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using the semantic web


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This is a small presentation of a semantically enhanced installation of Drupal using the the Apache Stanbol software stack. The Apache Stanbol software stack is part of the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS).

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using the semantic web

  1. 1. Semantic CMSdemonstrationWelcome to Verinotesdemonstration project ofSemantically Enhanced Navigation.
  2. 2. Semantic CMSdemonstration Log-in Create content Semantically enhance your content Edit article Browsing Enhancing your content from external sources
  3. 3. Log-inTo create new content please visitwww.lunariaweb.comand log-in to this site.
  4. 4. Log In
  5. 5. Log-inUsernname=IKSPassword=edinburgh
  6. 6. Creating contentOnce logged-in please use theCreate Article tab.
  7. 7. Creating contentThere you need to - Provide a title for your article
  8. 8. Creating contentThere you need to - Create content
  9. 9. Semantically enhanceyour contentClick in the Tags area. Relevanttags will be added automatically.
  10. 10. Semantically enhanceyour contentThe system will create relevant tagsfor your article which are then usedto place the new article in a contextwith other articles.
  11. 11. Semantically enhanceyour contentYou can add additional tags to helpyou sort your articles into relatedcontent.
  12. 12. Creating contentThen you need to - Up-load a relevant image
  13. 13. Save!Remember to save your article.
  14. 14. Edit articleYou can browse the content and edit the articleswhich you have created.
  15. 15. BrowsingYou can use the tag cloud to browse content.
  16. 16. Enhancing your contentfrom external referencesSome of the tags have been enhancedthrough the addition of related informationdrawn from open data sources via the ApacheStanbol software stack.
  17. 17. Semantic CMSdemonstrationThis project was made possible bythe efforts of IKS, Apache Stanboland IKS for Drupal
  18. 18. Semantic CMSdemonstrationFor more information pleasecontact Verinote viahttp://www.verinote.comOr call us on+44 131 202 6424