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Lecture series in USJR - Basic Blogging & Blogging Advocacy


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Blog Talk w/ Sharing of Triennials Exchange Experience including the Flow Movement, lots of lessons learned..

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Lecture series in USJR - Basic Blogging & Blogging Advocacy

  1. 1. Basic Blogging & Blogging Advocacy Lecture Series @ USJR {MassComStuds}
  2. 2. Filipino’s are Enthusiastic Digital Consumers 28M Filipinos are estimated to be connected. That’s close to 1 out of 3 people. 81% are below 30 years old Almost 11M online gamers 1# in Video Consumption 66% have started/created a blog 90% have read a blog 42% regular blog readers 93% Part of a social network – 16.2M active in Facebook Estimated 40% of handsets are 2.5G/3G enabled 1 Billion SMS sent per day Almost 78M Filipinos are on mobile Close to 5M Mobile Internet Users
  3. 3. What is a blog? A Blog is a website perse..derived from weblog • With a journal format and updated • Arranged in reversed chronological order • Popular for being easy to create & use • Personal in tone, grass-roots & search friendly • Used as: 1. News, citizen journalism, 2. corporate communications, 3. journals, businesses, 4. Personal brand & politics
  4. 4. Why people read (and participate) in blogs.. - Blog talks to people openly, sincerely and authentically – and we get to talk back. - Provide 1st hand, uncensored, faster, free, biased information, education or even entertainment
  5. 5. WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINE BLOG-O-SPHERE!! Prepare & monitor your online presence! Your actions leave a record…forever?!
  6. 6. Blogging and Commenting Comments Guide • Disagree respectfully • Extend Conversation • Go beyond “I agree” • Read other comments before posting yours • Stay on Topic • Prepare sources • Only link to yourself if relevant • Use email for private comments Attracting Comments/Audience • Ask for input from readers • Respond to comments • Respond quickly • Return the favor/visit • Share original content • Link to others • Tag for SEO • Comment on blogs / blog-hop
  7. 7. Tips, Tricks and Tweaks to blogging • Insight Blogging • Ambition • Meme • Piggyback • Life • Brand • Announcement • Link • Interview • Event • Live • Bridge • Contact • Video • Podcasts • Photo • Review • Evangelist • List • Survey • Feature • Repost • Guest • Classifieds • Response
  8. 8. Social or New MEdia • A new form of communication in the digital world • Open, free, knowledge sharing for groups to congregate, sell or exchange goods, services or ideas (thru blogs, forum, video or the like) • People have more voice in their community and in the world in general Source Via: (,254 new+media&i=47936,00.asp )
  9. 9. Blogging Big Picture • Individual – Personal/Professional Dev’t. • Business - Promoting a blogging generation of internet-based techno/social entrepreneurship across industries • Community - To become proactive citizens promoting the dev’t of our community, country and culture. • National – Partnering with other organizations & knowledge sharing through blogs • International – Share what we do and know • Media – Blogging as a distinct form of Media • Governance – blog patrol, government transparency
  10. 10. Advocacy + Blogging • Advocacy simply means actively supporting a cause and trying to get others to support it as well • Advocacy is speaking up, drawing attention to an important issue and directing decision makers towards a Solution • Advocacy is the strategic use of information to change policies that affect the lives of disadvantaged people • Advocacy is influencing public policy through various forms of persuasive communication • A process of social transformation aimed at shaping the direction of programs, policies, people participation to benefit marginalized sectors • Advocacy is working with other people and organizations to make a difference and positive change
  11. 11. Triennials Exchange
  12. 12. Flow Movement • Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, positive full involvement, and success in the process of the task at hand. Proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, it represents perhaps the ultimate in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning. Environment + Technology + Culture ~ CITIZENSHIP I AM A GREAT ASSET OF MY NATION and therefore I have the power to bring this nation to great heights older generations can only dream of..
  13. 13. Let your passion shape your blog. Document the Milestones of your Life Happy blogging!
  14. 14. Sources • Blogging from Home – Janette Toral • Chris Garrett – • 25 Blogging Styles – Rohit Bhargava • Blogging basics - Mark Normand • – Alex Cristache • Yahoo, Internet World Stats, AGB Nielsen 2008, Asia Digital Marketing Association, Smart, Globe • - Jonel Uy • Ria Jose – Role of Bloggers as New Media • Corinne Weisgerber - Blogging & Managing your Personal Brand
  15. 15. Industrial Engineer Blog Entrepreneur Blog Marketer Volunteer Blogger Writer Email: Engr. Vernon Joseph M. Go GeOh MEdia Managing Partner, @geohmedia @VernonGo Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. President @cebubloggers Thank you!