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Top 5 Must-Haves for Mobile POS


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Mobile point of sale adoption is on the upswing and selecting the right solution for your business is key.

Published in: Retail

Top 5 Must-Haves for Mobile POS

  1. 1. S? l‘éT§§§i§°L3imliimdfiiiifs mPOS ADOPTION IS ow THE UPSWING 95% worldwide in 2015 TflP F| llE MUST-HllllES Fllli D Accepts a variety of payment types to keep _ 0' Pay up with consumer demands ' "°'Y‘°"' fl Google wallet 30% , .> U. S. shoppers who have ® used mobile wallets 61% 37% Consumers who would Millennials aware spend more with m of mobile wallets retailers who accept and payment mobile payments . options J Enables cross-sell and Customized product Z 114 — - Omnichannel + inventory Visibility 1 Provides scalability _ and f| exibi| ity Accepts customized E features and interfaces I . . I I . . Compatible with H iOS, Windows and I'I Android devices Includes the latest data security 72% and compliance standards U_K_ drop in 0 face-to-face Fraud has D . Since decreased in omestic counte ell Countries card fraud in Canada The U. S. EMV chip card migration is well underway B Leverages industry partner's expertise and support Knowledge and expertise @ in retail, mobility and payment security Willingness to take your feedback into _ _ account as new solution Abllltll *0 Scale §|0llg Updates are made Wlth YOUF bUS| ll9SS Want to read more? Check out THE ULTIMATE MOBILE PLAYBOOK verifone. com/ solutions-services/ mobile Source: The Ultimate Mobile Playbook 1 f in R