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Verity: PCOS Awareness Week 2010


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The very first PCOS Awareness Week in the UK was launched by the PCOS Charity Verity. It ran from 20-27 November 2010 and was a huge success

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Verity: PCOS Awareness Week 2010

  1. 1. PCOS Awareness WeekPCOS Awareness Week– how did it go? 20–27 November 2010 marked the very first PCOS Awareness Week There was lots going on throughout the week all over the UK. Here are the highlights: SPEAKERS’ CORNER NEW MEMBERSHIP PACKS CALENDARS CUPCAKESVerity Trustees Alison, Caroline and We had been working on putting The very talented Laura at Broken To support Verity and PCOS AwarenessRachel braved the freezing cold and together new membership packs for Logic Photography wanted to use Week, Chloe from The Sugar Sanctuaryan anti-war protest to kick-off the quite some time, which involved her skills to help support Verity and launched Verity cupcakes. They arevery first PCOS Awareness Week having all of the booklets updated women with PCOS, and thus the delicious vanilla and lemon cupcakesby going along to the infamous and re-designed. As part of the new idea of a PCOS Calendar was born! with a purple buttercream icing and,Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, packs, we have also launched Thank Laura recruited a bunch of women although clearly not PCOS-friendly,London. They put up a big banner, You gifts for renewing your from the discussion board and they make a decadent treat or evenwaved posters and handed out membership for three and five years. arranged a photoshoot in Nottingham a way of raising money for Verity atleaflets whilst chatting to passers All our members were sent a new where everyone got together, had a coffee morning. The cupcakes by. When the Police vans turned up membership pack at the start of their hair and make-up done, and come in a set of six and a percentageen-force, they had to make an early PCOS Awareness Week and we hope said ‘cheese’! Laura did an amazing of the sale is donated to Verity. Youexit to avoid getting caught up in the you enjoyed receiving them as much job and captured the beauty and can have a look at the pictures atgrowing protest! as we enjoyed sending them to you. bravery of all the lovely Verity models., You can look at the pictures at www. where there’s also a link to The Sugar Use the Sanctuary website where you can buy link there to buy a Calendar, with 25% them. of the proceeds donated to Verity.Above:Rachel and Alison at Speakers CornerTop right:The growing stack of new membership packsRight:Left to right: Alison, Nic, Premila and Jackiebusy putting together the packs ready topost out to you DATE FOR YOUR DIARY PCOS Awareness Week 2011: 05 – 12 November 2011 We are putting together a schedule of activities that will take place during the second PCOS Awareness Week in November. We’d love to hear your ideas on everything from raising money, to raising awareness, so email them to with ‘PCOS Awareness week’ in the subject line.10 In Touch Spring/Summer 2011
  2. 2. PCOS Awareness Week There was a real buzz at the conferenceas members and exhibitors all chatted to one another PCOS RESOURCE PACK IPHONE SOCKS PCOS AWARENESS TWIBBON PCOS UK CONFERENCE Verity launched a PCOS Resource Nic, Verity’s book-keeper We launched a Twibbon, which is a PCOS UK is Verity’s medical education Pack where you, our members, can extraordinaire put her crafty skills little display of support that lives on arm, where we run conferences and order a pack which contains posters to use during Awareness Week and your profile picture on either Facebook workshops around the country to and leaflets to take to your local GP, knitted up a storm. Nic’s Verity-inspired or Twitter. The purple Twibbon, which educate GPs, specialists and other hospital or other clinic to help raise hand-knitted iPhone socks, went featured the classic PCOS ‘string of healthcare professionals on PCOS. awareness of PCOS. During the first down a treat at the Verity Conference pearls’ and PCOS Awareness was added We held a PCOS UK conference to few days of the Resource Packs being in London and sold out during the to more than 372 profiles on Facebook coincide with Awareness Week, and launched, 75 were ordered! We are lunch break. You can check out the and Twitter, which reached thousands had a great turn out of over 60 GPs making a note of the postcodes of iPhone Socks at www.verity-pcos. of people! Our Twibbon also became from around London attending. the addresses where the packs are the most successful Twibbon for PCOS being delivered, so you can see Causes. exactly the difference you’re making Pssst Nic, if you’re reading this, Left: by marking each one on a map with maybe you can get an early start A snapshot of all the a pin. You can order a Resource for this year? wonderful people who put a PCOS Awareness Pack and even see just how far we’ve Twibbon on their profile reached so far at www.verity-pcos. 1 in 10 women in the UK live with PCOS VERITY CONFERENCE PCOS Awareness Week was wrapped up by the Verity conference, our largest ever! 200 of you came along to hear from some amazing speakers at the Supporting women with PCOS Verity publishes… • In Touch, our PCOS newsletter Verity runs… • conferences with expert speakers Verity also… • educates the medical profession Connaught Rooms in London on Saturday 27th November. • a range of information booklets • an active discussion board • recruits research participants Alison Wilcox, Verity Trustee, kicked the morning off with an overview of PCOS • an informative website • locally run support groups • raises public awarenesss Do you have any of the following? infrequent periods | weight problems | excess hair and why it’s so important not to feel isolated, but to get the help you need. Colette PCOS UK is the medical education arm of Verity: Verity is the UK’s charity (No.1097599) for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and is a company limited by guarantee (No. 04404798) acne and oily skin | hair loss | mood swings Harris, the author of several books about PCOS, and Verity patron, gave a truly If you do, then you could have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). inspirational talk about PCOS and your emotions, exploring how the hormonal If you, or someone you know, think you might have PCOS, make an appointment to talk to your GP. fluctuations and having to cope with them can affect how you feel. Verity is the UK charity for women with PCOS, for more information and support After the AGM we had Dr Lisa Webber giving a really clear insight into periods, ovulation and how PCOS affects cycles; and Charlotte Footman talking about hair removal. Veirty: The PCOS Self Help Group Then after lunch came Professor Stephen Franks speaking on how lean 200 women with PCOS can boost their health; and Dr David Haslam giving the PCOS UK is the medical education arm of Verity: Verity is the UK’s charity (No.1097599) for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and is a company limited by guarantee (No. 04404798)c Ovary Who is Verity? 1 in 10 women in the UK ? live with PCOS latest advice on losing weight, and how it can help control your PCOS symptoms and boost fertility. The day ended with an extended session THIS YEAR’S VERITY n called the ‘thief of Veirty: The PCOS Self Help Group on Fertility with Professor Stephen Franks. We are eternally grateful forffect the symptoms can Verity is the UK’s only charity for women with polycystic ovary syndrome teem. PCOS is one of the (PCOS), and provides information and support for women with PCOS CONFERENCE WAS OURmen. and their loved ones. It was founded in 1997 and is run entirely by a team of volunteers. the support of the inspirational experts who share their time and ies that contain many small varies) and are usually no Iin addition to publishing a range of information booklets covering all LARGEST EVER WITH 200 ontaining follicles that have aspects of the condition Verity runs twice yearly conferences where s as you may im agine them delegates get the chance to hear from some of the UK’s foremost PCOSmful to you (so no surgicalovarian cancer. experts. Verity publishes In Touch, a bi-annual member newsletter full of the latest information and research on PCOS. Verity also provides advocacy, awareness and education to the healthcare DELEGATES ATTENDING knowledge with us.d worldwide profession through PCOS UK, Verity’s medical education arm that was established in January 2005.roblems Further information about Verity and PCOS can be found on our website or through our blogs and forums, listed below. Over lunch, and during breaks, there was a real buzz as members blog.verity-pcos. Do you have any of the following? infrequent periods | weight problems chatted to each other, and to the exhibitors – including SK!N, Renew Medica and CTC/Duofertility. veritypcos veritypcos veritypcos uk/forum excess hair | acne and oily skin Verity The PCOS Self Help Group hair loss | mood swings New Bond House If you do, then you could have 124 New Bond Street London W1S 1DX Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) The conference ran very smoothly and all the trustees of Verity truly enjoyed the day, even though it was hard work! We look forward to seeing Verity is a Registered Charity No. 1097599 and even more of you at the next event at the Cardiff Hilton on 12th November 2011 – find out more on page 7. a company limited by guarantee No. 4404798 In Touch Spring/Summer 2011 11