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Make Switchable Privacy Glass Solution with NON-ADHESIVE Privacy FILM In Laminating Method


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Make Switchable Privacy Glass Solution with NON-ADHESIVE Privacy FILM In Laminating Method

  1. 1. CNCNEXT / Switchable Privacy Glass Solutionwith NON-ADHESIVE Privacy Film InLaminating MethodThe Composition of Smart Glass (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass ) mart Switchab Glass, Glass,1] Two outside layers of float glass2] Two layers of laminating adhesive film inside the glasses, can be Ethylene-vinylacetate EVA Interlayer Film or Polyvinyl Butyric PVB Interlayer Film3]Magic Screen Film, also named as PDLC FILM (Polymer dispersed liquid crystaldevices, Switchable Film, Privacy FILM, Smart Glass Film) in the centerCombinations: +Glass +EVA Interlayer film +Switchable Privacy Film +EVA Interlayer film +GlassCommon Size of Smart Glass (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass ) mart Switchab Glass, Glass,Note that the following data is for reference, please confirm with your suppliers.
  2. 2. CNCNEXT / size (Flexible to a maximum size): 980mm*3000mm/1200mm*3000mm+Glass Thickness:5mm+1.14mm+5mm/6mm+1.14mm+6mm/8mm+1.14mm+8mm+Color: Milky white+Protector: US Dow Corning Glass sealant.+Operating environment: -20℃~+60℃+Storage environment: -20℃+60℃ Life-span: more than 10 yearsElectrical characteristic+Operating Voltage :> 50VAC&<110VAC+Frequency range: 50~60HZ+Amperage: 100mA per square meter (for 110V)+Power consumption: about 7W per square meter (for 110V)+Switching speed: less than 1 second+From frosted to clear: 100 milliseconds+From clear to frosted: 400 millisecondsOptical Characteristics+Operation mode: Transparent (power on)/Opaque (power off)+Parallel light transmittance: 75±3 %( ON) / 10±% (OFF)+Sunlight Transmittance: 80±1 %( ON) / 60±1% (OFF)+Haze: 2±1 %( ON)/80±3% (OFF)+UV Blocking: more than 98%+Visible Angle: 130°DurabilityIte Test Item Test Condition Resultm Qualifie1 Switching on(1s) off (1s) d Qualifie1 Switching 110VAC 3Mil.switch d Qualifie2 High Temperature 70℃/14 days d High Temperature High 50℃,98%humidity Qualifie3 Humidity /14days d Qualifie4 Low Temperature -20℃/14days d Qualifie5 Weathering KS L2004(LAMI) d Qualifie6 Heat Resistance KS L2004 (LAMI) d
  3. 3. CNCNEXT / Effects of (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass ) Switchab Glass, Glass,Please notes that Colored Switchable Privacy Glass is because of the color of glass, not thecolor of Switchable Privacy Film, for the Privacy Film is all milky white.Clear
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  8. 8. CNCNEXT / to Process Samrt Glass (Switchable Glass Privacy Glass Magic Glass SwitchabLaminated Glass) Glass)Clean the flat glassClean the Smart Switchable Film and EVA FILMCombine The Float glass, EVA FILM, Smart FILM, EVA FILM, Float Glass to be awhole pre-laminated glass
  9. 9. CNCNEXT / tape to fix the pre-laminating sandwiched Smart glassPut the pre-laminating smart glass into the silicone vacuum bagStart to heat the pre-laminating smart glassFinish heating, take the smart glass out of silicone vacuum bag
  10. 10. CNCNEXT / the bus bar and the wireAssembling insulating protector and the smart privacy glass is finished.How to Install Smart Glass (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass ) Switchab Glass, Glass,:Smart glass(privacy glass, switchable glass, magic glass) diagram :
  11. 11. CNCNEXT / combination diagram of smart glass
  12. 12. CNCNEXT / separated framework of smart glass installation
  13. 13. CNCNEXT / power diagram of smart glass diagramNotes of installing smart glass+ customize the four sizes protection frames.+ If install two or more smart glass, drilling holes upon the middle of the glass width,.+ When making the framework, make sure the glasses is in same level, andperpendicular in the floor.+ When install more smart glasses, please solid one glass at a time.+ When install more smart glasses, 3-5mm space should be spared between two smartglasses.+ Connect the wire of each smart glass to power control box.+ Test each smart glass switching, then test the combination all.+ Dont use the acid glass sealant.+Please inquire the manufacturers about the type of glass sealant to fulfill the leftspace.
  14. 14. CNCNEXT / of order Smart Glass+First step, decide the shape of smart glass (privacy glass)+Second step, decide the thickness of the smart glass.+Third: Decide the how many smart glass needed according to the windows or doors,and decide how many sides protection needed.+Four, Decide the type of control system.The characteristics of Smart Glass+ Fast switching reaction. The switching can be finished in 0.1 Second.+Safety——The Smart glass is processed in the safety laminated glass way, owningthe safety properties like the laminated glass made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVAInterlayer Film . When the smart glass is impacted, the glass broken pieces is stickedon the Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film, and will not drop or fly tohurting people.+ Saveing electricity power -When you need privacy, you turn off the power, thesmart glass is white-translucent, at this sate, the people outside the smart glass can notsee through, but the light sill can pass through, the room is bright.+ Solar control- The smart glass is in processed in the same way of the laminatedglass with advanced Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film. So the smart glasscon blocked 99% UV RADIATIONS. Which can protect the people and goods insidethe room from the UV RADIATIONS.+ Sound control- The smart glass is laminated with high advanced Ethylene-vinylacetate EVA Interlayer Film, the Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film ownsthe properties of sound insulation. So the smart glass can reduce about 38 db of thenoise outside.
  15. 15. CNCNEXT / Use for projection- When the smart glass in privacy sate, the Degree of scattering ismore than 43% and the light transmission is more than 50%. So the projection can beimplied and the view effect is great.CNCNEXT