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TotalSoft Company Profile 2015


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TotalSoft is one of the most important providers of business software in Central and Eastern Europe, and the leading ERP producer in Romania, with a constant presence in Top 5 largest software companies nationwide.

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TotalSoft Company Profile 2015

  1. 1. Company Profile Innovation | | |Passion Performance Success
  2. 2. 1st place in Romania among ERP providers, in 2010-2014 according to the last five Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) market researches About us TotalSoft is one the most important providers of business software in Central and Eastern Europe, and the leading ERP producer in Romania, with a constant presence in Top 5 largest software companies nationwide. Established in 1994, TotalSoft is a mature and highly experienced company in designing, developing and implementing software solutions for medium and large companies. Currently, TotalSoft has a team more than 400 specialists, a portfolio of over 1,500 customers, and projects in 36 countries on 4 continents. TotalSoft is the home market leader, outranking global ERP providers Epicor Software Senior Software Software Products Related Services PAC 2014 XAPT Solutions 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 TotalSoft Kapsch Microsoft TransarT EBS Romania RomSoft Novensys Oracle SAP SIVECO Wizrom S&T IBM Romsys CRIsoft IBC 0 CSB
  3. 3. TotalSoft’s products, services and focus on technology and The solutions provided by TotalSoft comply with the highest innovation provide customers from all over the world with the quality standards, the company being certified with ISO 9001, necessary support in streamlining their operations, aligning ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 27001. business processes to industry standards, adapting to With the strategic intent to become the most powerfuleconomic environment changes and maximizing profits. The regional provider of enterprise software, eBusiness solutionscompany has an undisputed expertise in nine verticals, with a and customized software development, TotalSoft is on aspecial focus on financial services, healthcare, construction, strong international expansion path.retail and distribution. 1,5001,500 customerscustomers 26.526.5 Mil. Euro (revenue) Mil. Euro (revenue) 3636countriescountries 4.84.8 Mil. Euro (EBIDTA) Mil. Euro (EBIDTA) 400400 employeesemployees projects inprojects in
  4. 4. Market position Charisma Leasing Management is one of the most popular leasing solutions at European level, ranked by KPMG in the worldwide Top 10 most powerful leasing software solutions. With a growing portfolio of international clients in 36 countries, TotalSoft already works with multinational leasing groups, such as Raiffeisen Leasing, BNP Paribas and Deutsche Leasing, some of which have already selected, as group solution, and work with Charisma Leasing Management in several countries. One of the world's top 10 providers of software solutions for the leasing industry, according to KPMG Owns the most popular human capital management solution in its home market, with over 600 companies in its customer portfolio, including some of the largest employers on the local market and over 70 multinational groups. TotalSoft is the HCM market leader in Romania solutions such as payroll and personnel administration, outsourcing, time & attendance, employee portals and more. TotalSoft manages, through Charisma HCM, over 10% of Romania's active workforce and calculates 40% of the approximately 130,000 outsourced wages. Striving to offer the best solutions for HR needs, we have partnered with Lumesse, the leader in Talent Management & eLearning solutions, and Tableau Software, the premier business intelligence vendor who focuses on self-service analytics. , with a strong footprint in core HR Involved in developing software solutions for the medical field since 1994, TotalSoft is the preferred software supplier of the largest private healthcare providers in Romania. The solutions developed for this market fully meet the requirements of medical units in terms of specific activities, financial and statistical reporting. TotalSoft solutions are implemented in private medical facilities in five countries; in Romania the solution is used by the 3 largest private clinics chains, top 10 drug distributors and top 5 drug retailers. Charisma Medical Software covers 12 million annual requests for laboratory tests and over 3 million patients. Leading medical software provider in Eastern Europe and the market leader in Romania. The only Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the home market. TotalSoft is Microsoft partner since 1997, and today it holds the highest competency level - Gold Certification - in CRM solutions, BI, Data Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, SharePoint and Document Management. Owns over 90% share of the project management solutions home market. The project management concept was brought to Romania since 1994 by TotalSoft, through Primavera, the most powerful project management solution worldwide. TotalSoft and all its subsidiaries hold the Oracle Platinum Partner status, while in Romania, the company has obtained for the third consecutive year the First Level support status, which is awarded only to a selected number of partners. One of the major software exporters in Romania. Thanks to creativity and initiative, TotalSoft is one of the most active software exporters in Romania, who evolved from outsourcing projects to complex services and implementations of outstanding solutions in 36 countries, including US, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria or Switzerland. The company provides full IT services, ranging from technical and business consultancy, system architecture design, development, implementation, maintenance and technical support. 4 5 The ERP market leader in Romania, according to the last three consecutive Pierre Audoin Consultants surveys. The creator of Charisma, the most powerful Romanian ERP solution, provides the market with one of the 5 strongest entreprise vertical softwares' in Europe. The system’s flexibility and scalability allow the solution to adapt to companies of any size at a low cost of ownership.The methodology used by TotalSoft has been validated in over 1,000 projects. Implemented in 29 countries, the solution supports the activity of over 70 multinational groups.
  5. 5. TotalSoft main Lines of Business Charisma Business Suite Industries served: §Financial Services §Healthcare §Services §Manufacturing §Distribution §Retail §Construction & Engineering §Utilities TotalSoft Project Management Industries served § §Utilities §Energy §Manufacturing §Construction & Engineering §Real Estate §Shipyards §Public Administration §Defense & Security : Oil & Gas TotalSoft Services Industries served § §Telecom §Public Administration §Services §Healthcare §Pharmaceuticals §Utilities : Financial Services Charisma ERP Charisma Human Capital Management Charisma Medical Software Charisma CRM powered by Dynamics Charisma Business Applications Project Management Solutions Project Management Services Project Management Trainings Web Development Mobile Solutions The attention to global technological trends and the continuous focus on extending our enterprise solutions and services are underlying TotalSoft’s strategic partnerships strategy. Our technology partner ecosystem includes companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Tableau Software and Lumesse.
  6. 6. TotalSoft Products Charisma Business Suite includes the following business solutions: ERP Charisma ERP is an integrated information system for companies resource management, designed to optimize and streamline internal business processes in financial services, medical, utilities, services, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and distribution, and public administration fields. “The collaboration between Deutsche Leasing and TotalSoft started in 2008 as a result of a complex process of assessment of the available information solutions, on both internal and external markets. Charisma ERP's scalability, flexibility and adaptability to the specific requirements of local markets, as well as the successful implementation in Romania (2008), determined us to adopt the same platform in our subsidiaries in Bulgaria (2009) and Austria (2010). The complex experience acquired after 3 years of close cooperation, confirmed by 3 implementations successfully completed, makes us confident with respect to the evolution of the partnership with TotalSoft.” Deutsche Leasing International, Germany Georg Hansjürgens, Area Manager SEE Medical Software Charisma Medical Software is designed to streamline all processes, operational activities and financial flows specific to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical laboratories. “Medicover and TotalSoft have a long history of cooperation. This began in 1994 when TotalSoft developed an IT solution for Medicover Romania. We invited TotalSoft to participate in a tender together with many other providers in Central and Eastern Europe. The colaboration between TotalSoft and Medicover went very well and in 2003 the new corporate information system was successfully implemented in Poland. “ Medicover, Poland Anthony Cameron, IT Manager Our Clients speak for us Analyzer Charisma Analyzer is an analytical processing solution for performance indicators, which allows getting detailed reports and dashboards in a graphically intuitive manner, based on any performance indicators required to support strategic decisions. advanced "Charisma provides three major advantages: accurate and real-time information, intuitive way to get the desired information and fast business decision making process." Agroalim Distribution, a Smithfield Foods company Flori Ţuţueanu, IT Manager 6 7
  7. 7. Cost Control The solution is designed to optimize the procurement flows, from budget structuring, expense requests management, supplier relationship management and development, up to tracking contracts with suppliers and conclude them under the best conditions. "The Cost Control application from TotalSoft Hellas enables us to control the accuracy of our budget’s execution at any moment, from any perspective – per department, per service or per time period." Euroclinic Group, Greece Stefanos Papadimitriou, Chief Financial Officer Collection The customer debt collection solution manages repossession and legal processes, as well as all the remarketing activities, such as reselling, renting and refinancing. "Besides TotalSoft’s vast expertise on the Romanian and international IT market, the company also considered the undisputed advantage brought by TotalSoft’s status as Partner of Microsoft Business Solutions. There was no other solution that could cover entirely our needs and requirements." Kronos Recovery Management, Bulgaria Borislav Hristov, Chief Executive Officer HCM Charisma HCM is the most powerful human resource management solution, which covers critical areas of payroll and personnel administration, and strategic areas of investment in human capital development. ”Our cooperation with TotalSoft dates back to 2005 when we started the implementation of Charisma HCM solution with aim to redesign the Payroll processes and organizational responsibilities according to PMI norms. In the last five years we have worked successfully with Total Soft in order to fully adapt Charisma to our needs. Today, Charisma serves as the single touch point for all the information that we use on a daily basis within the company to complete payroll related activities. Charisma is a very flexible and reliable tool, easy to use, with appropriate segregation of duties in Payroll data entry and proper Payroll data confidentiality & security level, providing to the Payroll department the necessary power and agility to meet their business needs.” Philip Morris d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia Aleksandra Stojkovic, IS Department, PM Serbia H O S P I TA L & M E D I C A L C E N T E R S EUROCLINIC
  8. 8. mBusiness Suite Includes applications accessible from mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows 8) such as the business intelligence solution Charisma Analyzer or the performance indicators reporting solution Charisma Cell Monitor. eBusiness Suite The solution provides on-line applications such eOrders, eShop, eMarketing, ePayment Approval, eExpense Report and Self Service (eCare). Document Management Charisma Document Management is developed based on the latest technologies from Microsoft. The solution offers simplicity and automation in managing any type of document, regardless of its content or format. "By using Charisma Document Management, we managed to eliminate the redundant activity of copying documents. Now, we have a modern solution that can solve promptly and effectively all employees’ requests, while our HR staff can focus on management activities." Carrefour, Romania Florentina Gogolan, HR Administrative Manager Charisma CRM powered by Dynamics In 2005, TotalSoft became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a major implementation services provider for Microsoft’s CRM and SharePoint solutions. In Romania, 20% of the companies included in “Top 300” are currently using software solutions developed by TotalSoft on Microsoft technologies. "The main benefit that Henkel’s "Technologies Adhesives” Division obtained by implementing the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is high flexibility at very small costs." Henkel Adhesive Technologies Mircea Vlăştean, Business Controller , Romania Office Automation Charisma Office Automation is dedicated to service providers; it simplifies the projects tracking, streamlines the resources involved in their execution and maximizes revenues associated with contracts signed. 8 9
  9. 9. TotalSoft Services TotalSoft Services is the Software Development Division of TotalSoft, which delivers on-demand software, web solutions and mobile applications, according to client and industry standards. TotalSoft Services has successfully delivered 300+ offshore projects in 25 countries, such as the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the US. We are knowledgeable in eProcurement, eOrders, Voice Recognition, Billing, Balanced Scorecard, Identity Management, Security solutions and Workforce Mobility Applications. "What’s keeping ICAP ahead of competition are the innovative ideas on their line of business, and TotalSoft has been a reliable partner, with cutting edge technological skills to make the initiatives become reality. TotalSoft has responded and developed these ideas for ICAP with great understanding and adding their own know- how." ICAP Group, Greece Dr. Stephen Panayiotou, Director IT International Applications TotalSoft Project Management ”We chose TotalSoft as Primavera solution provider for the construction of the largest refinery in the Middle East - SATORP Refinery. The partnership with TotalSoft covered both the necessary number of users in our subsidiaries around the world, and the needed 24/24 support. Given that our worldwide subsidiaries operate on different time zones, the technical support provided by TotalSoft was a prerequisite in choosing the company as our partner.” Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia. Daniel Florescu, Planning Engineer With a skilled team of specialists knowledgeable in all major technologies and platforms, including .Net, ASP, Java and Oracle to name a few, TotalSoft Services also has a long history of delivering solutions on Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms. Technical Skills: n[databases] MS SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, Informix, DB2 n[operating systems] MS Windows 7/2008 Server, Linux, MacOS n[embedded OS] iOS, Android, Windows Phone n[development tools] Visual Studio, Team Foundation, Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper n[technologies] Microsoft .Net & Java n[programming languages] Added experience in C/C++, Java, Android, C#, .Net, VB.Net n[application servers] IIS, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, IBM Websphere n[reporting & BI tools] MS Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Oracle OBIEE n[versioning] Team Foundation Server, Source Versioning. TotalSoft is the undisputed home market leader in project management solutions: n90% of the companies using these solutions have implemented Primavera with our support and consultancy; n8 of the first 10 companies in the Energy industry deploy their projects with solutions and services supplied by TotalSoft; n8 shipyards, accounting for 82% of the industry, have implemented Project Management solutions through our company; n6,000 specialists were trained in Project Management by TotalSoft. TotalSoft has a portfolio of over 800 local and foreign project management customers, participates in various international projects in Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, and is involved in one of the largest project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the construction of the SATORP Refinery. The division is specialized not only in implementing the Oracle Primavera suite, but also in delivering a wide range of project management solutions and services: consultancy, procedures & methodologies, implementation, integration, insourcing, technical support and training.
  10. 10. TotalSoft services Infrastructure, maintenance and technical support The services offered by our team of specialists cover a wide range, namely: nHardware and software maintenance nHardware infrastructure projection and implementation nFull communication services nProjection and execution of access control – video surveillance systems nInformation security services. Software development TotalSoft Services delivers outsourcing services ranging from research & development, web platform development, custom mobile solutions, up to integration, development and maintenance of client's existing applications. We undertake obsolete solutions and re-engineer them according to the new technological trends. The solutions we deliver are modular, scalable, projected for sustaining the future developments of the client’s business. End-to-end Project Lifecycle support We have a strong team able to provide not only software development, but also business and technical consulting, project management and testing, to support the entire project. nBusiness Consulting nTechnical Consulting nProject Management nSoftware Development nSoftware Testing nTraining and Documentation nHardware and Software Installation and Implementation nRoll-out, Production Monitoring nUser Support. The projects are deployed according to our proprietary methodology developed in 17 years of IT projects implementations. We are using RUP / Agile (Scrum, Xtreme Programming) and we also have competencies in PMI standard methodologies (PM Professional) and Primavera. Project management services Consultancy Our specialists are trained in project management and have extensive experience in the field. Their professionalism is certified by their acceptance as members of the most prestigious international authority in the field, namely the Project Management Institute. Implementation We help the client gain full value from their investment through an implementation process that takes into consideration their business goals and operational processes. Technical support We are focused on minimizing disruption of the client's business critical systems by getting their systems up and running 24/7, to the greatest extent possible. Insourcing TotalSoft is equipped to provide professionals who are experts in their chosen fields to support the professional staffing requirements of clients who have resource limitations. Integration When implementing a project management solution it is important to integrate it with the existing systems to ensure a unique database and prevent data loss or errors due to manual transfers. Procedures & methodologies The methodology we deliver relies both on internal policies, guidelines, communication rules and decision making processes, as well as on our extensive know-how in all business lines and industries. Training Our portfolio includes a wide range of project management related courses and workshops; our trainers use a dynamic learning system through real case studies and team exercises. 10 11
  11. 11. TotalSoft vertical expertise Due to our previous successes in various business verticals, a large number of projects recommend TotalSoft as a trusted and experienced IT provider. Among them: 3 out of top 10 industry leaders are using our solutions nFinancial services: nMedical: nOil & Gas: nServices: nConstructions: nDistribution: nManufacturing: nTelecom: nShipyards & engineering: nFMGC & Retail: nPublic Administration: BMW, BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen Leasing International, Deutsche Leasing International, Alpha Bank, Volvo Leasing, BRD Société Générale, Mercedes Leasing, GE Money; Medicover, MedLife, Oncology Hospital, Euroclinic Hospital, GlaxoSmithKline, A&D Pharma, Hermes, LaborMed, Biofarm, Centrofarm, Isitek, Medissimo, Eli Lilly, European Eye; SATORP, OMV, Rompetrol, Petrotel-Lukoil, Armax Gas, RomGaz, TransGaz; JW Bucharest Marriott Grand Hotel, Hotel Radisson Blu Hotel, Athene Palace Hilton, Accenture, Bosh Communication Center, Ericsson, DHL International, ISTA; Bog’Art, ICCO Group, Bechtel, Straco, Sedesa, HILL International Overseas, Caparol, Ozer, Lena Eurometal Construct, Ţiriac Imobiliare, Astaldi, FCC Construccion, Tehnologica Radion; Henkel, DawBenta, Dohler, L’Oreal, British American Tobacco, Berlin Chemie, Mediplus, Agroalim- Smithfield Group, Fildas; Petrotel Lukoil, Dacia-Renault, Philip Morris, General Electric, Electroputere, Caroli, Arctic; Nokia, Orange, Alcatel, Romtelecom, Cosmote, UPC; Damen Shipyards, ISPE, Icepronav, EnergoNuclear, Ludan Engineering, Washington Group, STX OSV; Carrefour, Mega Image, Auchan, Massimo Dutti, Germanos, Sensiblu, Genco, Arsis Trading; Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Finance, Special Telecommunications Service, Romanian Chamber of Commerce, National School of Clerks, Public Works and Housing, ICT Qatar.
  12. 12. PolandPoland RomaniaRomania BulgariaBulgaria GreeceGreece Czech RepCzech Rep HungaryHungary AlbaniaAlbania AustriaAustria United Kingdom United Kingdom GermanyGermany RussiaRussia UkraineUkraine MoldovaMoldova SerbiaSerbia Slovakia BelgiumBelgium FranceFrance ItalyItaly SwedenSweden SpainSpain EstoniaEstonia USAUSA PortugalPortugal LuxembourgLuxembourg IrelandIreland NetherlandsNetherlands CyprusCyprus IsraelIsrael Senegal Brazil Niger CanadaCanada ChinaChina QatarQatar Saudi Arabia UAE ©TotalSoft2015 TotalSoft Headquarters: România ,Global City Business Park 10 Bucharest - Nord Street th Building O2, 8 Floor, P: +4021 335 17 09 W:,, E: Voluntari, llfov TotalSoft Subsidiary: Austria ImplementationsSubsidiariesTotalSoft Headquarters