Why a remote dedicated payroll expert is a better resource than a freelancer


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A dedicated payroll expert scores way ahead of a freelancer on attributes like convenience of hiring, flexibility, exclusivity, mutual collaboration and data security.

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Why a remote dedicated payroll expert is a better resource than a freelancer

  1. 1. Why a remote Dedicated Payroll Expert is a better resource than a freelancer
  2. 2. The top 5 attributes that make a remote payroll expert a better resource than a freelancer are:  Convenience of hiring  Flexible and scalable options  Exclusivity  Seamless online collaboration  Data Security
  3. 3. Convenience Of Hiring  To hire a freelance payroll expert you have to find the right talent for yourself  You have to negotiate the terms and conditions of working  To hire a dedicated payroll expert simply give your requirements to the vendor  The vendor finds the best talent that meets your requirements  You get to personally interview the candidates through video conference and then hire
  4. 4. Flexible and scalable options  In case of freelance payroll experts you have to hire a pre- defined number of resources  To add more resources you have to go through the grind of hiring again  In case of dedicated payroll experts you can start by hiring any number of resources  You can add more resources by simply calling up the vendor and sharing your requirements
  5. 5. Exclusivity  A freelance payroll expert may work for many clients at a time  So, the quality of service may be compromised  A dedicated payroll expert works only for you – exclusively  This means you get customized services within the minimum turnaround time
  6. 6. Data Security  Freelancers do not have any data security provisions at all  In case of dedicated payroll experts the vendor gives you customized data security  The dedicated payroll expert can work in a cloud environment  If you want, they can access the data from your in-house server
  7. 7. Seamless online collaboration  Freelance payroll experts hardly have any effective means of communication  A dedicated payroll expert works from a proper managed office  So, they have easy access to all the latest online collaboration tools and technology  These tools include video conference, PC sharing and Skype etc.  Mutual collaboration gives you complete control of your payroll process
  8. 8. Thank You Learn more about how you can benefit from dedicated payroll experts