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QUadrilateral project

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Ms bush quad project

  1. 1. What role do we/ you play?
  2. 2.  Monday –What is KONY 2012  Guiding Questions  Watch 1/2 Tuesday – Study hall Wednesday – Finish KONY2012  How was this an example of being a bystander/ upstander?  What is the controversy, should we be mindful of the power of uniting on the internet, is it always for the good of all? Thursday – Bullying Continued with Lady Gaga -
  3. 3.  Think about who takes these roles in the KONY2012 Project before we watch the video. Think aloud, who is each one? The victim is the one who is exposed The bully/bullies start the behavior and take an active part in carrying it through The followers take an active part but do not start the behavior Supporters/Passive bullies support the behavior but do not take an active part – Who? Disengaged onlookers watch what happens but do not take a stand – how come? Defenders of the victim dislike the behavior and help or try to help the victim – think about who this is in the video?
  4. 4.  Please watch the Video on the link provided. Many of you have heard recently through social media about the KONY2012 Project, now let’s get informed and discuss it and see how it applies to us and what we can learn from it. Watch first: Video - Watch first 18 min rest for Thurs Discussion Questions to follow on how it relates to us.
  5. 5. Do you believe any of these to be true in the video? How does it relate to the NHACS community?“Everyone has some responsibility for everyone”“Community begins with the person next to you”“We’re all in this together”“The more I listen, the more I hear”
  6. 6. A lot of young people are behind this campaign, why do you think so? It has been said that your generation has an understanding of what is means to interact and to help each other on amore global basis, do you think you all have a different perspective on a global community, and why?
  7. 7.  Take out any materials for homework and/ or to study.
  8. 8.  Finish up Film from 19 min- 27 min Ask yourself, should you believe everything you see and hear from the internet? Read compelling article from Huffington Post magid/kony-video_b_1337907.html
  9. 9. After watching the video, we know that this inhumane behavior took place for 26 yrs. Butwe each have a voice- that voice can be used to help support others or to hurt others. How did this happen in the video? Are we helpful to others when they may need help or do we ‘mind our own business’? What is the reason people don’t get involved or mind their own business in conflict?
  10. 10.  Discussion Great video, but are we 20 years too late? Some say that KONY is getting weaker and his impact has lessened, so how much of a threat is he today? Only 32% of the money that Invisible Children gets goes to children in Africa, the rest is used towards films, marketing, bracelets, etc. Are the funds being used correctly? Finally, should we necessarily believe every thing we see/hear on the internet through social media? How can this be dangerous/ helpful through the past (protesting in Egypt)and in the future? What can we do to become more educated on news or viral media that we hear in the news, FB, twitter?
  11. 11. Born to Not Get Bullied – Lady Gaga Read article: Videos: Read about Bullying – What to do – Listen to Justin Bieber and his fight against bullying.
  12. 12.  How should NHACS address bullying? Bullyinghas proven to be a major problem in schools nationally, as well as in NHACS specifically. Many states are starting to make anti- bullying laws. You feeling safe and secure at school is our number one priority!
  13. 13.  “New Heights Academy establishes that “bullying” is the act of treating someone in an aggressive or intimidating manner over a period of time. Bullying can have the effect of physically harming a student or their personal property, demeaning a student or group of students, or interfering with students’ learning or the orderly operation of a school. Bullying can occur through gestures, written or verbal communication (including electronic), or physical acts. Bullying may or may not be motivated by actual or perceived differences in race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, age, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, mental, physical, or sensory difference or disability.”
  14. 14.  Physical Aggression  harm to a person or person’s property Social/Relational Aggression  harm to a person’s group acceptance Intimidation  Harm to a person through pressure or fear Verbal Aggression Written Aggression
  15. 15.  Reportthe issue to any adult staff in the building Getsupport from any adult staff in the building Inform a parent or guardian
  16. 16.  Confront the situation! Reportit to any adult staff in the school building Give support to the victim
  17. 17.  Must be addressed within 48 hours Discussionand written statements taken from all pertinent parties (bully, victim, and bystander(s) and/or upstanders) Consequenceissued by Dean, details documented on TeacherEase
  18. 18.  Bullyingconsequences can include any of the following:  Verbal warning  Parent Conference  Student Conference  Loss of Privileges  Detention  Dean’s Referral  Suspension (In or Out of School)  Expulsion Bullying can also have LEGAL consequences
  19. 19.  What will you do to prevent/ stop/ or to help the victim? Additional video – Justin Bieber