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Occupational Identity


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Occupational Identity

  1. 1. Friends I have gained many friends over the years through school, work, flatting, polytech. etc. I enjoy spending time with my friends, we are always up for an adventure. We are all there for each other to support and have fun.
  2. 2. Family I have a large family having two older sisters and two younger brothers. We all look out for each other but still have our ups and downs.
  3. 3. Student I am currently a second year studying to become and occupational therapist. This is apart of my occupational identity as it is working towards my future.
  4. 4. Home/T he Farm The place where I spent most of my time growing up. Working on the farm, as well as playing and hobbies. I have many memories at this place, it gives me a sense of belonging and I know this is my home.
  5. 5. Baking Baking is something that I like to do when I have some spare time. I enjoy making I nice chocolate cake or cupcakes to share with my flat mates and friends.
  6. 6. Work I currently work part time at the Dunedin Public Hospital and have been here for the past three years.
  7. 7. Horse Riding One of the occupations I have been involved in for majority of my life is horse riding. As my whole family participates in this it is something I enjoy to do. Having showed and competed and different levels it is a leisure activity for me also.
  8. 8. Socializing I enjoy spending time socializing with my friends. Whether is be going out, on a road trip, or just to watch a movie I like to be able to spend my time with someone.
  9. 9. Surfing Surfing is a new occupation for me that I am currently learning. I am hoping for it to be a leisure activity that I can participate in with my friends. Also a good active way for me to get some exercise.
  10. 10. Travelling Although I haven't done a lot of travelling, mainly just around New Zealand, I enjoy going and experiencing new places. I hope that one day I will be able to travel around the world and spend time living and working in some places.