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Tell Me How to Train a German Shepherd


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Tell Me How to Train a German Shepherd

  1. 1. TrainGermanShepherd.Net EPISODE 3 “How to Leash Train Your German Shepherd”
  2. 2. German Shepherds are huge dogs  German Shepherds are huge dogs with sharp brains.
  3. 3. Training is a crucial part of  Training is a crucial part of keeping a German  Shepherd dog. It’s best to  use Leash Training. use Leash Training
  4. 4. A German shepherd is a  pack dog and it believes  pack dog and it believes in following the  principles of a pack.
  5. 5. Here are a few things that you need to  H f hi h d keep in mind while training a  p g German Shepherd. 
  6. 6. Start basic obedience training when  Start basic obedience training when your pup is eight weeks old. Leash  training around the tenth week. 
  7. 7. Get your dog s  Get your dog’s undivided  attention by  using a leash.  
  8. 8. Strain the leash a bit every  time you feel that your  ti f l th t puppy has wandered away puppy has wandered away
  9. 9. Keep the other end of the  Keep the other end of the leash in your hand at all  times. Tighten and  loosen it according to it according to  your dog’s response.
  10. 10. Loosen the leash  L th l h when it listens to you.  when it listens to you
  11. 11. Leash training teaches your dog that  you are the Alpha dog of the pack. h l h d f h k
  12. 12. Be authoritative or your dog  will not obey you.  will not obey you
  13. 13. Leash training can also  be paired with some  rewards.  d
  14. 14. TrainGermanShepherd.Net The Ultimate Guide for Training Your German Shepherd www traingermanshepherd net