Bat Houses


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P&S Country Crafts LLC slideshow from the 2012 Old House & Barn Expo.

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Bat Houses

  1. P&S Country Crafts LLC
  2.  Considered a keystone species  Pest control  One brown bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a night  Limits crop and garden damage by controlling pests naturally  Fertilization  Bat guano (feces) is nutrient rich and functions as an excellent fertilizer for plants P&S Country Crafts LLC Little Brown Bat (img src -
  3.  Scientific Research  The saliva of Vampire bats have provided insight regarding blood clots in humans  Lessons learned from bats’ echolocation have produced navigational aids for the blind  Virus Control  Since bats eat large amounts of mosquitoes, they help control the spread of diseases such as West Nile Virus which would be much more plentiful without bats P&S Country Crafts LLC Little Brown Bat (img src -
  4. Roughly 40% of U.S. bat species are either in severe decline or have already been listed as endangered. Causes Include:  Habitat Loss and Degradation  Forests and caves are often disturbed or converted for urban and agricultural uses  Agricultural Chemicals  Bats may eat insects and drink water contaminated with pesticides, or absorb chemicals when feeding in recently-treated areas  White Nose Syndrome  Discovered around 2006, WNS is decimating bat populations across eastern North America, with mortality rates reaching up to 100 percent at many sites. It is estimated that roughly 5.5 million bats have died thus far from WNS P&S Country Crafts LLC (img src -
  5. P&S Country Crafts LLC (img src -
  6. Bat houses help with the following problems:  Habitat Loss and Degradation  A bat house can help compensate for forest and cave destruction  Agricultural Chemicals  Bat houses will help encourage a greater bat presence reducing the need for harmful pesticides that negatively impact bats  White Nose Syndrome  Bat houses provide greater housing options for bats which could help reduce the spread of WNS P&S Country Crafts LLC
  7.  Natural pest control making the Summer months more enjoyable  Natural fertilization for your garden, lawn or farm  Reduces the spread of viruses caused by insects keeping you and your family safe  Promotes biodiversity and sustainability for a healthier planet P&S Country Crafts LLC The NH Audubon McLane Center displays P&S Country Crafts bat house
  8.  Bat Conservation International Certified  Custom built to match your zone location  Eco-friendly materials  Nontoxic paint  Pine wood from local trees already damaged from storms and natural disasters  Sturdy construction  Proven to work P&S Country Crafts LLC P&S Country Crafts bat houses located in Austin, TX. Painted dark gray and vented for zone 2
  9.  “Thank you for your quick turn around in sending out our order, the bat houses were more than we expected. Also thank you for your quick response to my question about bat house placement.” --- Rod from Austin, TX  “We recently (July 2011) purchased a bat house from you and within 10 days we had 2 to 3 bats living inside. Your information about bat house placement was very helpful in our decision to place our bat house. We were originally going to place it on a tree but after talking to you we decided to take your advice and place it on pole in our back yard in the sun.” --- Mark from Deerfield, NH P&S Country Crafts LLC Picture of bat taken from inside a P&S Country Crafts bat house
  10. P&S Country Crafts LLC Mini Bat House 50 bat capacity 1-2 chambers BCI Certified 150-200 bat capacity 2-3 chambers S/M/L 250-600 bat capacity 2-4 chambers Industrial 550-650+ bat capacity 4-5 chambers