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Why is India the world’s favorite outsourcing destination?


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India's vast and English-speaking talent pool, world class infrastructure and pioneering position in the field of satellite communication make it the world's favorite outsourcing destination.

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Why is India the world’s favorite outsourcing destination?

  1. 1. Why is India the world’s favorite outsourcing destination?
  2. 2. Largest technical/ professionaltalent pool in the world  Indian universities and colleges produce 3.1 million graduates every year  India has the largest pool of technical skills in the world  It is easy for companies to find the talented employees they require at affordable rates
  3. 3. India is a one-stop outsourcingdestination  There is more to India than just call centers or IT programmers  Companies can outsource engineering, architecture, accounts, law, marketing, HR and much else  China is only remotely close to India in terms of numbers  However, unlike India, professionals in China do not speak English
  4. 4. India, the worlds second largestEnglish-speaking nation  About 350 million people speaking English in India  India has more English-speaking people than the US and UK combined  The effects of British colonial rule resulted in English being taught in schools at a very early age  Even road signs in India are marked in both Hindi and English  Legal court cases are tried in English  Outsourcing to a country with a large number of fluent English speakers is a boon
  5. 5. Outsourcing statistics/ figuresdon’t lie:  India alone commands 65% of the world’s BPO offshore outsourcing market  This reflects India’s dominance in this burgeoning industry  80% of US and European firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination
  6. 6. Indias superior infrastructure,technology and communication links  India has excellent international data communication links  All the major cities are well connected by the Internet  Indian government has invested heavily in infrastructure and technology  India has built high-tech areas where technology and infrastructure are of international standards
  7. 7. Global confidence in India  Multi-billion dollar companies outsource to India  Companies such as Cisco, Oracle or Hewlett Packard outsource to India  They are confident of access to talent, quality results, fast turnaround times and low costs
  8. 8. Not just Low Cost butalso High Quality  Cost reduction is only part of the reason for outsourcing to India  The quality of services they get from India is at par with the best in the world  Google recently announced to set up an R&D center in India  Graduates of the nations top schools were considered for employment  The companys move reflects that outsourcing to India is not just about low cost  The move reflects Googles confidence in Indians vast talent pool
  9. 9. Thank You India VS Other Outsourcing DestinationsWhy is India the World’s Favorite Outsourcing Destination?