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Presentation veritas enterprises


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Presentation veritas enterprises

  1. 1. VERITAS ENTERPRISES Assessment Of Greentech Fuel saver By Ashok Y Kurudgi, BE.Mech CEO VERITAS ENTERPRISES #107, 2ND A Cross, East Of NGEF, Kasturinagar, BENGALURU – 560 043 080-25426985, 09019556076,
  2. 2. Save Fuel Go Green Presentation Overview Introduction Environmental Overview Greentech Fuel Saver - Our Claim Product Technicalities Greentech Fuel Saver – Tests & Certificates Greentech Fuel Saver – Financial Aspects An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  3. 3. Save Fuel Go Green Introduction Veritas Enterprises is a Bangalore based company established in 2007 dealing in supply and installation of Greentech Fuel Saving products. Our Vision is to create a green & pollution free environment with clean air for the future generations in India. We proclaim ourselves as GREENOVATORS for our involvement in reducing the Green House Gases (GHG) and also offering considerable savings in fuel consumption targeting the Transport sector in India. Despite that the depletion of natural energy resources show no sign of relief, a substitute energy source is yet to be discovered. With the energy crisis looming over our heads, currently people could only rely on more and efficient usage of existing energy resources. The Internal Combustion engines used in most of the vehicles derives its power from igniting the Fuel/Air mixture in the combustion chamber. The incomplete combustion of Fuel/Air mixture is the major cause for the carbon build up in carburettor jets, fuel injector & combustion chamber, thereby reducing the engine output and fuel economy. More importantly the incomplete combustion is also directly related to the amount of pollutants such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen which have already crossed the limits. Our products are ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 14001 certified products suitable for all Gasoline & Diesel run vehicles. Being patented across several countries they are the results of research & development over the years, precisely since 2006. The Greentech Fuel Saving products are tested in accredited facilities in several countries certifying & supporting the results of reduction in GHG and savings in fuel consumption. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  4. 4. Save Fuel Go Green Environmental Overview A ‘Green Revolution’ is indispensible to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) since protecting earth is the crucial need of the hour. No element of our natural world is more essential to life than the air we breathe, and No environmental task more vital than keeping it clean. Air pollution is the fifth leading cause of death in India after high blood pressure, indoor air pollution, tobacco smoking and poor nutrition, with about 620,000 premature deaths occurring from air pollution-related diseases. Like China, India faces an unprecedented public health crisis due to air pollution, the Centre for Science and Environment's ( CSE ) analysis of government data and the Global Burden of Disease report's data on India. Among peers and neighbours, India is performing the worst when it comes to the health of its citizens. Whether it is life expectancy, mortality due to all causes, under-five mortality or mortality among men and women between 15 and 49 years, on most counts, India ranks way below China, Brazil and Sri Lanka, just below Bangladesh and Nepal and in some cases even Pakistan. This was revealed in the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors. Air pollution deaths are higher than the fatalities from road accidents. There are several illnesses and health issues linked to air quality. We are everyday witnessing unpredictable climate changes around us and there is a very high possibility that by the end of the century, the earth is going to be a very different place to live in. Join us in this endeavour to conserve fuel and environment for our future generations. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  5. 5. Save Fuel Go Green A whopping 67% of emission in Bangalore is caused by the transport sector. Over the past decade, dozens of global studies have shown that spending time in close proximity to heavy traffic, especially diesel truck traffic, is associated with a wide range of morbidity effects, as well as increased mortality. Importantly, diesel exhaust particulate was declared a toxic air contaminant in 1998 and subsequently, in June 2012, World Health Organisation (WHO) classified diesel exhaust as carcinogenic. According to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the main contributor of NOx in the air is the transport sector in Bangalore. While diesel-run vehicles release high quantities of Particulate Matter (PM) and NOx in the air, petrol vehicles emit higher carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into the air. These facts can be elaborated endlessly provided we all together start thinking in unison and act accordingly to lessen the impact. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  6. 6. Save Fuel Go Green GREENTECH FUEL SAVER – OUR CLAIM AND ADVANTAGES Greentech Fuel Saver, the latest breakthrough in Molecular Reaction Technology (MRT), a product that will give you many years of motoring enhancement. With the diminishing resources and owing to our dependence on imports and other factors the fuel costs are bound to increase. We have a solution in Greentech Fuel Saver. It is a device suitable for all Petrol and Diesel run vehicles having the following advantages. Incessant and Inevitable rise in Fuel costs since 2001. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Reduces Fuel Consumption by 8 to 10%. Reduces dangerous Exhaust Emissions. Increases Engine Horse Power & Torque. Has a life of more than 10 Years. Easy to Install, does not affect the vehicle warranty. An added advantage and an important one apart from substantial savings in Fuel Costs is reduction in dangerous exhaust emissions and green house gases. Let us join hands and contribute towards greener environment around us. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  7. 7. Save Fuel Go Green GREENTECH FUEL SAVER – PRODUCT TECHNICALITIES. Fuel Facts. Fuel is known as an aliphatic hydrocarbon. It is made up of molecules composed of hydrogen and carbon arranged in chains. Fuel molecules have typically 7 to 9 carbons in each configuration. A typical Fuel Molecular Configuration. H H H H H H H H-C–C–C–C–C–C–C–H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H-C–C–C–C–C–C–C–C–H H H H H HEPTANE H H H OCTANE H The fuel is burnt with plenty of oxygen from air at fixed ratios resulting in carbon dioxide (from carbon atoms in fuel), water (from hydrogen atom in fuel) and a lot of heat. When an engine burns fuel, ideally, the fuel would burn perfectly releasing only carbon dioxide and water at the exhaust. But practically this does not happen due to incomplete combustion of fuel in the engine. The fuel molecules have a tendency to cluster together. These molecules are bound by Van der Walls forces. Van der Walls forces are weak attractive forces that hold these molecules together. During combustion the outer molecules protect the inner ones from freely mixing with oxygen, resulting in some of the molecules being unburned causing engine wear thus reducing engine life. More importantly the unburned fuel results in dangerous emissions. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  8. 8. Save Fuel Go Green Some of these dangerous emissions are declared as carcinogenic by governments.    Carbon Monoxide (CO) – A poisonous gas that is colourless & odourless. Hydrocarbons or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – A major contributor of GHG gases and smog. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) – A contributor of smog & acid rain. To tackle this menace of increasing Green House Gases (GHG) in the world, several products were introduced using latest technology. Fuel Additives were one of them. A common fuel additive MTBE was introduced in a big way after the clean air act of 1990. MTBE is Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, a fairly simple molecule produced from methanol. MTBE was added to the fuel at 10 to 15% ratio mainly for two reasons. 1. It boosts Octane. 2. It is an Oxygenate, meaning that it adds oxygen to the reaction when it burns reducing the amount of unburned hydrocarbons and thus reducing the exhaust emissions considerably. Unfortunately these additives were banned in 2002 by American & European countries due to higher environmental risks involved. The details can be checked by clicking on the link. The other product commonly used is Catalytic Convertors. A Catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. These have been designed in order to eliminate much of the pollutants caused by vehicles, but they aren’t perfect either. They effectively help in reducing these pollutants.  Carbon Monoxide (CO) – A poisonous colourless & odourless gas.  Hydrocarbons  Nitrogen Oxide There are mainly two types of structures used in catalytic convertors, Honey comb and Ceramic Beads. Most vehicles today use honey comb structure. In a catalytic convertor there are two different types of catalysts at work, a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. Reduction catalyst is the first stage of catalytic convertors. Both of these consist of ceramic base coated with a metal catalyst platinum, rhodium and/or palladium. The basic principle is to create a structure that exposes the maximum surface area of catalyst to the exhaust stream. One of the main disadvantages of catalysts apart from being very expensive is it only works at fairly high temperature, it almost does nothing when the vehicles starts from cold. This is the reason they are not suitable for diesel engines. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  9. 9. Save Fuel Go Green Greentech Fuel Saver incorporates Molecular Reaction Technology using nanotechnology to break the Van Der Walls force between the molecules. Nano Technology refers broadly to a field of applied science and technology whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the molecular level in scales smaller than 1 micrometer. In nanosize, the laws of quantum physics and not of classical physics, are valid. Insulating material may become electrically conductive and insoluble material soluble. Smaller the sizes of the particles the surface area in terms of volume is increased. Greentech Fuel Saver consists of ceramic beads laced with metals which absorb thermal energy from within the surrounding environment and release it in a specific wavelength ie from few microns to 20 microns disintegrating the loosely held molecules into single molecules, thus surface area is increased resulting in more oxidation and the surface tension is released resulting in less friction between the molecules. This reaction and more effective oxidation will in turn reduce under burned fuel which would normally accumulate on the internal parts of the engine. The Greentech Fuel Saver does not modify the original structure of the vehicle, and has been tested in accredited facilities. It is an easy to install ceramic based widget that changes the properties of the fuel in any petrol, diesel or gas burning vehicle. Clustered fuel molecules come into contact with Greentech Fuel Saver Small droplets with more surface area contact with oxygen in engine & ignite more. ENGINE HC CO/CO2 NOX Van der Walls forces are broken changing the aggregation of Fuel molecules. The Greentech Fuel Saver restructures the environment for the fuel and air within the vehicle’s operating system, to deliver thereby more kilometres per litre, reduces dangerous exhaust pollutants and more importantly lowers carbon foot print. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  10. 10. Save Fuel Go Green Infrared Spectrum Experiment Of Greentech Fuel Saving Device. The Infrared Testing was carried out by Chien-Chung Chen, Ph.D. at Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Engineering, Teipei Medical University. The study consists of molecular level change of commercial gasoline by Greentech Fuel Saving Device by FTIR Spectrum. Instruments Used : Fourier Transfer Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR), Bio-Rad Spectrometer FTS 155/165 Win-ir. Materials Used : Commercial Gasoline from CPC gas station, Grade 95, Greentech Fuel Saving device. Procedure : Two FTIR spectrums were obtained with the following operative parameters, Transmission Mode, Scanning resolution : 16, Scanning Range : 400 to 4000 cm-1. The samples were the as-purchased 95 Gasoline and Greentech Fuel Saving Device treated Gasoline. After obtaining the two spectrums, a subtraction was performed. The spectrum of as-purchased Gasoline was subtracted from that of the treated one. Results : The difference in spectrum is shown in Fig below clearly indicates the three regions of the spectrum were changed. The main one from 2850 to 3050 cm-1, representing the absorption of Benzene (CH) of the saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. According to research papers the ceramic granules inside the greentech Fuel saving device absorbed the thermal energy and released it at a specific wavelength, ie from a few microns to 20 microns (from 2900 to 3300 cm-1 in wave number). This specific energy was in concert with the Van De Wall force binding the molecules of gasoline. Hence, the intermolecular Van De Wall force was disintegrated from cluster to single molecules resulting in change of aggregation of gasoline molecules. This transfer changed several properties of the sample fuel such as surface tension and flash point. This resulted in maximum exposure of fuel droplets with air thus increasing maximum combustion of fuel, in terms better fuel efficiency. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  11. 11. Save Fuel Go Green GREENTECH FUEL SAVER – TESTS AND CERTIFICATES. 1. Click here to view CEE Test Reports on Light Vehicles. 2. Click here to view CEE Test Report on Heavy Vehicles. Click here to view Infrared Spectrum Study Of Greentech Activated Gasoline. Click here to view Tuv Rheinland Test Reports. Click here to view SGS Test Reports. Click here to view Test Reports for Teipei City Government, Dept of Environment Protection. Click here to view ITRI Emission Idle Test. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  12. 12. Save Fuel Go Green Click here to view SAIPA Emission Test. GREENTECH FUEL SAVER – DYNO TEST RESULTS. An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  13. 13. Save Fuel Go Green GREENTECH FUEL SAVER – CASE STUDIES AND FINANCIAL ASPECTS SPS TRAVELS INDIA We approached SPS Travels India, a Coimbatore based company having its presence in south India and operating in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala states. The company manager Mr Nithya was very receptive to the new technology and agreed to implement our product over two of their coaches. The details of the tests are given below. Vehicle Details Registration Numbers Make Model : : : KA 01 AB 3911 and NL 01 B 0878 Ashok Leyland 2012 & 2013 respectively. KA 01 AB 3911 BANGALORE TO ERNAKULAM Particulars Kms Travelled Fuel Used in Ltrs KPL WITHOUT GREENTECH 16620 4757 3.49 WITH GREENTECH 17022 4588.5 3.71 168.5 Litres TOTAL FUEL SAVED FUEL CHART 4800 4750 4700 4650 4600 4550 4500 1 WITHOUT GREENTECH 2 3 WITH GREENTECH An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product % Savings 6.00%
  14. 14. Save Fuel Go Green NL 01 B 0878 BANGALORE TO KANJIRAPALLY Particulars Kms Travelled Fuel Used in Ltrs KPL WITHOUT GREENTECH 19898 4923 4.04 WITH GREENTECH 19634 4501 4.36 422 Litres TOTAL FUEL SAVED % Savings 8.00% FUEL CHART 5000 4800 4600 4400 4200 1 2 WITHOUT GREENTECH 3 WITH GREENTECH The Tests were carried out for a period of one month, May 2013 to June 2013. SPS Travels India were satisfied with the results and have planned to install Greentech Fuel Saver over their entire fleet owing to a substantial savings in Fuel costs. SPS Travels India stands to gain by a staggering amount every year and they are also satisfied with the fact that they are helping in reducing the carbon emissions. FUEL SAVINGS AND REVENUE SAVED May-2013 To June-2013 PROPOSED SAVINGS Fuel Saved in Ltrs Fuel Cost/Ltr in Rs. 2 687 53.00 20 Trial Period No Of Vehicles Installed Savings Per Month In Rs. Savings Per Year In Rs. 36,411.00 4,36,932.00 6870 53.00 3,64,110.00 43,69,320.00 40 13740 53.00 7,28,220.00 87,38,640.00 An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product
  15. 15. Save Fuel Go Green SRS TRAVELS SRS Transports is one of the leading transport organization in India since 1971. Having a huge fleet of over 5000 vehicles, it operates in entire south India. It is one of the trusted and reliable transport companies in Karnataka recognised by Department of Tourism, Government of India as well as Government of Karnataka. SRS Travels is the prestigious member of IATO (Indian Association Of Tour Operators) and TAAI. It is a Bangalore based company having its presence and operating throughout south India and parts of North India. We are proud to be associated with SRS Travels and having approached Sri. K. T. Rajashekara, CEO of SRS Travels for testing and installation of Greentech Fuel Saver.We are thankful for his support towards implementation of the latest technology that help in reducing fuel costs and also reduce environmental emissions considerably. Initially two vehicles were selected for trial purpose for a period of two months. The results of the trial were astounding, showing a considerable decrease in fuel consumption. There was a savings of 7.5% of average fuel consumed within a month, a total of 512 Ltrs. of fuel saved. Mr. K. T. Rajashekara is happy and satisfied with the results and agreed to implement Greenetch Fuel Savers over several of their fleet. If only 100 coaches of SRS Travels are installed with Greentech Fuel Saver, we claim a monthly fuel savings of 20,000 Ltrs. of Diesel, a revenue savings of Rs.11 Lakhs per month. These are the realistic savings we are about to obtain with Greentech Fuel Saver. We invite all to join us in this endeavour to save fuel costs and the environment. For detailed results of the Trial Test Report please click on the following link. SRS Trial Test Report July 2013. Thank You All For Your Valuable Time With Us. To know more about this path-breaking innovation in Fuel Saving, Write to Visit : An ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Product