PJ Verhoef - Intro Event The Mobile Wallet - LBMA 2012


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  • Bedankt Joanne! Heel leukomdittemogendoenvoorEduvision! Goedemorgen dames, heren, welkombij de “Essential Guide to Location Based Marketing”.Mijnnaam is Pieter Joost Verhoef, ik ben een consultant op het gebied van Location Based marketing, werkzaamvoor Clarion Consulting en medeoprichter van de Location Based Marketing AssociationMeer contactdetailsvind u achter de QR code, of u kuntmijvolgen op Twitter via @pjbrayzenMocht u nietzosnelzijn met uw smartphone, geennood! Het deck wordt u ookna de presentatiebeschikbaargesteldDe slides zijnvrijwelallemaal in het Engels, mijnuitlegnatuurlijk in het Nederlands
  • Evenom de definitie van Location Based Marketing teonderscheiden van Location Based Services: LBS gaat over allediensten op eenmobielapparaat(meestal smartphone) die gebruikmaken van de positie van datapparaat(kan GPS zijn, maar veleanderemogelijkheden). Location Based Marketing definieren we alsallevormen van marketing die gebruikmaken van de fysiekelocatie van eenindividu.Hierbijdenk je natuurlijkaan mobile marketing, maar ookaan Out of Home (billboards), Print (bijv. Lokalepers) en natuurlijkfysiekeinteractie
  • Link. Locations to platforms?. Products to online assets?. Inventory to mobile platforms?. Merchandizing, machines & assets to social media? Locate. Let users do? (check in, tweet, tag on smartphone with location tech)> pull. Let merchant do? (indoor positioningfor analysis, or app triggering) > push or pull. Let carrier, or their partner do? (subscriber opt in, geofence around your shop) > pull and push. Let ad network do? (display and search advertising with HTML5 Geo info) > push Listen, Analyse. Location-Focused social media analysis? (several platforms). Individual platform merchant dashboards? (Google, Facebook, Foursquare). Benchmarking, trends, user influence, brand reputation, heatmaps? . Location of search trends in Google, Tweetdeck?. Crowdsourced mobile workforce for Field research?Attract & Engage. In Shop?Display WindowPersonellShelf space, Music, Scent, In-store traffic flowPoint of Sale. Print?Local AdvertisingIn-store merchandizing & magazines.Out of Home?Local BillboardsDigital Signage. Online?Reviews, Publishing (e.g. Yelp)Search (20% of Google Search is Local)Social (Like, +). Mobile?Routing, navigationGroup buyingCheck-in deals & badgesCouponsTransact. Loyalty Reward?Points, kickbucks, badges, etc. etc.Exclusive privileges. Deal redemptionOffers, deals, specials, couponsCash (e.g. PayPal, AMEX Credit)Non cash (e.g. prizes, incentives, merchandizing). SalesDiscountRetain. Loyalty ProgramInternal or external / industryApply best contingent game dynamic. Link to DealsGroupon, Google Offers, LivingSocial etc. etc.Or proprietary group buying schemes. Link to POS. Social CRMIntegrate location into your social media markating & monitoring
  • PJ Verhoef - Intro Event The Mobile Wallet - LBMA 2012

    1. 1. Academic 6% Technology / App 20% Agency 32% Media 8%Venture Capital 1% Research / Consulting 15% Brand 7% Mobile Payment 11%
    2. 2. LBMA Amsterdam Pieter Joost Verhoef @pjbrayzen
    3. 3. • 18:00-18:30 Reception• 18:30-18:45 Welcome / Intro (PJ Verhoef - LBMA)• 18:45-19:15 Thoughts on the Mobile Wallet (Dan Armstrong - Takashi)• 19:15-19:45 New Commerce in the Cloud (Eelco van Wijk - PayPal)• 19:45-20:00 Break• 20:00-20:45 Panel discussion• 20:45-22:00 "Borrel"
    4. 4. The Location Based Marketing Association is a international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at theintersection of people, places and media. Our goal is simple; To educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers. Members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software and services providers, and wireless companies. Simplyput, we want to help those engaging location-based services be as successful as possible. Formed in 2010, 600+ members Chapters in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London (Singapore coming this fall)
    5. 5. 02 LBMA location-based service (LBS) is an Location-based marketing (LBM)information and entertainment bridges the gap between all forms ofservice, accessible with mobile devices marketing media. Inclusive of socialthrough the mobile network and utilizing media, internet, out-of-home, and realthe ability to make use of the life interactiongeographical position of the mobiledevice Wikipedia The LBMA
    6. 6. • Education • Events & Networking • Guidelines• Case studies • Speaking opportunities • Best practices• Industry stats • Podcasts • Committee• Research • Sponsorship participation • Case Studies • Field Research
    7. 7. Over 600 active LBMA member companies worldwide Checkin Platforms Mobile Coupons 2% Navigation 2%2% 4% 10% Retailers1% 9% 24% Mobile Payments NA 7% 12% EUR Agencies5% LATAM 8% Brands APAC Media Companies MEA 73% 7% 3% 27% Carriers 4% Research/Consulting Digital Signage Venture Capitals
    8. 8. 01 LBS 02 LBM The LBMA Wikipedia
    9. 9. Attract & Transact Retain Link Locate Listen Engage Locations to platforms User check-in Local-social media analysis In Shop Loyalty reward Link to Loyalty Products to online assets Merchant indoor positioning Platform merchant Print Ads Redemption programs, Deals dashboards platforms, POSInventory to mobile platforms Carrier positioning Out of home Sales Benchmarking, trends, user Social CRM Staff to social media Ad network targeting Online ----- influence, reputation ----- Mobile Ads NFC Location of Google Embed Successful Incentives search, Tweets Creative Campaign QR Setup Daily Deals Crowdsourced field research ---- POS Get your PR Moment! Game Dynamics PayPal Social interaction Facebook credit Staff training
    10. 10. What? How? Example Points, Kickbucks, foursquareLoyalty Reward badges, etc. Providing exclusive privileges Of Offers, Deals, Specials, MobileDeal redemption Coupons, etc. Or Non Cash (e.g. merchandizing) Cash Credit (e.g. AMEX) Sales Mobile Payment (e.g. PayPal, Square, iZettle)
    11. 11. 4Me Mobile Payment Rabo Mobiel VODW MarketingGeert-Jan van Nunen David-Jan Janse Wouter In t Velt Takashi PayPal Dan Armstrong Eelco van Wijk
    12. 12. • Price – Will mobile wallets create more price transparency? What does this mean for retailers, brands? – Are direct discounts using mobile wallets superior to coupons?• Promotion – What is it going to be beyond just “clicking on Ads” – Are loyalty cards and promotional vouchers merging into the mobile wallet? What, REALLY? When? – Which mobile payment options have open API’s that can be used by Check-in / discovery / promotional platforms• Product – How can we start using Mobile Payment tomorrow in our marketing mix / app – Which products lend itself best to mobile payment? How will packaging change for mobile promotion redemption? – How does the nature of payment as a product change with the added SoLoMo features on mobile?• Place – Are we really “freeing” physical sales from the retail location or are we simply replacing POS with phone? – Will we start paying for single products with mobile scans? What evidence is out there now? – In what ways can mobile payment link physical sales to online marketing?• People – Will retail POS staff be a memory for our grandchildren? – How do different cultures adopt mobile payment?