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How Can I Use The Internet To Make Money?


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“How can I use the internet to make money?” This is a very common question asked by many newbie. In this document, you will discover key internet basics that you must focus on if you want to use the internet to make money.

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How Can I Use The Internet To Make Money?

  1. 1. How Can I Use The InternetTo Make Money“How can I use the internet to make money?” This is a very commonquestion asked by many newbie.The Internet is an ideal platform to make money online. It can beaccessed almost anywhere not just computers but also mobile Internetdevices.To operate your internet business effectively, below are 3 key internetbasics that you must focus on if you want to use the internet to makemoney:(1) Website DesignOne key design element is that your website should be Fast Loading.Ideally, it should take less than 10 seconds to load your webpage.Images if any should be relevant and not impact the loading time. Sodesign the website for functionality.Next make sure the website has Clear Navigation tools to navigatethrough your site.Adopt common practice such as having the navigation menus on theright or the left.(2) Website CopyAs a customer is just one click away, the words on your web pagesshould be written to persuade the customer to read on.Understand and highlight not just product features but also the benefitsof your products or services.Studies have shown color and fonts are important for positive interactionwith visitors to your website. Make sure the font use will make site look
  2. 2. professional. Dont use fancy fonts and keep to common andprofessional web fonts like Arial and Verdana.(3) Search Engine OptimisationYour site has to rank well in the key search engines such as Google,Yahoo or MSN for your online business to succeed.With that, more traffic conversion to sales can happen for the results youwant.To get traffic from search engines, you have to optimize your web pageswith keywords relating to your products or services. In addition, work ongetting back-links to your website so that your website ranking goes upwith the top search engines.Hope you enjoy the above tips and find it helpful to answer your questionon “how can I use the internet to make money”To learn more on building a successful online business, you may alsowish to download a FREE eBook "Secrets of High Profit Websites" byclicking on this link your success!James & Sarah Trump