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Online youth work


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Presentation from: Training workshop Action and Campaigning against Hate speech (22-24 November 2012). Budapest.

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Online youth work

  1. 1. Online youth workBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  2. 2. •Expectations work Agenda •Online youth •Theory Online •EU Kids •Netari •Examples •Tools •Future •Lunch work online •Anti-Racism •Group work •ConclusionBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  3. 3. What are your expectations for this workshop? How do you use social media? have you any experience in online youth work?Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  4. 4. In to tal th 40,0 e Cit 00 p y the Y eople of Helsi outh of wh nki e Depa Depa om n mploys rtme rtme early n The nt bu dget nt. T he Y 400 early Yout h De is aro outh work in politi partm und cally Me 2 Affai -app ent is 3. rs Co ointe goveperio mmit d com r d of tee h mitte ned by t office as ni e. Th he of fo ne m e ur ye emb Youth ars. ers w ith a
  5. 5. In August of 2010, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture appointed 13 national development and service centres. One of the appointed is the National Development Centre for Online Youth Work (Verke), coordinated by the City of Helsinki Youth Department.Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  6. 6. dont sleep,Theory of online youth work
  7. 7. In Finland, youth work falls under the administrative responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Youth work and youth activities in Finland are subject to national legislation which defines young people as everyone under 29 years old. Under this law, the State provides support for national youth organisations, national (residential) youth centres as well as youth research. At local level, state funding for youth work and youth activity is distributed to the municipalities proportionally according to the number of young people. Youth work professionals in Finland are graduates from polytechnics and from secondary level teaching institutions.Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  8. 8. computer- Online youth mediated activities youth work Media education in Web-ba sed youth workProm oting External communication learn ing Online youth work Web-based youth work 12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  9. 9. methods •Youth centre websites for external communication •Online youth information and counselling services •Open youth activities/centres on the Internet Web-based youth work •Young people’s participation, empowerment and consultation on the Internet •Use of online games as tools in youth work •Delayed or real-time online dialogue •Online youth work •Online dialogue • Online youth work •Real-time online youth work •Youth centres online, virtual youth centres •Multi-professional Online work Online youth activities •Young people developing their own online youth activities External communication •Planning and implementing communications in social media Promoting learning •Participatory and peer activities online Media education in Web-based youth •Internet safety and privacy work •Netiquette •Participatory activities onlineBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  10. 10. dimensions of youth workBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  11. 11. Society Sustainability Methods ValuesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  12. 12. In the field of youth work, an ideal society could be described as a community of active citizens. But what is active online citizenship in web-based youth work? (Facebook likes, work against racism, twittering, shooting somebody in computer game).Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  13. 13. young people can be active in many different ways. One main goal for online youth work is to support and encourage that activity. ”From a constructivist perspective, the starting point for a theory of youth work is an active young person, who is able, through youth work intervention, to develop self- reflection and self-direction skills in order to grow into a personal individual.”Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  14. 14. Playing a strategy game, is a young person a passive viewer of a computer screen or an active contributor to an activity?Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  15. 15. Society Sustainability Methods ValuesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  16. 16. Idea of sustainability addresses the relationship between man and nature. It plays a key role in, for example, the theories applied in adventure and experiential pedagogy The idea of sustainability can be made concrete with services such as Google Earth or Google Street View, which allow users to minimize their own carbon footprint by travelling virtually in authentic locationsBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  17. 17. Society Sustainability Methods ValuesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  18. 18. In normative and practical theories of youth work, an idea of methods is based on the purpose of youth work, as well as on the idea of how the intended purpose could be achieved. In web-based youth work for example, online discussions are seen as a method of encountering young peopleBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  19. 19. Society Sustainability Methods ValuesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  20. 20. The values of the theory of youth work are diverse. They consist of the ideological backgrounds of different actors and can appear very different depending on one’s viewpoint. The values of Web-based youth work are based on the values of the organization producing the activities. The values can be based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the values defined by the city for youth work, a religious background or, for example, a political ideology.Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  21. 21. Key Functions of Web- based Youth WorkBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  22. 22. socialization The socialization function of youth work refers to attaching a young person into the culture, society and surrounding communities. According to a study, young people find it significant that the youth workers encountered on the Internet are professional adults. Similarly, they feel that it would be important to have online youth workers from the same area they are fromBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  23. 23. individualization The individualization function refers to supporting the growth of a young person into a self, an independent individual aware of one’s needs and goals. Here, the starting point is listening to, recognizing and respecting the young person’s needs. In Web-based youth work, online youth information and counselling services offer information pages as well as delayed question-answer servicesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  24. 24. compensation The starting point of the compensation function is fixing any deficiencies or difficulties in the socialization and individualization functions. The objective is to address factors threatening equality and non-discrimination, and to support those young people who are in the weakest position in society. Web-based youth work reduces the differences in the living conditions of young people. It allows young people to gain access to at least some of the same services regardless of their place of residence.Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  25. 25. EU Kids Online 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  26. 26. Statistics 88 the average minutes online per day for 9-16 year olds.118 per day for 15-16 year olds. the average minutes online the average age of first internet use in 7 Denmark and Sweden, rising to eight in other Northern European countries and nine for Europe overall. 12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  27. 27. Which of these things do you know how todo on the internet? 12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  28. 28. Survey findings showed that negativeuser-generated content is not uncommon: • Hate sites – 12 per cent of European 11-16 year olds have seen these in the past year, rising to one in five 15-16 year olds. • Pro-anorexic sites – 10 per cent have seen these, rising to one in five teenage girls (14-16 years old). • Self-harm sites – 7 per cent have seen these, again more older than younger children. • Drug forums – 7 per cent have seen these too, rising to 12 per cent of 15-16 year olds. • Suicide sites – 5 per cent have seen these. • Overall – 21 per cent of 11-16 year olds have seen at least one of these types of user-generated content; this varies by country, as shown in the graph. 12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  29. 29. 50 million usersBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  30. 30. 38 years lähde: www.sxc.huBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  31. 31. 13 years lähde: www.sxc.huBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  32. 32. 4 yearsBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  33. 33. 2 yearsBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  34. 34. 35 daysBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  35. 35. Case a story how one dream become realityBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  36. 36. Before we start let´s go to one social media communityBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  37. 37. 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  38. 38. commands : direct message to someone (public for everyone) nickname: example sumuinen: hi how are you? ; whisper to someone (private) nickname; example sumuinen; hi how are you?Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  39. 39. How it all started?Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  40. 40. How we made it?•Started as a project in 2004•Project involved 4 capital area cities•Main goals were to find out how to make contact to teens online and how to imply youthwork methods to online environments•Project ended in fall 2007• was included to governments Development Programme for Child And Youth Policy•Since 2008 work has evolved to nationwide, multi-professional online youth work.•2012 Save the children started to coordinate Netari 42
  41. 41. Aims of Netari workTo carry out and develop national youth work performedover the Internet. The target is to make contact with thatsection of youth who spend a large part of their time invarious Internet environments.Through multi-professional cooperation, the project aimsto lower the threshold for those youths using the facility toseek social and health services when necessary. The planis to also bring the services, through the Netari operation,straight to the Internet environments popular among youngpeople. 43
  42. 42. It used to look like this...Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  43. 43. Organisation30 municipalities80 youth workers around Finland11 person team coordinating anddeveloping 45
  44. 44. FundingMinistry of Culture and Education Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 46
  45. 45. Multi National professional coordination work 30 Cities in FinlandWeb-nurses Web- Police on city socialworkers of Oulu 47
  46. 46. Multi-professional workHealth Centre of City of Helsinki: 3professional web-nurses and 1coordinatorSocial services department of Cityof Helsinki: 1 Project planner, 1 socialworker, 1 psychiatric nurseYouth crime unit of Policedepartment of city of Oulu: policeofficer working every Friday eveningonline 48
  47. 47. An online chat platform allows young people to chat freely and anonymously with the police, resolving prejudices and building better relationships. 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  48. 48. Main discussion topics are within few main categories:1. Family/HomeRelationships within family, with parents, siblings, relativesProblems with communication, substance abuse, domestic abuseSeparation from home2. School/Studies/Educationstudy motivation, school success, education orientation, future planscommunication with fellow students, teachersbullying, problems with classmates etc.3. Leisure-timeHobbies, music, sports, culture,Substance experiments/use“I’ve got nothing to do”, motivation to pick up and carry some activitiesHealth (mental/physical), depression, anxiety 50
  49. 49. DevelopmentTraining and education •National online youth work training twice a year •Topic-trainings via VoIP-connection •Seminars and conferences •Co-operation with main applied sciences universitiesPublications •blog on The Finnish Youth Research Societys page •online youth work manuals - link •study book will be published in spring 2011Research • Two user group surveys per year • Workers fill a surveys after every working hour and private conversation • Involved with The Finnish Youth Research Societys research 51
  50. 50. Environments 52
  51. 51. 200 000 Visitors 159 000 Discussions160 000 120 247 120 000120 000 80 000 55 000 40 000 0 10 000 18 000 22 330 6 500 2007 2008 2009 2010 53
  52. 52. Opening times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayIRC-Gallery 18:00-21:00 18:00-21:00 19:00-22:00 19:00-22:00Habbo Hotel 17:00-20:30 17:00-20:30 17:00-20:30 17:00-20:30Netari-TV 18:00-19:00NetariVille 18:00-21:00 17:30-21:00 54
  53. 53. • Habbo is based in 2000, localised versions in 32 countries• 13 000 000 unique visitors per month world wide, Finland and UK most active countries.• Basically 2D-avatar chat with most of web 2.0 tools such as IM, tagging, groups, games, user generated content, sharing and modding of it etc.• Open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 17.00-20.30• Average age of visitors is approx. 12 years, in Netari- room 13 years 55
  54. 54. Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  55. 55. • IRC-Gallery was established in 2001 by users of Internet Relay Chat aka IRC• App. 460 000 users• Average age of users is 21,64 years, Netari focuses on teens from 15 to 18 years of age• Basic SNS-structure, Profile, friends, communication, photo- gallery, commenting and diary etc.• Netari-chats open on mondays, thursdays between 18.00-21.00 and on fridays and saturdays between 19.00-22.00 57
  56. 56. Netari-TV• Netari-tv started as cooperation pilot between and Finlands national public service broadcasting company YLE• Netari-tv combines elements of web-tv, chatting and interactivity between watchers, chatters, host and visitors of the show• Aims of Netari-tv is to provide low threshold possibilities to participate to netari-tv´s broadcasts in many way 58
  57. 57. • Targeted to teenage girls• 50 000 weekly users in• Netari started to work in Demi on autumn 2010• Youth workers and nurses hosts theme discussions weekly 59
  58. 58. • NetariVille was opened autumn 2010• Competitions, polls, quiz, activities• Chat two times a week; youth workers• Developed constantly• User has ability to share their photos, videos, etc. 60
  59. 59. different ways to do online youth work examples from FinlandBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  60. 60. Participation tool
  61. 61. Message board
  62. 62. BlogThe Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
  63. 63. goSupermodel
  64. 64. Browser games
  65. 65. Social media tools to use working onlineBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  66. 66. Formspring
  67. 67. Facebook group chat
  68. 68. Mibew Chat
  69. 69. Live streaming
  70. 70. FutureBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  71. 71. lähde: http://www.kidsonline.net12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  72. 72. lähde: http://www.kidsonline.net12.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  73. 73. Kalajoki Jelppiverkko Merja Jelppiverkko Matti Kuusela Minna Kumpulainen Retro Etsivän Työn Hanke Seinäjoki Etsivä Nuorisotyö Palmu Jelena Krekilä Maria Sherlock-Niinivaara Anna-Lena Starck AfterEightNuorisotyöntekijä Annika Aaltonen Satelliitti Työpajatoiminta Etsivä Nuorisotyö Nuorisotyöntekijä Leena Miettinen Nuorisotyöntekijä Jari Nuutinen Etsivä Nuorisotyö Kokkola Etsivä Anu Järviseutu Etsivä Nuorisotyöntekijä Mari-Anna Hovi Nuorisotyöntekijä Mika Tenetz Marika Etsivä Työ Erityisnuorisotyöntekijä Mia Lemberg Etsivä Nuorisotyö Anna Visuri Petra-Maarit Serlokki Etsivä Nuorisotyöntekijä Etsivä Petra Savonlinna Holappa Johanna Jaana Etsivä NuorisotyöntekijäValtimon Nuorisotyö Huittinen Annamari Komulainen Etsivä Nuorisotyö Marcus Lundqvist Etsivä Nuorisotyö Parikkala Rautjärvi Juva-Rantasalmi Heidi Elo Etsivä Harri Joroinen Karstulan Etsivä Nuorisotyö Anna-Maija Siilin Etsivä Työ Miia Etsivä Nuorisotyö Etsivät Sariia-Tiia Savonlinna Et Kaakko Etsivä Työ Laukaa Et Itä Etsivä Lemi Luumäki Taipalsaari Etsivä Nuoriso-ohjaaja Heidi Salonen Heinolan Nuorisopalvelut Jari Lepistö Jämsän Etsivät Maija-Päivi Mika Luotsi Päivi Myllylä Anna-Kaarina Ukkonen Autere Korpilahden Etsivä Sanna Terhi Tahvanainen Tanja Maunonen Jukka Hyttinen Nuorisotyöntekijä Satu Punkari Ira Soikkeli-Etsivä Nuorisotyö Ellinoora Martikainen Sovatekin Etsivät Erik Häggman Nancy Et Kouvola Etsivä Nuorisotyö Konnevesi Riikka Siniluoto Haavi Etsivä Työ Roponen-Etsivä Nuorisotyö Maria Pirjo Etsivä Nuorisotyö Annika Kattilakoski Etsivät Piia Ja Tiitu Tapani KorhonenJani Kela Rannikkopajat Laura Eerola Päivi Valtonen Päivi Kandolin Mari Virtanen Finders Etti Tampere Jouni Et Kouvola Ansku Luostarinen Etsivä Nuorisotyö Kati Osola Rannikkopajat Ira Vamos Livia Hdo Vamos Katja Vamos Heidi Armi Arkiohjaaja Heltech Vamos Ulla Mirja Vamos Toni Hynninen Markus Tähti Finders Satu Mäenpää Kalle Vamos Samuli Mikkola Hope Maiju Paajanen Hope Karel McLeod Smith Jaana Vehviläinen Finders Antti Munnukka Anu Vesterinen Hope Ville Vamos Typ Jenni Korpela
  74. 74. Mood analysis
  75. 75. Mapping tweets
  76. 76. Hype cycleBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  77. 77. Budapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  78. 78. Funding
  79. 79. Digital GamesBudapest 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  80. 80. Minecraft: 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,
  81. 81. You can find this presentation from: 23.11.2012 Marcus Lundqvist,