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Renaissance of Words - outcomes of Social Media


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How Social Media and search are driving a renaissance in words! Presentation by David Warwick at the Melbourne Internet Show - 30 April 2012.

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Renaissance of Words - outcomes of Social Media

  1. 1. THE RENAISSANCE OF WORDS How search and social media have elevated quality text David Warwick The Internet Show – Melbourne 30 April 2012 @drwarwickExperience. Capability. Technology
  2. 2. Read or write? Structure and History Nearly universal literacy is a defining characteristic of modern civilization. Nearly universal authorship will shape tomorrows! Denis Pelli& Charles Bigelow A Writing Revolution Capability. Technology
  3. 3. Growth in authorship Structure and History People are trading privacy for influence! Trends Books: x10 per century for 6 centuries | New media: x 10 per year for 6 years Source: Denis Pelli& Charles Bigelow … Capability. Technology
  4. 4. People want to connect (and influence) … Structure and History Source: FacebookExperience. Capability. Technology
  5. 5. Experience. Capability. Technology
  6. 6. Experience. Capability. Technology
  7. 7. Impact of Search Structure and History Has search elevated ‘quality text’?Experience. Capability. Technology
  8. 8. Dimensions Structure and History Focus Reader or writer centric Reach Distribution and promotion Intelligibility Transfer of meaning Fidelity Clarity, accuracy and truth of meaning Change Generation of desired outcome Longevity Lifetime and durability of relevanceExperience. Capability. Technology
  9. 9. Extreme Interventionis ‘text’ driven Structure and History Chinese Censorship – Categorization Spread Censored memes – long tail Effectiveness Most effective when list is secret Peer-to-peer V Client server Channel difference (Skype V Twitter) Neologisms Censors follow changing use Collateral damage Source: Jeffrey Knockel, University of New Mexico Over-blocking V Under-blocking Where is the content line? Fcuk | Tibet | Tian’anmen | Hold the microphone | 4 Jun 89 | 64 | 8-squared …Experience. Capability. Technology
  10. 10. Experience. Capability. Technology
  11. 11. Visual design weakness in Social Media (and Search) Structure and History Agency ‘a service that acts for others’ Pitch Stereotyping of audiences and simplification of message My Design Text gets in the way Economy Speed, expense and profit Channel Adaptability, flexibility and variability Discovery Images and rich-media still depend on text for discovery! Accommodation (the fine print) Of course great design (both visual assets and information strategy) can further elevate communication! (but then where would the controversy / debate be in saying that …)Experience. Capability. Technology
  12. 12. Do you speak social? Structure and History Writing is more concise Micro-blogging and the web generally have abbreviated meaning … IMHO ;) Transparency Many of use have become more revealing about our views … TMI Social is ‘anti-social’ (and dangerous) … however it can lead to ‘socialization’ #fail We are social beings This is not new … human’s leverage technology for society (and communication) Elevation Is about awareness and access – not specifically aesthetic or philosophical importance Source: ‘How Social Media is Affecting the Way We Speak and Write’ AlizaSherman, Capability. Technology
  13. 13. Corporate Lexicon – A ‘Brand-guide’ for language Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  14. 14. Siemens (message variation and controlled consistency) Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  15. 15. Monitoring – ‘Listening Post’ Model (control and learning) Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  16. 16. The jury is out … Structure and History Some other things are changing …Experience. Capability. Technology
  17. 17. END David Warwick Director of Technology and Services M: 0411 411 555 P: 1300 780 566 @drwarwick April 2012Experience. Capability. Technology