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Get the 411 on VeriFone!


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Want the 411 (more info) on VeriFone? This infographic series details our Leadership in the Payments Industry, shows off our Network Access Controllers used throughout the payments environment, and how we enable today's top Retailers to continue to grow their business while remaining on top of the technology curve.

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Get the 411 on VeriFone!

  1. 1. THE 411 OF AN INDUSTRY LEADER 20 million installed payment systems in more than 100 countries worldwide 20,000,000 7 $ TRILLION VeriFone technology drives nearly $7 trillion of total electronic payments worldwide 139 $ 60 % MILLION VeriFone spent $139 million on research and development in 2012 1.9 $1.9 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2012 Committed to delivering the latest hardware, software, security and services Over 60% of the world’s EMV-enabled systems are from VeriFone 1700 Over 1700 employees dedicated to answer regional and global demands for performance, function and styling
  2. 2. THE 411 OF VERIFONE NACs NAC networking products have been deployed globally since 1985 1985 425 Networks Over 425 NAC Networks are currently licensed and in use in 127 countries 250 NACs are providing payment transport to over 250 payment providers globally 23 % NAC networks used in 3 of the top 10 European acquirers, accounting for 23% of all purchase transactions 57 % Over 60% of global, dial-originated debit and credit transactions are transported using NAC networking products 68 % NAC networks used in 9 of the top 10 Latin and South American acquirers for 57% of all purchase transactions NAC networks used in 6 of the top 10 U.S. acquirers, accounting for 68% of all North American purchase transactions ©2013 VeriFone, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. THE 411 OF RETAIL Gateway services and system solutions enable retailers to gain greater insights from robust analytics, reporting and monitoring tools +12 VeriFone recognized a gain of 12 customer awards in multi-lane retail in Q2 of 2012 VeriFone enabled 80% of retailers taking Mobile Wallet payments, such as Google, Isis and PayPal wallets $ 80 % VeriFone’s specialized industry experience is built on decades of successful system experience, design and discipline THE TOP 200 VeriFone’s innovative solutions work in a variety of environments, including taxi, multi-lane, retail, petroleum, specialty retail and more 150,000 150,000 MX 900 Series units shipped in the first 12 months 75% share of the top 200 U.S. multi-lane retailers RETAIL