How to outsource to India in minimal effort and maximum profit


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To outsource to India successfully, it is essential for a company to find the right outsourcing partner. The vendor should minimize the effort of the client and should maximize the profit.

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How to outsource to India in minimal effort and maximum profit

  1. 1. How to outsource to India in minimal effort and maximum profit
  2. 2. Outsourcing options  The Indian outsourcing industry offers a variety of options  You can either hire a management consultant or an outsourcing consultant  Tying up with an Indian counterpart as a client is another option  Hiring a remote staffing company is the latest trend  Such a vendor can provide dedicated employees in a variety of fields
  3. 3. Outsource to India successfully • As a client, first identify the reasons to outsource • Only then can you shortlist the right outsourcing vendors • The service delivery model of the vendor should suit your needs • Make sure that you are part of the hiring process
  4. 4. as anoutsourcing service provider  is a reputed name in the outsourcing arena  It is based in the National Capital Region of India  Sources a variety of professionals for companies around the world  All these professionals work as dedicated employees on various projects  The clients can collaborate extensively with their dedicated employees
  5. 5. The recruitment options  offers two basic options - free and paid  In the former, the client receives free resumes, and as many as resumes as they request  In the paid option, the client pays a nominal fee of $49.95 and gets a more customised service  More HR managers and Technical consultants are put on the job to get them the perfect employee
  6. 6. The paid Gold RecruitmentService  Faster turnaround times for sending resumes of suitable candidates  Carries out candidate selection in a more rigorous way  Devotes more personnel to the recruitment process  Involves top management in the testing of skill sets and hiring  Higher priority to this clients vacancy if they choose this option
  7. 7. How it works  The office functions as the clients offshore unit  It provides all office infrastructure, hardware and software to the virtual employees  24x7 HR and IT support for both clients and their virtual employees  All virtual employees work from a professional, supervised office  Resolves any IT or HR issues at the earliest
  8. 8. Thank YouKnow More About Easy Online Collaboration, Video Conferencing, State-of-the-Art VE Office