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Natural disasters


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Natural disasters

  1. 1. NATURAL DISASTERS Usa hipervinculos en las imagenes
  2. 2. What is a natural disaster?Natural disaster refers to the huge material and humanlosses, [citation needed] caused by events or natural phenomenasuch as earthquakes, floods, landslides ofland, deforestation, pollution and others
  3. 3. What are the different Natural disasters?Volcanic eruptions TornadoesEarthquakes HurricanesTsunamis tsunami TyphoonsFlooding Destruction of the ozoneMudslides drought LayerWildfire Drastic changes ofTropical storms temperature Reduction of glaciers source
  4. 4. HURIACANEThe wind, turn into disaster when they exceed a normallimit, usually measured by a parameter. This varies dependingon the type of phenomenon, and can be the magnitude
  5. 5. FOREST FIREA forest fire is the fire that extends without control in forest land andaffecting vegetable fuels. It can also be defined as: the fire that expandswithout control on tree, shrubs, bushes or herbaceous species, providedthat they are not features of the agricultural crop or are subject to thesame and have no qualification of urban land, affecting the vegetationthat was not intended for burning.
  6. 6. •the danger of nature is more frequent and damaging. The danger of nature is more frequent and damaging. PAIS % Hig risk Disaster  Italy area  Japan Italy 18 Flood Japan 23 Flood  China China 25 Storm  United States U.S.A. 29 Tornado France 48 Storm  France
  8. 8. OCCURENCE 16 140 250 159 No. PEOPLE KILEDCismatologica Meteorologica 1314Geofisica Hidrologica 5357 28283 78349