 firmware ( link ) (similar posts on yellowsnOw cracking firmware 3.0 are over 25% of iPhone total posts in W25) * 3GS related posts are only 2% of iPhone total posts in W25 * Unit: Percentage, Base: iPhone total posts in Q2, 2009 * Time period is April 6 – June 28. Only complete weeks are included. * Total posts: 149,363 iPhone 3GS is launched on June 9 (Week24).
  4. 4. PALM PRE VS GOOGLE G1 Palm Pre buzz peaked in Q2, 2009 due to Palm Pre fans’ crazy reaction to iPhone. A B Hot topics are mostly about G1 ringtones and ROMs download links (W24) and Palm Pre fans’ crazy reaction to iPhone. A: 原机提取铃声 ··M8 、 G1 、 HTC 、多普达 ······· Original ringtones from M8, G1, HTC and Dopod. (page views: 2101, replies: 55) ( link ) (over 12% of W24’s total posts) ( 完美 )Roger 的 G1 ROM ,更新 MOD 版本 Virtudude's Rogers Mod Perfect, Roger’s G1 rom has been updated. (page view: 5,606, REPLY: 30) ( link ) (about 8% of W24’s total posts) B: 真的猛男!买 Palm Pre ,砸 iPhone ! True man is a person who uses Palm Pre to smash iPhone! (page views:41,353, replies:47) ( link ) (about 7% of W24’s total posts) Pre 想先发制人,不过多少还是中了 3GS 的马后炮 Pre wants to get the drop on iPhone, however it suffers iPhone’s belated action more or less. (page views: 5,202, replies: 147) ( link ) (over 4% of W24’s total posts ) * Unit: Percentage, Base: each model total posts in Q2, 2009 * Time period is April 6 – June 28. Only complete weeks are included. * G1 total posts: 2,790 Pre total posts: 11,048
  5. 5. PALM PRE VS GOOGLE G1 Consumers think WebOS is Palm Pre’s key advantage while rich applications is G1’s. Summary: Geeky consumers are looking forward to Pre’s WebOS because of its good performance and fantastic UI design. Some consumers think Palm and Google should cooperate with some local carriers in China. Both these phones are highly discussed for their design. OS comparison sample quote: 與 Android 相比, webOS 同是基於 Linux ,不過 webOS 要更先進! 就是软件少了点, 多任务界面很美观 , 因為它整個系統幾乎是用 webkit 渲染出來的融合 web2.0 概念 , 是針對商務人士 WebOS (Palm Pre’s OS) is more advanced than Android, the multiple tasks user interface (UI) is also very beautiful; however there’s not many applications for consumers to choose from. I think it more possible for business people in future. ( link ) Marketing strategy comparison sample quote: 已 HTC G1 为例,这类在国内较为冷门的机型,由于需求量不大,导致价格居高不下,如果 Palm 公司希望扩大 Palm Pre 的影响力,不妨与中国电信进行合作,在国内推出定制机型,或许能获得国内用户的更多关注。 Let’s take G1 as the example, since it’s not a hot mobile in China and hard to get, the price is very high. If Palm want to extend Pre’s influence, it should consider to cooperate with China Telecom and to put the official Pre on to the market in China. This might gain more attention from Chinese mobile phone users. ( link ) Mobile phone design comparison sample quote: 背面山寨指的是那个大喇叭吧 不过只能说外观这个东西看个人稀饭了,至少还算不错吧,比 G1 那个样子好很多,不过也有人说稀饭 G1 的外观,偏商务 Pre’s speaker is too “Shanzhai” , however, someone like that, and I think it better than G1’s design although some guys said G1 looks more like a business mobile. ( link ) Palm Pre Google G1
  6. 6. APPLE IPHONE VS GOOGLE G1 Apple iPhone buzz peaked in Q2, 2009 due to posts about its firmware being cracked . A Hot Topics are mostly about comparing G1 with iPhone and cracking new iPhone 3.0 firmware through yellowsn0w (released by the iPhone DevTeam): A: 尽情欢呼吧! iPhone Devteam 即将演示 YellowSn0w 3.0 Cheer up! iPhone devteam would demo YellowSn0w which could crack iPhone’s 3.0 firmware (page views: 10,133 replies: 188) ( link ) (3.0 firmware posts are over 25% of W25’s iPhone total posts) *3GS posts are only 2% of W25’s iPhone total posts. B: 在 iPhone 3G S 和 HTC Dream/Magic 之间犹豫?来看此帖! This post is for anyone who cannot make a purchase decision between iPhone 3GS and HTC Dream (G1). (page views: 4,033, replies: 30) ( link ) (G1 posts – containing the keywords “iPhone” and “Apple” – are about 16% of W24’s total posts) * Unit: Percentage, Base: each model total posts in Q2, 2009 * Time period is April 6 – June 28. Only complete weeks are included. * G1 total posts: 2,790 iPhone total posts: 149,363 B
  7. 7. APPLE IPHONE VS GOOGLE G1 Consumers think iPhone is for entertainment and G1 is for business. Summary: When comparing G1 with iPhone, most consumers have the impression that iPhone is for entertainment while G1 is for business. Consumers get this idea because G1 has no multi-touch capabilities, poor screen performance and no 3.5 mm earphone port. Complete comparison between iPhone and G1 sample quote: G1 优点:价格更便宜、电池可以更换、软件全部免费、多任务、软件安装简单、迷你 USB 接口方便、好用的 GPS G1 缺点:没有多点触摸、好用的软件和游戏太少且画面质量差(比苹果)、多任务容易造成反应速度越来越慢并有死机现象、没有 3.5 耳机接口,多媒体方面差 Android’s Advantages: cheaper than iPhone, replaceable battery (iPhone’s is built-in), free applications (lots of iPhone’s need to pay for them), multi-tasks (iPhone has no such function), easy-install apps, mini USB port, easy-to-use GPS. ( link ) Android’s Disadvantages: No multi-touch, too few good applications and games, poor screen performance, bad speed when running multi-tasks, no 3.5 inch earphone port, awful performance in multimedia. Focus consumers group comparison’s sample quote: 玩 android 的确实专业人员多一些,他们更注重实用, ip 的用户普通消费者比较多,多注重娱乐方面 Android consumers are more professional guys, they care more about the practicability while iPhone’s users are most general consumers and they think entertainment functions are more making sense for them. ( link ) Apple iPhone Google G1
  8. 8. BLACKBERRY STORM VS GOOGLE G1 BlackBerry Storm buzz peaked twice in Q2, 2009 due to new ROMs releases and Gmail on Storm. B A Hot Topics are mostly about flash ROMs: A/B: 9500-AllLang_BBB_hybrid_v0_60beta3 出来了 9500’s new rom with all languages has been released! (page views: 4,569, replies: 333) ( link ) (related posts are over 25% of W17’s total posts and over 18% of W23’s total posts) B: 最新版 Gmail 2.0.7 放出,新版本终于可以在 storm(9500/9530) 上全屏 The latest Gmail 2.0.7 has been released and this time you can full-screen it on your BlackBerry’s Storm series 9500/9530 (page views: 8,168 replies: 671) ( link ) (related posts are about 14% of W17’s total posts) * Storm 9500 is the most common BlackBerry * Unit: Percentage, Base: each model total posts in Q2, 2009 * Time period is April 6 – June 28. Only complete weeks are included. * G1 total posts: 2,790 Storm total posts: 8,532
  9. 9. BLACKBERRY STORM VS GOOGLE G1 BlackBerry users like Google services and think G1 has more applications. Summary: Most consumers agree that BlackBerry operating system is harder for a new user to get used to. Some consumers think BlackBerry doesn’t support Chinese applications very well, since it’s only for the US market and has no official sale in China. A few BlackBerry fans think the Storm 9500 user experience is worse than G1. OS and application comparison sample quote: 系统的话 黑莓上手有点难 而 G1 的 A 系统以后会成为主流! 开源性非常好! 黑莓的影音功能要好一点 个人感觉 但是速度有点慢! G1 软件丰富 可玩性强! 黑莓毕竟只是单纯的属于美国上市机,支持的国内应用软件也不见得很稳定,不管那一款都是 BlackBerry’s OS is a little harder for the first user, and G1’s Android would be mainstream in the future because of its open source. BlackBerry’s video and music function is better than G1 but speed is slower. G1’s applications are more than BlackBerry and since BlackBerry is only for USA, its mobile phones perform poor in supporting Chinese applications. ( link ) User experience comparison sample quote: 下午又去试了试朋友的 Google G2, 质感和操控都不错。感觉 9500 绝对是款至少不算很成功的产品,所谓的屏幕整体作为确定键的录入方式录入是我用过的手机里最差劲的一个。就算是支持拼音横屏输入,靠边上的字母很难被精确选中 I try my friend’s G2 this afternoon and the control experience is nice which made me sure again that 9500’s whole screen as ok key’s input way is the worst one I ever used. I couldn’t even choose the right letter in the edge even if in horizontal mode. ( link ) BlackBerry Storm Google G1
  10. 10. CIC DATA BUZZ MEASUREMENT PROCESS <ul><li>Use customized tools to analyze buzz volume and content </li></ul><ul><li>Experienced analysts to dig out insights behind IWOM dynamics </li></ul><ul><li>Buzz findings delivery on regular basis, in flexible formats </li></ul><ul><li>Expert construct product & d river categorization </li></ul><ul><li>Data mining by powerful natural language mining tools </li></ul><ul><li>Human quality assurance for data mining result </li></ul><ul><li>Identify relevant sources of online conversation </li></ul><ul><li>Use customized tools and industry terms to collect data </li></ul><ul><li>Filter out irrelevant and duplicate data and assess data quality </li></ul>Data Analysis Data Collection Data Mining
  11. 11. Structured Brand/Product Analysis Our experts construct detailed customized product buzz categorization based on natural online discussion using powerful text mining tools to measure the quantity of buzz and brand mentions. Diversified Attribute Analysis According to naturally occurring online discussion and the scope of the interests, we also look into the attributes and aspects of the online buzz and the associations with product related talk. Sample Product Tree Sample Driver Tree IWOM RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: DATA ANALYSIS Every month, CIC mines 8,000,000 consumer comments from mobile phone forums.
  12. 12. ABOUT CIC CIC is the leading Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) research and consulting firm in China. Since 2004, CIC has pioneered the concept of Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) that is redefining the relationship between brands and consumers. CIC coined the term Internet Word of Mouth and is the thought leader in utilizing it for strategy planning and application in marketing communications. CIC is committed to provide objective third party perspectives to clients and the industry for a healthy and harmonious development of the Internet Community in China. CIC’s research and discussion of IWOM’s impact and best practices can be found on its company blogs , in its white papers and IWOM watch reports and through its IWOM roundtable events such as IWOM summit and IWOM classroom . CIC offers customized research and consulting service to its stable of retainer clients through its expert IWOM analysts supported by proprietary Chinese language based text mining technology (patent pending), data processing technology and data visualization technology. CIC’s retainer relationships stretch over multiple years with multinational clients from Fortune 500 companies. CIC’s continual development and evolution is driven by a unique, powerful and open mindset and learning culture which at its foundation continually seeks to understand how the Internet, and Internet Word of mouth, is redefining the relationships between brands and consumers.
  13. 13. Thank You OUR BLOGS: (Chinese) (English) OUR WEBSITE: CONTACT US: [email_address] This document is for private commercial use only. Distribution to third parties and/or publication in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without expressed written consent of CIC. 本文件是针对 CIC 客户的相关品牌和企业的商业文件。未经 CIC 的书面许可, 本文件或文件中的任何内容不得转交给第三方, 同时也不得发表本文件或文件中的任何内容。