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Burgasdent EN


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Burgasdent EN

  1. 1. Because the smile matters!
  2. 2. The new clinic BURGASDENT corresponds to all contemporary requirements for dental procedures. We do not only treat your teeth, but we are also your friends. We are always ready to listen to your worries and problems and help with an advice. We don't treat just treat teeth, we treat people. We are supporters of holistic medicine, where man is not just the sum total of his organs, but a wholeness and it is necessary to be treated as such. This can be seen in our logo – a tooth within a heart.
  3. 3. The high specialization of the dental medicine specialists, combined with the latest developments in technology and the pleasant atmosphere have improved the quality of service and treatment of our patients.
  4. 4. The clinic has digital X-ray machine from small images Planmeca, 3 types of lasers – diode low- energy Six Laser, diode high-energy Dr. Smile and our newest acquisition, high-energy water laser for hard dental tissues Biolase-MD, lamp for clinical whitening, endodontic motors, apex location apparatus, technology for physiotherapy and other technologies that aid the treatment process.
  5. 5. За нашите малки пациенти сме подготвили специален детски кабинет, където заедно с Мечо Пух се грижим за профилактиката и лечението на техните зъбки и напускайки кабинета всяко дете получава своя подарък. Освен детски кабинет имаме и стая за хигиена, където децата с нагледни материали се обучават на зъбна профилактика.
  6. 6. The manipulations that we carry out in our clinic are: In the area of therapeutic dental medicine – all kinds of restorations from amalgam through photopolymers to ceramic on lays and esthetic restorations. In the area of endodontics – we have excellent results with pulpitis, periodontitis and gangrenes thanks to using the latest technologies for widening and sterilizing canals. We track each intermediate manipulation with a digital X-ray. We carry out standard surgical manipulations, including frenulotomy with laser, and we use external consultants for more complicated surgical manipulations and implantology. In the area of parodontology we have 3 kinds of lasers – diode low-energy Six laser – for biostimulation and laser acupuncture, diode high-energy Dr Smile laser and high-energy Biolase-MD laser – Er, Cr: YSGG, 2780 Нм – for curettage, disinfection and sterilization of parodontal pockets, with Biolase-MD used also for cariesology and surgery. In the area of orthopedic dental medicine we manufacture all kinds of esthetic constructions from single crowns to complete dental arches from metal ceramics, pure ceramics, zirconium; veneers, ceramic onlays; prosthetics – plaque, Biodenta plast, midel cast with various binding elemebts; trays and braces for bruxism, home whitening, or snoring. We also offer dental teeth whitening on the spot and teeth decorations. We use a large number of physiotherapeutic procedures and support the treatment process.