Jumpstart Your Fundly Campaign! Webinar


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Jumpstart Your Fundly Campaign! Webinar

  1. 1. Jumpstart your Fundly Campaign!Hana YangCustomer Success@hanayangWebinar / Wednesday, June 5th
  2. 2. freemium
  3. 3. Subscription
  4. 4. Agenda•  Fundly Overview•  Approach & Milestones•  Structure & Terminology•  Flows•  Hands-on Demo•  Best Practices•  Resources•  Next Steps•  Q&ALearningObjectives1.  How Fundly is structured2.  How to speak Fundly and set up your account3.  How to create and launch your Fundly campaign4.  How to maximize your Fundly platform
  5. 5. Fundly overview•  Simplest Personal & Team peer-to-peer Fundraising tool•  Built from the “ground up” on Social Integration•  Tiered hierarchy Parent/Child – Team/Individual Fundraisers•  Scalable solution for large & small non profits•  “We help & guide you” be successful in your personal campaigns throughsystem smarts and tools, “Fundly Guide”Fundlyisafundraisingplatformthathelpsturnpersonalnetworksintonew-donornetworks
  6. 6. $ $Leverage your Supporter Network84%NewDonors56%FBConnectedNon-profitOrganizationEvent(e.g. 5K Walk)campaign(e.g. crowdfunda school library)TeamsFundraisersSupporters /Donors
  7. 7. $ $Leverage your Supporter NetworkNon-profitOrganizationEvent(e.g. 5K Walk)campaign(e.g. crowdfunda school library)84%NewDonors56%FBConnectedTeamsFundraisersSupporters /Donors
  9. 9. StructureCause Page•  Main Landing Page (e.g.arnoldpalmermedicalcenter.fundly.com)Campaign Page•  Child of Cause Page (e.g.arnoldpalmermedicalcenter.fundly.com/arniesmarch)Team Page•  Child of Campaign Page (e.g.arnoldpalmermedicalcenter.fundly.com/karli-s-angels)Personal Fundraiser Page •  Child of Campaign Page OR TeamPage (e.g.arnoldpalmermedicalcenter.fundly.com/karen-leonard-karli-s-angels)CauseCampaign1 PageTeam 1PagePersonalFundraiser1 PagePersonalFundraiser2 PageTeam 2PagePersonalFundraiser3 PageCampaign2 PagePersonalFundraiser4 PagePersonalFundraiser5 PagePersonalFundraiser6 PageCampaignadmin
  10. 10. TerminologyUSERSAdmin You! Someone who can create and manage Campaign PagesCaptainSomeone who can edit Team PagesPersonal Fundraiser Someone who owns a Personal Fundraising PageDonors Anyone who has made a donationSupporter Anyone who has clicked on the Support button, made a donation OR ownsa Personal Fundraiser PageGiving Levels Drives understanding of what a certain donation amount accomplishes (e.g.$10 buys a Case of Water, $100 gives a Family a Roof Over Their Head for aNight, etc.)Dashboard An User’s view into a Campaign, Team or Personal Fundraiser Page’s success,campaign performanceWidget A thermometer, button or form that can be placed on any web page outside ofthe fundly.com environmentFeatures
  11. 11. FLOWS
  12. 12. Campaign Administrator FlowSignupCampaignCreationFundly Guide FB Share NotificationsFB PostSignupFB OGCreateEmailOAUTHEmail SentFB Post3 DayReminder% CompleteCampaignFinishUpdatesFB PostEmailUpdateSupporterFinish
  13. 13. Fundraiser FlowSignupCampaignPersonalizationFundly Guide FB Share NotificationsFB PostSignupFB OGCreateEmailOAUTHEmail SentFB Post3 DayReminder% CompleteCampaignFinishUpdatesFB PostEmailUpdateSupporterFinish
  14. 14. Donor FlowDonation Donation Made Donor Card FB CommentFB PostSignupFB OGDonateFB OAUTHEmail SentFB PostUpdatesFB PostEmail UpdateFB PostSignupFriendSupportedFriendDonatedFundraiser FBPost
  15. 15. Supporter FlowSupport Share Support FB CommentFB PostSupportFB Send FB PostUpdatesFB PostEmail UpdateFriendSupportedFriendDonatedFB OGSupportEmailSendFundraiserFB Post
  16. 16. HANDS-ONDEMO
  18. 18. Best Practices2 PersonalRelationshipsareKey1 CompellingStory,Images,Videos3 IdentifyyourChampions4 SetrealisticFundraisingGoalsDevelopacommunicationplantoengagewithfundraisers6LeveragethePowerofSocial75 Incentives/rewardsfortopFundraisersorTeams
  19. 19. Core Principles1 Peoplegivetopeople2 PeopleGivetoastory3 PeopleGiveWhenThey’reAsked
  20. 20. ResourcesCustomer Success Training Webinars – Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10am PST Office Hours – Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 10am – 12pm PST•  Subscription customers may schedule 30-minute Office Hours sessions with their Customer Success ManagerKnowledgebase – http://support.fundly.com/•  Use the search function to find answers to questions•  Access the Knowledgebase through the Fundly Support & Feedback button (left side of your Fundly page)Support – support@fundly.com | Direct: (650) 468-0026New Product Updates – http://fundly.com/blogFundly Blog – http://fundly.com/blog•  Check out our Blog to stay up to date on and learn new things everyday
  21. 21. Next StepsSubscriptioncustomers1.  Reach out to your Customer Success Manager and obtain log-in credentials2.  Log-in to Fundly and WePay accounts and complete account setup process3.  Connect your Fundly account with social media networks (FB and Twitter!)4.  Recruit your Champion fundraisers5.  Create a communication plan for your Campaign6.  Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set-up office hoursFreemiumcustomers•  Follow steps 2-5 above•  Interested in a Customer Success Manager, Branding, Office Hours, and more? Reachout to Sales at sales@fundly.com to upgrade
  22. 22. Q&A
  23. 23. thank you.Thank you.