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Verinote data growth


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Within enterprises the cost of data storage is generally seen as a cost. Depending on the characteristics of an organisation the growth of data iis mainly driven by the growth in un-structered data which includes images, emails and texts.) This creates additional pressures as the skills, experience and resources to manage and use this data will become scarcer. And, pressure will be put on existing infrastructure unless alternative solutions are sought.

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Verinote data growth

  1. 1. Avoiding the Pain of DataAllowing individuals and organisations tointeract, collaborate and learn has manyobvious benefits.Knowledge becomes an enabler and data astrategic asset.The alternative is that data becomes a liability.
  2. 2. …data as a resourceAllowing individuals and organisations to interact,collaborate and learn.Transforms how users can access and interactwith knowledge. And changes how theyexperience and analyse information.Organisations collect masses of data, andsemantic enhancement can make the content veryuseful; converting this into a strategic resource.
  3. 3. We have looked at……tools and services to transform how we view,select and interact with information, to change howwe experience and analyse knowledge.And, how data can be repurposed throughmachine-based processes.
  4. 4. We have looked at…Making this available across the whole enterpriseand equipping individuals with the tools andinsights to find their own relevancy with the dataowned by the organisation.
  5. 5. Why is this important?
  6. 6. Why is this important?The Aberdeen Group surveyed 173 organisationsof which 99% indicated that their volume of data isgrowing on average at 30% per year.Generally, as the volume of data increases there ismore demand for storage.
  7. 7. Why is this important?It is not only ‘business’ use that is driving thisdemand.This is driven by un-structured data such as video,images and other formats.This pressure is real as we are all data producersvia siren-channels such as YouTube andFaceBook who have their own revenue modelswhich have this factored in.
  8. 8. Why is this important?Since the advent of modern computing the cost ofstorage has been a problem.From 1999 there costs of storage reduced but asthe volume of data being stored increases thereare emerging pressures on costs.It was estimated in 2010 that the annualconsumption of data was 9.57 zettabytes.(one zettabyte is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000bytes!)
  9. 9. Efficiency and CostsAssuming that organisations collect data to makeuse of it (rather than simply store it), then there aremany improvements available by creating differentdescriptions of data and widening the opportunitiesto use this data.This comes from understanding its relevancy andcontext; and, using this to convert it into usefulknowledge.
  10. 10. Efficiency and CostsThis is a conversion process.Knowledge becomes an enabler and data astrategic asset.The alternative is that data becomes a liability.
  11. 11. Welcome to the Semantic Web“an extension of the current Web, in which information isgiven well-defined meaning, better enabling computers andpeople to work in cooperation”Tim Berners-LeeThe semantic web brings significant opportunities torediscover data and convert this into relevant knowledge.Delivering your information in the right form, place and timeto the people you wish to communicate with.