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Freelancing Websites vs


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Trying to find the ideal freelancer on one of the many popular freelancing websites can be a tedious and time-consuming exercise. On the other hand, when you decide to utilize the services of reputed vendors like, you can just sit back and allow this vendor to provide you with the perfect virtual employee.

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Freelancing Websites vs

  1. 1. A Freelancer From The Internet Or A Dedicated Virtual Employee From
  2. 2. Challenges of hiring afreelancer  Picking up the freelancer from popular freelancing websites is a tedious procedure  The entire onus of searching, scanning, selecting is on you alone  You have to wade through a staggering number of possible candidates  You have to go through their sample work  Juggling everything within the budget can be hugely time-consuming  Freelancing websites merely provide a massive database of freelancers  You have to do all the hard work by yourself
  3. 3., thesolution provider  can give you what you want minus all the hassles  Plugs in all the loop-holes commonly associated with contracting with freelancers  Takes your outsourcing experience to a whole new level  Its services make it a superior alternative to a freelancer  Provides dedicated virtual employee instead of freelancers  A virtual employee is a remote resource who works exactly like a local employee
  4. 4. How VirtualEmployee.commakes a difference  A virtual employee scores over a freelancer on – trust and reliability.  With a freelancer, you are never really sure  With a virtual employee you have no cause for complaint  A virtual employee becomes a remote addition to your local team
  5. 5. Finding the right resource  Hire a remote enployee in any domain or profession  You paly an active role in the recruitment process  You hire only when you are satisfied with the candidate Freelance Portals  When you hire a freelancer from any freelance portals, you are on your own  You have to balance talent, domain expertise, quality of work and affordability  You spend a lot of time on working out the logistics  There is no guarantee of finding someone who satisfies your requirements
  6. 6. Background Checks  The HR executives of scrutinize every resume for you  They even call up previous employers for feedback, if need be  Only those resumes are sent to you that qualifiy as per your specifications  You save time as you only have to pick from the cream of the lot  You have the advantage of conducting face-to-face interviews of candidates  The reecruitment team of covers all bases for you Freelance Portals  You do it all, whether it is background checks or checking sample work  You varify the client testimonials of the freelancer for yourself  You may like a profile but the feedback for that could be negative  You have to deal with the dilemma of hiring a freelancer with negative feedabck
  7. 7. Ease of Communication  Free and easy access to your remote resource  Your virtual employee works the same hours as you do  You can simply pick up the phone and talk to them in real time  You have access to video conferencing to collaborate online  You can stay in touch via Skype Freelance Portals  Communication with the freelancer is always hanging in a limbo  Freelancers do not necessarily work the same hours as you do  You only have emails as a means of communication  No way to effectively interact in real time
  8. 8. What freelancing websitesare all about  Freelancing websites can only provide you with a freelancer  They cannot promise any level of interaction  There is no guarantee of data security with them  It leads to a lack of control and frustration further down the life of the project
  9. 9. Your take away • provides dedicated remote workers • They work the same hours as you do • You can communicate with them in real time • They give you complete control of your employee and your work
  10. 10. Thank YouVirtual Employee vs. Freelancer : Comparing An Offshore Freelancer To A Virtual Employee