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Google wallet first data merchant


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Google wallet first data merchant

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Google wallet first data merchant

  1. 1. Mobile pay is one of the mostinnovative ways for merchants toattract customers. Although stillin its relative infancy, mobilepay, which uses Google Walletfor its transactions, allowscustomers to purchase itemsfrom apples to zoo tickets atbrick and mortar stores by usingan Android app.
  2. 2. Getting established with GoogleWallet is simple, particularly formerchants who already acceptcontactless payments; otherwisea terminal must be ISO 18092 or14443 compliant.PAYMENTmax can helpmerchants get set up to acceptGoogle Wallet.
  3. 3. It’s a free app for Androidphones.Free coupons are available fromseveral sites.Prepaid offers are also availablefrom Google Offers Hub.Both savings and checkout areeasier and faster for thecustomer.
  4. 4. Google Wallet is designed towork with allretailers, networks, banksand carriers.Merchants attract a moreupscale customer base.No network connection isrequired for the customer.Cutting-edge securitymeasures provide theultimate safeguards for thecustomer.
  5. 5. An ISO 18092 or 14443compliant terminal.PAYMENTmaxmerchant account.
  6. 6. Getting set up withPAYMENTmax isextremely easy. Our user-friendly website offers aone-page application formerchants to complete andtheir plans are customizedto each business, ratherthan having one formula foreveryone.
  7. 7. The name of the business and its owner or contact person.The email address.The physical address.The best time for a contact call.The type of credit card processing.Monthly credit card sales.Annual sales volume.Type of business.
  8. 8. PAYMENTmax rates arebased on monthly MasterCardand Visa sales as well as theannual sales volume and thetype of business, and providenext-day funding.
  9. 9. Go to PAYMENTmax .com and complete thesimple and quick application so your businesscan start accepting andincreasing your sales!