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Stone Cosmetics Sales project 2013 visual bee

  1. 1. Sales Project 2013 Stone Cosmetics Ltd
  2. 2. Stone Cosmetics Ltd• Born from a passion to create beauty•Commited to researching, developing and utilizingthe latest technology•First class ingredients, superior quality, innovativeproducts• Designed for the style-conscious woman•STONE COSMETICS is a combination of Frenchquality, Italian style and Polish prices.
  3. 3. Gerar Cosmetics imp/exp Ltd• Exclusive distributor Stone Cosmetics• Import/export –distribution company• Development of distribution strategies in function of specific market needs.• Import of European high quality products• Export of Brazilian high quality products worldwide• Dedicated to the delivery of positive results !
  4. 4. Facility Logistics Int. Ltda FACILITY covers all shipment procedures, from operational planning up to final delivery, including collection, warehousing, customs clearance, documentation, actual shipment and final delivery at destination. Cargo location and status can be accessed at any point in the transportation.
  5. 5. Product: Make Up Lines of European Quality Eye shadow Blush Powder
  6. 6. Pressed eye shadows
  7. 7. Baked eye shadow
  8. 8. Bronzing powders
  9. 9. Shimmer powders
  10. 10. Matt powders
  11. 11. Mineral powders
  12. 12. Blush
  13. 13. Brazilian market analyze Past years results What the experts say Catalog sales Expectations for 2013-2015
  14. 14. Market research Evolution Brazilian cosmetic market/make up market/direct sales market/prognostics for 2013/2014• Brazil’s cosmetics market posted US$43 billion in sales, an increase of 18.9% compared to 2010.• For Brazil, Beauty Is Serious Business• As Brazilians get richer, so do their tastes. Thats certainly true for their consumption of beauty products.• Brazilian consumers spend an average of $240 a year on beauty products, matching the consumption of more mature markets such as the U.S. and U.K.,
  15. 15. • Over the next five years, Brazils consumption of personal care and beauty products will outpace that of developed markets including the U.S., says Ben-Shabat, who co-authored a report that ranked Brazil the most attractive market for retail expansion. With a growth rate of 7 percent to 8 percent a year, Brazilian sales are growing four times faster than the U.S. with its 2 percent annual growth rate, she says. "The consumer is very open to new brands and testing new products," says Ben-Shabat. "Its the ideal consumer because its willing to invest."• The U.S. remains the largest market for cosmetics. However, Brazil, a country known for its bronzed bodies and good looks, is set to overtake Japan as the world’s No. 2 beauty market by next year.
  16. 16. • “Were at an inflection point in the Brazil market," says Cedric Prouvé, group president of International for Estée Lauder. "We’re seeing a graduation process where the consumers are ascending to the middle class and to higher buying power.”• "Despite high penetration of some products, there is still considerable potential for growth in the coming years," wrote Euromonitor International, a market researcher.• More women in Brazil buy cosmetics via direct sales rather than going to retail stores. Brazil is Avons [AVP 13.785 -0.055 (-0.4%) ] single biggest market, for instance, generating more than 20 percent of the companys total profits, though performance has slipped recently.• “We’re not looking at what Brazil is worth today, but what it can be worth tomorrow,” says Prouvé.• 75% of all cosmetic sales is done by direct sales in Brazil.
  17. 17. Make-Up in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Countries MarketOverview and Forecasts to 2014EXECUTIVE SUMMARYBrazil is home to the second largest make-up market, led by lipmake-up, while its eye make-up category displays rapid growthRussia leads the make-up market in terms of value among the BRICnationsIndia is set to be the most lucrative investment destination for themake-up market in futureChina is expected to exhibit steady growth between 2009 and 2014
  18. 18. African Continent Market analyse. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL FOR DIRECT SELLING OF COSMETICS IN AFRICA BY LORAINE STANDER | CONSUMER GOODS, FEATURE ARTICLES | OCTOBER 19, 2011 AT 12:4 Today direct selling is dynamic and rapidly expanding with global sales of US$117.5 billion in 2009, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).
  19. 19. In the 2011 South African Sunday Times Top BrandsSurvey in the Beauty and Cosmetics category, directmarketing companies Avon and Avroy Shlain haveclimbed to the 3rd and5thposition respectively, bypassing popular brandslike Revlon, L’Orêal andLancôme.. People of all ages and from all backgrounds havesucceeded in direct selling.
  20. 20. • Training and support is provided by an established company. It also offers the choice of working part- time or full-time.• Even in South Africa, the continent’s most developed economy, direct selling has yet to reach its full potential.• With an eye on the African market, many companies have created new products especially with darker skin tones in mind.
  21. 21. Enver Groenewald, general manager for advertisingrevenue at South African media company Avusa,emphasised that today’s consumers are increasinglydemanding and “meeting customer needs in this verydynamic environment will call foreffective, two-way communications between service andproduct providers and their customers, to ensure thatthey have a real understanding of customers’ needs …”Direct selling’s very personal approach is perfectlypitched to fulfil these demands. With the growing Africanmiddle class the possibilities are endless.
  22. 22. Short resume: · Increasing market available worldwide inMake up and cosmetics· Direct sales strategy is the number one strategy for succes and brandrecognition.· Direct sales is asking for a directprofessional approach of the client/end buyer .· Clients are looking for quality productsand brands who respect environment and animal rights.· Out of research we have found out thatclients need a min of 4 make up products
  23. 23. Market aproach by Stone Cosmetics & GerarCosmetics· Quality products of high level· Every 3 months new products added in the existinglines· Every 3 months new catalogs printed· Natural products/ basic materials
  24. 24. · A complete free of animal testing productionprocess from premium materials till end product.· A professional logistic support by our partner FacilityLogistics· A sales training provided to our resellers to becomereal consultants in make up cosmetics so the needs ofthe client will be completely filled in.· Limited sales team of consultants, working withgoals.
  25. 25. · Uniform characteristic of reseller and brand , asimportant image builder and brand recognition builder.· Caracteristic and equal way of operating in allbranches worldwide.· Oportunities for sub-distributors· Oportunities for resellers.· Online youtube presence for each country by localcosmetic specialist· Online shop on national level with registration off alldistributors.
  26. 26. SalesstructureWe want to make the difference!
  27. 27. • Market strategies directed to the specific needs of each market.• Regular inovative products introduced after market analyse.• Filling in “ NICHE “ markets.• Flexibility in market aproach.• Solid market , sales and after sales structures.• Financial safe structure .• Close cooperation with importers/distributors/resellers
  28. 28. Become a Stone Cosmetics Distributor Benefits Obligations
  29. 29. Become a Stone Cosmetics Distributor What we offer: A good marketing strategy Small investment as start up for state distributors and resellers Professional and technical product support Support with sales training
  30. 30. National WebpageNational Online shop with redirectionof clients to the state distributorYou tube support by make up artistsEmail marketing campaignA project of uniformed consultantsas image and brand buildingSample case (payed for by thereseller)Catalogs
  31. 31. Product range dedicated to niche markets and all kind ofskin typesClose cooperation with the distributorsNew products on regular base(lipstick, cosmeticbrushes, corrector, base,…)by Stone Cosmetics.Help with finding resellers /consultantsExclusive contract for the main country distributor andfor each province or state distributor.Combination possible with sales to shops and directsales according the wishes of the distributor.
  32. 32. · Webpage with all information about the company and products· Sales catalog , renewed every three months· Client loyalty catching actions· Complete product support from Stone Cosmetics Ltd· Complete support from Gerar Cosmetics Ltd.· European product of high quality level, comparable with MACcosmetics· Recommendations by well known make up specialist· 50-100% profit margen for resellers on wholesale price· 100% profit margen for distributors on buy price.
  33. 33. Which results you can expect: · 100% return in a very short period · Clients buy more or less 4 products/sale · Systematic sales structure for visits every day= constant return(call center supported by us) · Growing base of faithfull and satisfied clients · 50 resellers will give a very good and steady return · 100% profit margen
  34. 34. What we expect from our Distributors: Close cooperation with main country importer/distributor Feedback about products/sales results Investment in products and sample case for a total value of 5000 USD for state /distributor done by PO order to the main country importer Sales people uniformed with classic clothes and Stone label(design according country customs)
  35. 35. Order confirmation by Pro-forma invoiceTotal Payment of products when on board in case ofimporter contract/country main distributorFollow up from stock/and keeping up to date of stock .Exclusive contract with the main distributor, resultbinding/time binding per StateA reseller goal as start up is 50 consultants for eachstate.A first goal reach is put at 6 months from start up.CNPJ , or official company registration
  36. 36. Important ! Each importer/country distributor will be responsable for the correct handling of all import rules and costs, taxations involved for his own country. Our partner Facility Logistics Ltda will be available for asistance for all documentational work for import and transport /logistic operations.
  37. 37. Payment forms client end buyer.Cash.Credit card.Debit cardCreating a safe financial structure over the whole lenght of sales process makes part of a succesfull business !
  38. 38. Partner with us ! More information: Mr. Verheecke Gino Dir.Imp/exp –international markets Gerar Cosmetics Ltda Exclusive distributor Stone Cosmetics Ltd Email: export @ Skype:gerarcosmetics Tel. +55 21 8935 4214
  39. 39. Mr. Roberto Dos Anjos FilhoGeneral Director and National Sales BrazilTel.+55 21 2655 4214contact@gerarcosmetics.comSkype: gerarcosmetics2012