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Writing a diary


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Published in: Education
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Writing a diary

  1. 1. Writing a diary You are going to learn how to write a diary in 4 steps and then write your own…
  2. 2. Do you know what a diary is ? A diary, or journal, is a permanent personal record that is kept of events, thoughts, and ideas associated with an individual.
  3. 3. What can you guess about thecontent of the book presentedhere ?
  4. 4. Group work Your teacher will give you excerpts from Bridget Jones’s Diary, answer the questions on the worksheet that will be handed to you(20mn).You will then report to the class. You may use a dictionary to help you Gp 1:bartholomé/marlène/melissa Du./camille Gp 2:dorian/clarisse/aitana/ludivine Gp 3:laurine/romain/audrey/marie Gp 4:florian/rémi/benoit/doris Gp 5:marion/lucas/karine/melissa Gp 6 : jeanne-claire/Bertrand/ lucie/Paul
  5. 5. Group presentation You will have 10mn to recap and finish your work One person of each group will report to the class. All the other students will have to complete a short paper on the hero’s personal details, moods(or feelings), thoughts each of you will have to make a short account on Bridget’s personality and life. (120 words)
  6. 6.  While listening to the other groups, note the new details about Bridget’s personality and emotions (worksheet 2) As a conclusion, how would you describe her personality in a few words
  7. 7. Correction of the summary Bridget Jones is a young woman in her thirties. She smokes quite a lot and enjoy food. She has a difficult relationship with her parents, especially her mother. She makes a big fuss* about little details sometimes. She is a « drama queen »* Vocabulary toolbox:  To make a fuss about sthg: To trouble or worry over trifles or unimportant things  Drama queen : An overly dramatic person.
  8. 8. Diary : writing techniques What facts do you find in a diary concerning …  Personal details :  Setting :Time and place
  9. 9. Diary : writing techniques A diary is often compared to a internal monologue that a person writes for himself or herself. It is usually kept secret. Knowing that, how could a diary writer express his/her feelings? Swearing, list of things he/she hates or emotions What style is then used? Repetition of words or sentences/ elliptic sentences/ modal verbs to express emotions or opinions / first person narrative/ exclamative sentences
  10. 10. Scanning a diary excerpt Your teacher will give you a new extract from B Jones’s diary and a worksheet. In pairs, you will have to pick out the elements discussed previously (20 mn):  Elliptic sentences  modal verbs to express emotions or opinions  first person narrative  exclamative sentences  Repetition of words or sentences You will discuss your findings with the class
  11. 11. Work to do For the group of students who goes to London: write a diary (3 entries of 100 words each) telling about your arrival in your host family (day1: entry 1), a special day with the group in London (entry2), and the trip back to France on the bus (entry 3) For the group who stays in Pardailhan , you will have to write a similar diary (3 days) telling us about your boring life at school without your friends.
  12. 12. Watch BJ