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Presented by Binaebi Akah, Charlene McBride, and Veronica Erb at MidwestUX 2012 in Columbus, Ohio on May 31.

Before we begin a design, we must listen—to stakeholders, clients, coworkers, and most of all, our users. Listening and successfully recording what we’ve heard directly effects whether we ultimately succeed with our design.

Sketchnotes use a visual language that expands on traditional note taking. Because of the time it takes to enhance notes with arrows and stick figures and fancy lettering, we encourage ourselves to practice the art of listening. As an active sketchnoter, you will better understand, remember, and communicate the information you consume.

The sketchnotes themselves are more than a happy byproduct—they can communicate ideas, record user experience research, and enhance our visual language.

Participants in this studio workshop will learn sketchnoting techniques and take time to experiment with sketchnoting components. As we practice together, we will share what we’ve learned in both small and full group discussions and exercises. At the end of the session, we will practice with a sketchnoting dry run.

What you’ll learn:

- Basic elements and practices of sketchnoting (typography, lines, people, color)
- How to hear important points of the discussion or event you are recording
- How to shape your sketchnote to enhance its message
- How sketchnoting can help your UX practice
- How to practice and develop your innate ability to draw

All beginners and active sketchnoters are welcome to attend. Whether you’re starting from scratch (“I can’t even draw a straight line”) or you’re comfortable with sketchnoting components (“I love drawing, but haven’t figured out how to put it in notes”), this studio workshop will provide you with dedicated practice time and a group of folks to exchange questions and ideas.

We are here to help you adopt a method that will improve the way you understand concepts and solve problems.

Come begin the journey to find your sketchnote style!

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Let's Sketchnote — MidwestUX 2012

  1. #sketchmwux Let’s Sketchnote! Binaebi Akah,Veronica Erb, and Charlene McBride Midwest UX 2012
  2. #sketchmwux Hello! 5 min
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  4. #sketchmwux Veronica @verbistheword
  5. #sketchmwux Charlene @ursonate
  6. #sketchmwux Three Acts • Act 1: Let’s Start • (10 minute break) • Act 2: Let’s Break It Down • (10 minute break) • Act 3: Let’s Practice
  7. #sketchmwux Act 1: Let’s Start
  8. #sketchmwux Make your Name Card 5 min
  9. #sketchmwuxWhat are Sketchnotes? 5 min
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  33. #sketchmwux Let’s Try It! Joshua Foer: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Study Yourself Failing 15 min
  34. #sketchmwux Coming up in Act 2 • Listening: How do you decide which things to capture? • Drawing: How do you capture those things? • Organizing: How do you arrange those things into a coherent whole?
  35. #sketchmwux Break! 10 minutes
  36. #sketchmwux Act II: Let’s Break it Down
  37. #sketchmwux Listening with BinaebiDrawing with CharleneOrganizing with Veronica 15 min each
  38. #sketchmwux Coming up in Act 3 • Debrief: Lessons from listening, drawing, organizing. • Let’s Sketchnote! • In UX: How else can we use these skills? • What Sticks? Closing thoughts.
  39. #sketchmwux Break! 10 minutes
  40. #sketchmwux Act 3: Let’s Practice
  41. #sketchmwux What are you going to try this time? 5 min
  42. #sketchmwux Time to Sketchnote! Manuel Lima: The Power of Networks (El Poder de las Redes) 30 min
  43. #sketchmwux In your UX Practice... 5 min
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  54. #sketchmwux What Sticks? 5 min
  55. #sketchmwux Resources • The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide, by Brandy Agerbeck • The Camera: IPEVO Point 2 View • Search for sketchnotes on Flickr • And check out the very active #sketchnotes hashtag on Twitter
  56. #sketchmwux #sketchnotes Thanks everyone! — Charlene,Veronica, and Binaebi