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How to make sure that your outsourcing partner is reliable and legitimate?


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It is very important to know the legitimacy and reliability of your outsourcing partner before you outsource a business process. To check these attributes, you have to look for things like infrastructure and stock exchange listings etc.

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How to make sure that your outsourcing partner is reliable and legitimate?

  1. 1. How to make sure that your outsourcingpartner is reliable and legitimate?
  2. 2. To make sure that your outsourcing partner is reliableand legitimate, you should look for the followingattributes: Client testimonials Affiliation with regulatory bodies Listing in the Stock Exchange Infrastructure
  3. 3. Client Testimonials Client testimonials are a good source to know the credibility of a vendor They are the best advertisement that a vendor can have Go through these testimonials to find out how the vendor has performed Always cross-check these testimonials with the previous clients concerned This would give you a clear picture of the reliability of the vendor
  4. 4. Affiliation with regulatory bodies• Credible service providers are supported by regulatory bodies• So, check whether your vendor has any such affiliations• Registration with government bodies is another way to check thereliability• Affiliations confirm the authenticity and standards of excellencemaintained by a service provider
  5. 5. Listing in Stock Exchange All the reliable companies are listed on some or the otherStock Exchange This helps in finding out things like turnover and marketreputation You can also check the balance sheets of the vendor These factors contribute to building confidence to hire thevendor
  6. 6. Infrastructure The vendors infrastructure is also a good indicator of its reliability If possible, visit the vendors office premises personally to check theinfrastructure The infrastructure needs to be of a superior standard for better workoutput Check things like computer hardware and communication systems
  7. 7. Thank YouWant to know more about how to choose a reliableoutsourcing vendor ?