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My media kit 2017


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This is my media kit as a blogger/content-creator for this year 2017.

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My media kit 2017

  1. 1. WHO IS VERNON JOSEPH GO? Blogging since 2005 started as a personal blog until it was rebranded into the ‘Lazy Investing Way’ in which I talk more about Business and Personal Finance. Although I have carved this niche, it is still my personal blog with personal and travel posts. Featured in: Corporate Mad Hatter | Bashful | Lurker Vernon wears many different hats. He is an Industrial Engineer, an accomplished writer (freelance & business columnist - The Freeman) and speaker; Registered Financial Planner & Licensed Real Estate Broker; and the current vice-chair for Cebu Content Creators – C3 group. He is also a director of Certa, Inc. and former director of non-profits and mover of blogging communities in Cebu. Page – 1,050 Friends – 1,736 1,125 Followers 555 Followers 1,222 Followers 317 Connections 51 Followers 26 Subscribers Partnerships:MEDIA KIT 2017 6,000+ combined social followers 2,000+ blogposts 1,000+ blog comments 250+ events covered to-date 60+ Speaking Engagements to-date 1.2M+ total blog page views 7,000+ average monthly PVs Klout-43; PA-33; DA-24; PR2 PV/Location: [1] PH [2] US [3] Russia [4] Ukraine [5] China Audience: 59% Women; 41% Men
  2. 2. “Vernon helped us in some of our early digital projects.” WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ME: “Vernon is a great blogger to work with. Personal and creative in his story executions. A person to rely on during crunch time.” “Vernon has been a very helpful resource person as he is able to provide very useful recommendations for the use of the social media, especially with blogging and SNS. He is also very passionate about his advocacy for better city living; in fact he is active in promoting Cebu City to be a better home for everyone.” Speaking Engagements CAMMA Award 2011 Business Columnist YOLO Traveller Director Ad Products: $100/year | Sponsored post: $50 / post >Ad products - can be banners or links showcasing your product/service. >Sponsored post - includes the blog post itself with auto-sharing to social media channels such as my Facebook page and Twitter. >Custom campaigns – can be a series of blog posts or social media mentions (IG, Twitter, YouTube) for a specific period of time. >Partnerships – can vary and subject to discussion. >> Vlog, Live discussion (FB/YT Live), Brand Ambassadorship >> Incorporate brand mentions/plugs/placements and the like >> Product reviews, tutorials, contests & giveaways, and so forth