Social Good: Social Media beyond politics


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My take on using social media beyond politics

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  • Sources:; Yahoo, Internet World Stats, AGB Nielsen 2008, Asia Digital Marketing Association, Smart, Globe;
  • Source:;;
  • Elections 2010 and 2013 Activities (Then and now)
  • Social Good: Social Media beyond politics

    1. 1. Social Good: Social Media Beyond PoliticsUniversity of San Carlos (Main) Library – US Corner, Cebu City | April 27, 2013
    2. 2. +63922..TBD (mupalit nalagi kog SUN)8187103geohmedia@gmail.comwww.vernongo.comON FB search type: Vernon Joseph GoVernon Joseph M. Go{Just a Patriotic Story Teller}SO CALL,TWEET & CONNECT w/ ME MAYBE? :3HEY, I JUST MET YOUAND THIS IS CRAZY!!!But here’s my number contact info.SINCE : 1987OCCUPATION : NINJA @ GEOH MEDIAEDUCATION : CIT-UNIVERSITY, BSIE.PHILOSOPHY : EVERYDAY IS A CHANCE. THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, YOU ONLYNEED TO BE STILL. - Exodus 14:14THINKS : LIKE AN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER BUT IS EDITED BY A BLOGGERBELIEF : LEAVE NOBODY BEHIND. WALANG IWANAN!Motto : Believe in the Impossible, and Kick Reason in the FACE!!!
    3. 3. How many of us would bother to analyze this kind of scenario? Many are apathetic about what ishappening in our society. We simply don’t PAY ATTENTION.Poverty, corruption is becoming a culture in our country, yet, it’s as if we don’t see anything. Can wereally afford to watch it happen everyday and do nothing? Its better if we do something. We must takepart in solving such problems because it concerns ALL OF US.Let us challenge ourselves and influence others to be part and create an IMPACT. Let us work togetherand think of SOLUTIONS to answer the problems that our society is currently having. For if we won’t,who will? And if not now, when?Karmina Cuzon – Caricature; Mariejo Sevilla - Caption --2011
    4. 4. 52% of internet users are below the age of 25.The country has the 8th largest Facebook population.Data already accounts for 58% of the mobile share ofwallet, driven by mass adoption of texting.Digital Adoption is On the Rise in The Philippines....Source: TNS Digital Life 2011; Socialbakers website, May 2012; Pyramid Research, 2011Philippines is still the “SMS/Texting Capital of the World” as well asthe “Social Networking/Media Capital of the World”More than to5M MobileInternet UsersMore than78MFilipinos areon mobileEstimated 40%of handsets are2.5G/3G enabled-- 94% mobile Penetration-- 88,119,840 mobile subscribers--24% of Pinoys access internet via mobile93%Part of a socialnetwork – 16.2Mactive inFacebook1# in VideoConsumption
    5. 5. Social or New MEdia• A new form of communication inthe digital world• Open, free, knowledge sharing forgroups to congregate, sell orexchange goods, services or ideas(thru blogs, forum, video or thelike)• People have more voice in theircommunity and in the world ingeneralSource Via:(,2542,t=new+media&i=47936,00.asp )
    6. 6. Social Media Overview
    7. 7. How do we use social media for Social Good?
    8. 8. The ME in Media• ME and mass media– Both part of the public domain– Both have an audience– Both have an impact• ME as part of new media– Helps shape public opinion– Performs three main functions• Information• Education• EntertainmentTODAY, you don’t have to find NEWS, IT FINDS YOU!
    9. 9. Diving into Citizen Journalism• We have rights• We have stories to tell• We want to share information and insights• We have the toolsEmphasizing on the right to informationthough comes also with responsibilities
    10. 10. 1st and most successful and effective Politicaluser of Social Media
    11. 11. Political Blog?A political blog is a common type of blog that comments on politics. In liberaldemocracies the right to criticize the government without interference isconsidered an important element of free speech.In other jurisdictions bloggers use the uncensored nature of the internet tobypass state controlled news media but as a result may find themselvespersecuted. -wikipediaThe Mar Roxas forPresident in 2010 Blog wascreated and launched lastJULY 29, 2007 by kevin rayChua.“For me, it was a result of the people’s desire for change from the Arroyo regime. Even though the 2007Midterm Elections just ended then, the 2010 campaign was already on the air.” - KRChua
    12. 12. A Tool for governance• The Philippine Official Gazette is the official journal andpublication of the Philippine government inacted onSeptember 10, 1902 and under Pnoy, the Online version waslaunched last July 2010; this also includes other onlineengagements such as twitter or the like.• A history in Technology for the Philippines, in 2010 the 1stautomated Philippine Elections was successfully held with theuse of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) voting machine.• Mid-2012, Project NOAH was launched (NationwideOperational Assessment of Hazards) by DOST. This will harnesstechnologies and management services for disaster riskreduction through enabling existing interventions available tothe public such as: Data on Hazard Maps/areas, water levelmonitoring, or the like solutions against storms, earthquake,landslides..etc..
    13. 13. Disaster Response/Relief Coordination
    14. 14. Disaster Response/Relief Coordination
    15. 15. Democratized Check and Balance Mechanism
    16. 16. Democratized Check and Balance MechanismOctober 2012 – Philippine Cybercrime Prevention act was passed and implemented w/ccaused mixed reactions from Filipinos
    17. 17. New Medium for Public Sentiments (+ / -)
    18. 18. New Medium for Public Sentiments (+ / -)
    19. 19. Community Awareness & Organizing
    20. 20. Right to Vigilance?
    21. 21. Learn, Push, and Share Advocacies
    22. 22. My part in all of this so far…
    23. 23. Itching Traveler + Story Teller
    24. 24. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS IN AND OUTDOORS :3(Trainings/Workshops via academe, corporate, & summits)
    25. 25. Youth Development
    27. 27. Blogs for Advocacy and Development
    28. 28. Information forLocal Places,different parts ofthe Philippines7,100+ IslandsA Great Need /Demand for LocallyGenerated OnlineContentShare Experiences and others’ worksKabang Falls in Budlaan, Talamban, Cebu =)
    29. 29. Share best practices / case studies
    30. 30. Quick Tips & TricksBe Bold, and be a visual storyteller.
    31. 31. Thanks to YOUand the followingDisclaimer: Photos and other intellectual properties used in thisdeck belong to their respective ownersAny Questions?“There is a big difference betweenknowing what to do, what needs tobe done, and deciding how much weare willing to do; but ultimately, thereare only two ways to get things donein this world-that is simply (1) todecide, and then (2) Do it.”