Bushy mustache


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Bushy mustache

  1. 1. Fluffy Fluffy or thick like a bush.. The rabbit has a fluffy tail.
  2. 2. costume Special clothes you use to dress-up. Tom had a ghost costume.
  3. 3. disguise A costume or make-up someone wears so no one will know who they really are. Sadie put on a wig and glasses to disguise herself from her mother.
  4. 4. handsome Good-looking . Garrett looked handsome in his tie on picture day.
  5. 5. mirror A piece of glass you can see yourself in. Look in the mirror your hair is standin up!
  6. 6. Mustache/begote (spanish) Thick hair that grows above a man’s lip. My dad shaved off his mustache today.
  7. 7. sarapes A colorful blanket people in Mexico sometimes wear. Jesus bought his mom a pretty sarape.
  8. 8. sword A long knife often used by soldiers in battle. The man pulled out his sword to protect himself..
  9. 9. Sombrero A Mexican hat. The sombrero kept the sun out of his eyes.
  10. 10. soldiers People who are the army and are trained to protect their country. Many soldier are in Iraq and their families did not get to see them over Christmas.
  11. 11. tough Strong; does not scare or give up easily. Jake was tough when he hurt his knee. He got up and played some more.
  12. 12. Grown-up Someone who has grown to be a woman or a man. When I am a grown-up I want to be a pilot.
  13. 13. hola Spanish word for hello. Hola, amiga.
  14. 14. disappeared Passed from view. The mouse scurried across the floor and disappeared.
  15. 15. apron Cloth that covers the front of your clothes to keep them from getting dirty.. My mom wears an apron when she cooks..
  16. 16. retraced Went back over carefully. I retraced my steps looking for my keys.
  17. 17. discovered Finding something or learning something new. Hannah discovered that thick strings make a low sound.
  18. 18. polish A cream or liquid that is used to clean something or make something shine. She used a bright red polish.
  19. 19. smeared Spread something that left a stain or a mark. Talden smeared his ketchup on his shirt.
  20. 20. creation Something you imagine then make. Day’Brionna made a beautiful creation.
  21. 21. Solve To figure out what to do to fix a problem or make it right. Let’s figure out how we can solve this problem.
  22. 22. Buenos dias Spanish word for good morning. Buenos Dias nice to have you at school.
  23. 23. fist A hand that is closed tight. Only mean bullies make a fist at other children.