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We use present continuous!
They’re playing football
They’re dancing
He’s playing computer games.
She’s washing her hands.
She’s brushing her teeth.
They’re drawing.
She’s skipping.
He’s drinking water.
He’s combing his hair.
She’s listening to music.
They’re acting.
They’re reading a book.
They’re writing.
He’s running.
They’re doing a puppet show.
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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. We use present continuous!
  2. 2. They’re playing football
  3. 3. They’re dancing
  4. 4. He’s playing computer games.
  5. 5. She’s washing her hands.
  6. 6. She’s brushing her teeth.
  7. 7. They’re drawing.
  8. 8. She’s skipping.
  9. 9. He’s drinking water.
  10. 10. He’s combing his hair.
  11. 11. She’s listening to music.
  12. 12. They’re acting.
  13. 13. They’re reading a book.
  14. 14. They’re writing.
  15. 15. He’s running.
  16. 16. They’re doing a puppet show.