Scoupy @ The LBMA Event Dec 2012


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  • PJ asked me: o    Why did you become an entrepreneur o    What are your strengths and weaknesses. And how do you compensate those. o    What are the things you want to advice or teach starting entrepreneurs My answer: Ondernemen. Is passie. Is hobby. Is verslaving. Is crisis. Is leren . Is vallen. Is opstaan. Is geloven. Is doorzetten. Is doorzetten. Is doorzetten..... This is my 11th venture. But my second b-to-c. And the one with the most exposure. That makes it really exciting (that ’ s what they say) ;-))) Raise for the moon!
  • 1: the fact that retail and SME are looking for technology to close the gap between consumers and traditional brick & mortar stores 2: the all time desire to use coupons 3: the rise of the smartphone
  • good ideas are never yours alone. They do not last. Do it NOW. Or stay in bed
  • We spoke to dozens of potential new partners; we were sometimes disappointed, amazed and exited about them.
  • What were the 3 best decisions as a entrepreneur, considering an personeel, organisatie, en sales (of alles buiten product & marketing)
  • Scoupy @ The LBMA Event Dec 2012

    1. 1. From Incubation via Acceleration to Adoption Valentijn Bras CEO SCOUPY B.V.
    2. 2. Our journey to...LBMmobile couponingclicks and bricksSoLoMo Or: Welcome to business 2.0(12)
    3. 3. passion. is a hobby. is an addiction. is crisis. is to learn. is falling down. is getting back up again. is to keep going. keep going. keep going... Raise for the moon!
    4. 4. Incubation
    5. 5. Incubation:So I had an idea, based on facts.Way more then ‘A gut feeling’… earlier experience in starting a daily deal site (01-’10) these daily deal sites are not sustainable in the long run the rise & integration of smartphones retail & SME are looking for Clicks & bricks solutions retail & SME are in need of more customers online is growing, but is not the only way to shop And then...
    6. 6. Incubation: Big Bang!What if we combined... Mobile & social media consumers + Couponing as a real marketing tool + Smartphones and their posibilities
    7. 7. Incubation: Big Bang!Result: a digital coupon booklet on your smartphone
    8. 8. Incubation: Big Bang!Nice idea, but than we need a (working) App a brandname a logoAnd we need...SPEED!Good ideas are never yours alone. They do not last.Do it NOW. Or stay in bed.
    9. 9. Acceleration
    10. 10. Acceleration:Getting started! August 2011 2 employees September 2011 25 employees (content is needed!) Oktober 17th 2011 Go-live Android and iOS App with 1.000 live coupons
    11. 11. Acceleration: Getting traction!Oktober 17th 2011 0 downloadsNovember 2011 10.000 downloadsJanuary 2012 20.000 downloadsFebruary 2012 40.000 downloadsJuly 2012 100.000 downloadsDecember 2012 over 200.000 downloads
    12. 12. Acceleration:Key factors of succes 1. YOUR brand 2. Sales. Content. Do it now 3. Launch a good working product 4. Huge press & PR etc. Use the momentum and the trend. Invest! Position yourself 5. Build a small organisation and professionalise quickly: Make yourself credibleMore traction is needed!
    13. 13. Acceleration:We are creating a market! That is costly.A claim to fame is anyway expensive: Costs are high (30 fte!) Locations participate at low or no costs Locations need to see effect in order to convince them to pay...and then, we still need reach! REAL reach.So, time for an investor!
    14. 14. Acceleration:Which partner to choose? A: the one with the large bucket of money? B: the one with a long-standing traditional media history? C: the one who really understands our potential? D: the one with the broadest media reach in the Netherlands? E: all of the above?
    15. 15. Acceleration:We found our new partner... GFP - March 2012 They were the only one with over 500 leisure companies like theme parks, wellness resorts and cinema’s nation wide in their portfolio - filling a gap in the content mix: LOCAL - LEISURE - RETAIL. PostNL / Netwerk VSP - September 2012 They were the ones who understood our potential and were willing to co-fund our growth. And they do have 5.000 retail clients who are ready to go for mobile couponing. Filling a gap in the content mix: LOCAL - LEISURE - RETAIL.
    16. 16. One more thing
    17. 17. One more thing Let’s Recap: Know how Funding Content Extended media reachSo we needed one more partner: Sanoma Ventures - October 2012 Easy access to online media, printed media, television
    18. 18. Adoption!
    19. 19. Adoption:This should do it: Great working apps Friendly logo, cool name Good content, improving to great content Solid (media) partners But... Well trained team Dozens of success cases Our own developers Planned nation wide media campaign in january Great media coverage
    20. 20. Adoption: There is more to life than Apps...We are an APP! But we want to be: a BRANDA couponing brand1. Couponing is accepted marketing tool2. Traffic is needed3. SoLoMo is coming4. Apps cost a fortune5. distribution is of the essenceOur clients want traffic. Our consumers want discount. Not apps.
    21. 21. Adoption: Facebook, website, print...Remember:“We are here to close the gap between users and locations”Ergo: We should provide different platforms to do so!Facebook website print
    22. 22. Recap: 3 key decissions we had to make1. RUN FORREST RUN! Do it NOW. Or stay in bed. Speed is of the essence!2. Put your money where your mouth is3. Learn to share if you want to multiply quickly
    23. 23. Recap: 3 key views on this caseQ: How did we find investors?A: We spoke to them all. And (nearly) all of them came to us.Q: Why did they want to invest in SCOUPY?A: They knew who we were and the saw the potentialQ: How was the deal structured?A: We knew what we were looking for: funding, reach,strategic partner, a company who understands the business
    24. 24. Recap: 3 key partner issues1. Know them. Well. Real partners don’t need paper.2. Put your commitment on the table and agree on your strategy and goals.3. Are you in it for the quick buck or the long march?
    25. 25. Does it work?Find out yourself! Open your Scoupy-App, find and activate our LBMA coupon and follow the instructions
    26. 26. From Incubation via Acceleration to Adoption Valentijn Bras CEO SCOUPY B.V.