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Impact of Government Intervention in Online Channels


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Presentation for Melbourne Internet Show on the impact and methods of Government Intervention in Online Channels. Delivered on 30 April 2012 by David Warwick. Topics include SOPA, PIPA, Australian Internet Filter proposal and the global political dimensions of online censorship.

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Impact of Government Intervention in Online Channels

  1. Impact of Government Intervention inOnline Channels David Warwick The Internet Show – Melbourne 30 April 2012 @drwarwickExperience. Capability. Technology
  2. Government Intervention 101 – Censorship Structure and History Source: Capability. Technology
  3. A (partial) World View Structure and History Source: FacebookExperience. Capability. Technology
  4. Political Map – By Online Censorship Structure and HistorySource: Reporters without Borders and OpenNet Initiative (via Wikipedia) Capability. Technology
  5. Experience. Capability. Technology
  6. Types of Intervention Structure and History PROPAGANDA DoS attacks, Content modification, Controlled channels BLOCKING Full (physical) blocking, IP blocking FILTERING DNS filtering, URL string filtering, Packet filtering MONITORING Fire-hose monitoring, Public channel monitoring OTHER INTERVENTION CONSIDERATIONS Over-blocking, Under-blocking, Content Vs ChannelExperience. Capability. Technology
  7. Extreme Intervention – Exhibit A Structure and History SAMPLE ACTIVITY DoS attacks Content modification Controlled channels Content fabrication Arrest (or worse) Subversive sites / tools Source: NASA Satellite image – 2003 (Korean Peninsula)Experience. Capability. Technology
  8. Extreme Intervention – Exhibit B (Golden Shield) Structure and History Chinese Censorship – Categorization Spread Censored memes – long tail Effectiveness Most effective when list is secret Peer-to-peer V Client server Channel difference (Skype V Twitter) Neologisms Censors follow changing use Collateral damage Source: Jeffrey Knockel, University of New Mexico Over-blocking V Under-blocking Where is the content line? Fcuk | Tibet | Tian’anmen | Hold the microphone | 4 Jun 89 | 64 | 8-squared …Experience. Capability. Technology
  9. Of course it couldn’t happen in the developed world … Structure and History North Korea Only 4% have Internet access, blogging is banned, all content is Government moderated. Iran Anyone who has a personal page or blog must register with Ministry of Art and Culture. China Monitors web and email, blocks sites, erases inconvenient content. Syria Detains citizens for expressing opinion that could ‘jeopardize national unity’. Vietnam Agency monitored. Government has asked Google and Microsoft for personal details. Turkmenistan Government owns only ISP, bans many news sites and charges exorbitant access fees. Other extreme Government intervention includes Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Burma … (USA?, Australia?)Experience. Capability. Technology
  10. SOPA / PIPA Structure and HistorySource: © SAKIMICHAN from Deviant Art Capability. Technology
  11. Stop Online Piracy Act HR 3261 (SOPA) – Summary Structure and History The Good Ban business with websites hosting copyright material or counterfeit goods. Prevent search engines listing sites that breech copyright or counterfeit goods. Ban ISPs from allowing user access to embargoed sites. Increase penalties for streaming copyright material on the internet. SOPA also covers foreign websites that breech copyright or sell counterfeit goods. The Bad SOPA allows the government to block any foreign website. Allows suits merely for features make it possible to post infringed content. Posting or sharing copyright content is deemed a criminal offense. Bill makes those who don’t understand the law guilty of ‘willful infringement’. Sources: Capability. Technology
  12. SOPA Protest – 18 January 2012 Structure and HistorySource: WikipediaExperience. Capability. Technology
  13. SOPA on ice? Now Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Structure and History Outcomes - Rallying of ‘silent majority’ - Underlying ‘agenda’ exposed - Congress sentiment shifted - SOPA shelved - Shift to ACTA international agendaSourceswww.propublica.org Capability. Technology
  14. Filtering Australia Structure and HistorySource: participant | Filter Proposal | History of ‘manipulation’Experience. Capability. Technology
  15. What would you filter Stephen? Structure and History Filter - <1,000 sites blacklisted by Interpol - 1,370 sites on initial ACMA list - 2,395 sites contained on ‘leaked list’ - 10,000 sites, when a review would occur - 50,000 sites, the anticipated filter capacity “We are talking about a filtering scheme here which is being implemented behind closed doors, with little notification to customers, no civilian oversight, an unclear legal framework, the potential for scope creep and a limited and secretive appeals process overseen by the agency which drew up the list to start with.”RenaiLeMaySource: (Image: Kim Davies | Comments: RenaiLeMay)Experience. Capability. Technology
  16. Our own ‘protest’ (of a sort) Structure and History Sources: Illust: Purple Hat Munchkin … Capability. Technology
  17. Some more (because you just can’t stop at 4) … Structure and History Sources: Capability. Technology
  18. Democracy – the proven (pre-web) structure … Structure and History Government Legislature Courts Judiciary Police Enforcement Press Free speech Citizens Rights and responsibilities Separation of powers and established practice Does proposed Australian and US action relating to online channels maintain structural democratic integrity?Experience. Capability. Technology
  19. Abuse of Internet Censorship Structure and History Palestinian minister quits over Internet censorship Friday, 27 April 2012 AbuDaqa (the Palestinian Communications Minister) resigned late Thursday, and revealed that the Palestinian Attorney General had ordered Palestinian Internet Service Providers to block access to at least eight websites critical of the President MahmoudAbbas (pictured). Source: BBC and Global Post ( Internet V Other Electronic Media We accept an inherent control contradiction Where is the line … – Monitoring public content? – Prescribing allowable public content? – Creating public perception? – Monitoring private interaction? – Secret policy and process on control? – Secret interrogation? – No dissent allowed?Experience. Capability. Technology
  20. Monitoring V Filtering – ‘Listening Post’ Model Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  21. END David Warwick Director of Technology and Services M: 0411 411 555 P: 1300 780 566 @drwarwick April 2012Experience. Capability. Technology