Top 5 mistakes of outsourcing and how to avoid them


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The success and failure of your outsourced process depends on the choice of the outsourcing destination, choice of the vendor, your communication with the people working on your process and security of your critical data. Any lapses on any of these attributes can completely derail your outsourced process

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Top 5 mistakes of outsourcing and how to avoid them

  1. 1. Top 5 mistakes of outsourcing and how toavoid them
  2. 2. The top 5 mistakes that can completely derail your outsourced process are: Choosing the wrong outsourcing destination Wrong choice of vendor Not participating in hiring of remote employees Lack of communication with remote employees Inadequate data security measures
  3. 3. Choosing the wrongoutsourcing destination Companies and entrepreneurs often ignore the importance of theoutsourcing destination The ideal location should have ample availability of the skill sets yourequire It should ideally be a stable democracy and have a clearly defined rule oflaw If your outsourcing destination does not have these attributes, you aremaking the wrong choice
  4. 4. Wrong choice of vendor Too often clients get swayed by low cost vendors who make grandpromises Many vendors have nothing more than just a URL To avoid this mistake, conduct a proper research on your requirements After this, short-list at least three vendors that meet your requirements While finalizing the service provider, go for the one that meets all yourrequirements Going for the cheapest option may land you in trouble at a later stage
  5. 5. Not participating in hiring ofremote employees Not participating in the hiring of remote employees can give your wrongsill sets To avoid this mistake, never hire a remote employee without personallyassessing the skill sets Make sure you cross-examine the credentials with the previous employers Always make it a point that you interview the remote resource personally
  6. 6. Lack of communication withremote employees Outsourced processes require your personal involvement in deriving theresults That is why your direct communication with remote employees is ofutmost importance Communication gaps can lead to delayed deadlines and missed targets So, make it a point that you communicate extensively with your remoteemployees
  7. 7. Inadequate datasecurity measures Outsourcing of a processes involves your critical data Any misrepresentation of this data may cause heavy losses to you So, before outsourcing a process make adequate data securityarrangements
  8. 8. Thank YouGet more tips how to outsource successfully