Rock Genre research


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Rock Genre research

  1. 1. Rock started in the 1950’s and from there became a very popular musicgenre. It mainly came from the USA and the UK. A guy named ChuckBerry began performing within the genre. Earlier rock used to involveMainstream, country and western and was influenced by Rhythm andblues “R&B”.
  2. 2. Back in the 50’s the sound was more country/ western and they used smoothguitars and piano’s and mostly vocals, and later on when the years passed theystarted to be more edgy and loud and started using more electric guitars and bassdrums, to create this sort of heavy metal rock.
  3. 3. The rock genre has a lively audience, they are always on the move andboth genre’s are familiar with Rock, the age range is from 11- 40 theyhave a big audience in terms of ages because nearly all ages listen to rockmusic.
  4. 4. Celtic /punk Industrial IndieAlternative Grunge Ska
  5. 5. 1950’sThe 50’s is where Rock started, it had a more Rhythm and blues, country sound to it, they hadartist’s like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry lee Lewis and Johnny cash
  6. 6. 1960’sThe 60’s is where rock started to become more popular as other music styles like folk music,motown, hard rock and heavy metal started to get noticed. They had artist’s like The Beatles andThe rolling stones so it was a pretty successful decade for rock.
  7. 7. 1970’sRock in the 70’s had definitely changed from western to hard rock, as the sound, costumes andinstrument types started to change as more people were familiar with the genre.
  8. 8. 1980’sThe 80’s was a successful decade for rock, as artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson were inthe music industry, they sold a lot of records and became popular every minute as their style ofmusic were like no other.
  9. 9. 1990’s PresentRock in the 90’s was more influenced by young audiences/viewers and that’s why they decided tomix their genre with a bit of Pop and hip hop so that more teenagers can be associated with themusic, as attracting young audiences was important and that’s when rock had successfullymanaged to get through all the decades and inspire a lot of people.
  10. 10. Michael Jackson successstarted in the 80’s and hismusic is still present tillnow, he has influenced a lotof people in terms of hisstyle, dance moves and styleof sound.The Beatles have been in thecharts for more than 2decades and have sold a lot ofhitsChuck Berry, started the rockhistory as it was influencedby country and Rhythm andblues.The Rolling stones