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Why should you outsource your AJAX development to India?


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India has the world's largest English-speaking IT talent pool and an outsourcing industry that has come of age. These facts make India the ideal location to outsource your AJAX development.

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Why should you outsource your AJAX development to India?

  1. 1. Why Should You Outsource YourAJAX Development To India?
  2. 2. You should outsource your AJAX development to India because here you get: Easy availability of quality AJAX developers World-class infrastructure English-speaking resources Benefit of 12 hours turnaround time for US clientsWant customized AJAX solutions?
  3. 3. Easy availability of qualityAJAX developers India is known the world over for its IT talent pool Indias has some of the best technical colleges and universities in the world Indias IT outsourcing industry has come of age This industry can give you customized AJAX outsourcing optionsWant customized AJAX solutions?
  4. 4. World-class infrastructure Being an emerging economy, India has got world-class infrastructure India is an authority on satellite communication These factors help you to get world-class AJAX solutionsWant customized AJAX solutions?
  5. 5. English-speaking resources The language of instruction for all the higher education in India is English India also has the worlds second largest English-speaking population So, clients from the US, UK, Canada and Australia can get the work done intheir own languageWant customized AJAX solutions?
  6. 6. Benefit of 12 hours turnaroundtime for U.S. clients India falls in a time zone which is more than 12 hours ahead of the U.S. If you are a U.S.-based client, your development continues even while yousleep An AJAX assignment that you give in the evening reaches you the nextmorningWant customized AJAX solutions?
  7. 7. Thank YouWant customized AJAX solutions?