ShoeDazzle's Digital Strategy- Darby Vermeulen


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ShoeDazzle's Digital Strategy- Darby Vermeulen

  1. 1. By Darby Vermeulen
  2. 2. Here’s a simple video to show just how ShoeDazzle works. The Business Model
  3. 3.  Copy-cat competition (Sole Society, JustFab) Other popular shoe websites ( Stay on the cutting edge of the competition to stay on top of monthly-shoe-club pyramid Using innovative marketing strategies to gain more customers and keep customers coming back
  4. 4. A set of incentives for new and loyal customers. Two-year deal, every sixth pair free Each friend referral=free pair of shoes
  5. 5.  YouTube video starring founder Kim Kardashian, announcing deals. Create hype on each social media outlet to gain momentum before video release. For S.M. outlet we will create ads to click for each of the deals, respectively.
  6. 6.  Adwords that pop up every time women’s shoes (or like terms) are Googled, advertising each of the deals. These will be the same ads that show up on the social media outlets.
  7. 7.  Text messages to loyal customers with links to the deals ShoeDazzle app for smart phones, tracking friend referrals through contacts
  8. 8. Number of : new two-year contracts new referrals click-throughs on deal ads On-site web analytics: who is clicking where?
  9. 9.  $190,000 to founder Kim Kardashian for her role in the videos $40,000 to design new interactive ads $30,000 to design smart phone app $20,000 for production of video ads $20,000 for Google Adwords usage
  10. 10.  Campaign will run over a 1 year period The videos featuring Kim Kardashian will be released in the first 4-6 weeks Campaign will run from February to February, taking advantage of Spring break selling-opportunities