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Futureof learning


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A short ppt on How to Integrate Technology from an "online" Classroom into a Face to Face Classroom

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Futureof learning

  1. 1. Image by: Amrit AgarwalBlending Online and F2F Learning: The Future Classroom Verena Roberts
  2. 2. What Does The Classroom ofthe Future Look Like? Edchat
  3. 3. Moving towards a BlendedLearning Environment
  4. 4. HardwareMacs or PCs?Computer system?SMARTboards?iPads or tablets?mLearning....BYOD?
  5. 5. What to Consider:● Establishing Digital Community● LMS - Learning Management System● Videoconferencing● Classroom Management● Flipped Classroom● Interactive Web 2.0 Tools Janet Benincosa
  6. 6. Establishing a Digital Community1. The community should have a purpose/objectives(Digital Cafe for FAQ)2. Put community at the heart of what you do (Beauthentic)3. Select the right tools (Make sure tools are userfriendly)4. Dedicate proper resource (Try to answer questionswithin 24 hours)5. Understand that your users are not all the same(Personalized Learning)
  7. 7. Building Community....6.Don’t broadcast at your community (Be a teamplayer)7. Remember that community members are people(There is a person a student at the other end of thecomputer)8. Share controlIn ‘We Think’, Charles Leadbetter said: "In the past you were what you owned. Now you are what youshare."9. Recognition and reward are important10. Encourage advocacy (Encourage collaboration andfeedback)www.Edmodo.com
  8. 8. LMS- Learning Management SystemFind out what LMS your district or school uses.Find out how you can create your own "digital footprint"within the system.Find out how your students can most easily create theirown "digital footprint" within the systemMoodle, Blackboard, Desire2Learn.....????
  9. 9. Meeting Face to FaceWeekly Communication:● Blackboard/Elluminate● Adobe Connect● skype● e-mails
  10. 10. Classroom Management:
  11. 11. Classroom Behaviours
  12. 12. Parent Involvement
  13. 13. Flip Your ClassroomCreating a video or podcast offers students the"lesson" before they get to class. The goal is tofocus on higher level thinking during regularclass time.....Khan AcademyEducreations products - snagitPodcasts - audioboo
  14. 14. Web 2.0 Communication Tools Blogs wikis Pinterest Twitter photopeach Glogster prezi voicethread pixton to name just a few......
  15. 15. Integrating Tech Projects1. Create a "Remix" Mashup.... Create a WebQuest.... Create ePortfoliosMahara
  16. 16. Technology Continuums: Meeting Technology OutcomesChoose a Technology Tool: BloggingCreating a Continuum that goes from k-12Blogging Scope and Sequence by @mscofino
  17. 17. Technology IntegrationResources a Digital Community: