PJ Verhoef - LBMA Event May 2013 - Location Based Marketing Innovations


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In between talks, PJ provided case studies of marketing innovations and market developments, illustrating practical ways of integrating location in your omnichannel marketing mix. See how retailers and brands are engaging customers when- and where-ever they can offer the highest relevance

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PJ Verhoef - LBMA Event May 2013 - Location Based Marketing Innovations

  1. 1. The Cross Channel ChallengeLBMA Event May 2013 Amsterdam
  2. 2. SpeakersJamie Brighton(Adobe)Big Data, Multi-Channel StrategiesArjen Bonsing(ShopExperience)The Best Webshop in the WorldMike Hoogveld(RedFoxBlue)Cross Channel ExcellencePJ Verhoef(LBMA EMEA)Location Based Marketing Innovation
  3. 3. Thank You Sponsor!
  4. 4. The Location Based Marketing Association is an international group dedicated to fosteringresearch, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places andmedia. Our goal is simple; To educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growthand to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-relatedproviders.Members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software andservices providers, and wireless companies. Simply put, we want to help those engaginglocation-based services be as successful as possible.Founded in 2010, now 700+ membersChapters in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, SanFrancisco, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and SingaporeLBMA
  5. 5. LBMA Update• Global Advisory Board» Urban Airship» Google» Venuelabs» DMTI» Coca Cola» Paypal» Sprooki» Impact Mobile» Banjo• New Chapters» Berlin» Atlanta» Seattle
  6. 6. Founding Members NLRepresent the diversity, drive and innovation of our members!
  7. 7. Cross-Channel Challenge?HospitalityRetailRestaurantsSource: Venuelabs Quarterly Industry Benchmarks 2013• Local Marketing ChannelDiversification• Rapid Channel Growth• Channel Signal Varies by Industry• New Channels Surface Constantly
  8. 8. Optimising ‘Customer Journey’?Fact findingnarrowscopeFact findingnarrowscopeInformalAdviceGatheringInformalAdviceGatheringIn-storeTest DriveIn-storeTest DriveChoiceConfirmationChoiceConfirmationDealHuntingDealHunting Purchase Service &SupportService &SupportEnableCustomers tofind the rightPC fit for theirneedsOptimize thePC aisle toinspirepurchasechoiceDemo PCscome to lifew/Blue ShirtengagementHighlightspecial offersand promosProvidecompellingfinancialoptionsPromoteloyalty withservices andconfidencewith trainingPromote PCsthrough keydestinations -social media77% ofCustomershead to thestoreOnline Experiences In Store Experiences
  9. 9. Fact findingnarrowscopeFact findingnarrowscopeInformalAdviceGatheringInformalAdviceGatheringIn-storeTest DriveIn-storeTest DriveChoiceConfirmationChoiceConfirmationDealHuntingDealHunting Purchase Service &SupportService &Support..or integrating Customer Journey?Integrate Social,Local & MobileMarketingOnline MarketingOffline MarketingIntegrate Offlinewith onlineAdvertisingIncorporate Aisleor SKU withAnalytics &OptimizationAugment theStaffengagements w/social feedsLocal MobileActivationthrough Discount/ GameLink inventory tomobile, matchOnline PaymentConvenienceMobile Loyalty,Social MediaWebcare
  10. 10. Jamie BrightonBig DataMulti-ChannelConversion
  11. 11. Free Social WiFi1. Gets a unique ID of in-store shoppers!!2. Provides a way to engage before showrooming3. Opportunities for proximity marketing (coupons, social)4. In store foot traffic analytics5. Platform can be operated for 3rd partiesWhy Important for Cross Channel?
  12. 12. Arjen BonsingThe BestWebshopin the World
  13. 13. Indoor Maps/Nav1. Realtime online insight into shopper offline metrics2. Measuring offline activation of online marketing3. Improving category management & cross sell4. Helping people navigate the store5. Provides offline content / ad delivery platformWhy Important for Cross Channel?
  14. 14. Mike HoogveldCrossChannelExcellence
  15. 15. SoLoMo Marketing
  16. 16. Feeds• Twitter• Facebook– Likes, Check-Ins, PTAT*• Foursquare– Check-Ins, Tips, Photos• Instagram– Geotagged Photos• Google, Yelp, etc.– ReviewsSoLoMo Marketing
  17. 17. SoLoMo Marketing• Foursquare• Instagram• …Photos Photos
  18. 18. SoLoMo MarketingSource: Venuelabs Quarterly Industry Benchmarks 2013Top Local Channels for Restaurants
  19. 19. SoLoMo Marketing
  20. 20. ..Listen• Twitter• Foursquare• Facebook..Connect or Share• Tweets• FoursquareBrand UpdateVenue Update• FacebookBrand UpdatePlace UpdateSoLoMo MarketingEngagement
  21. 21. ..Visitors• Loyalty• New vs. Repeat• Frequency• GenderAnalyticsSoLoMo MarketingAnalytics
  22. 22. WE LOOK FORWARDTO YOU JOINING USSOONPJ Verhoef – President EMEAPJ@THELBMA.COM@PJBrayzen or @TheLBMA on twitterwww.thelbma.comwww.thelbma.com