A handy guide for hiring the ideal virtual employee


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A handy guide for hiring the ideal virtual employee

  1. 1. VirtualEmployee.comA Handy Guide For Hiring The Ideal Virtual Employee VirtualEmployee Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. VirtualEmployee.com Introduction :Many a company has searched in vain for that perfect outsourcingexperience that has hitherto eluded them for whatever reason. It could bebecause of many factors - the wrong choice of an outsourcing partner,hasty research and outsourcing for the wrong reasons. This handy guidehere helps you get the best out of outsourcing by telling you all about thatvaluable asset – the virtual employee. A Handy Guide For Hiring The Ideal Virtual Employee These days when one talks about outsourcing, one also talks about remote staffing or virtual employees instead of the usual freelancing model. The burgeoning outsourcing industry is constantly evolving, and while freelancers may have been what defined it at one point of time, today there are new entrants on the horizon that have created their own niche and loyal following.
  3. 3. VirtualEmployee.com Topping the list is the virtual employee. As the name suggests, the virtual employee is just an employee who works remotely from an outsourcing service providers office from a remote offshore destination (India being the most favored). The virtual employee is slowly but surely nudging the freelancer from its numerous Uno position in the outsourcing world, as companies have realized the manifold benefits of hiring one. One word of caution here. It is essential for any company to make a distinction between a virtual employee and a virtual assistant and knowing who suits their particular requirements. Go for establishing vendors which provide all the office space and accessories along with a virtual employee. You dont have to bother about anything else except work because the employee gets everything from the vendors side (employee insurance, hardware, software, employee benefits – basically all that an employee is entitled to from an office). Here is a handy guide that covers everything from the benefits of hiring a virtual employee to the most effective tools that need to be used to communicate with them.
  4. 4. VirtualEmployee.com Benefits of hiring a virtual employee :  A virtual employee is first and foremost an employee, just like a regular, locally hired employee. A virtual employee is most definitely not a freelancer.  A virtual employee works for just one client at a time in a dedicated and exclusive manner, unlike a freelancer who handles multiple clients and assignments simultaneously.  Since a virtual employee works from the office of the vendor, professionalism and accountability are never compromised issues. In addition, the vendors HR managers are always at hand to supervise the virtual employee and make sure that they are working in a manner that is expected of them.  A virtual employee enjoys easy access to the best in hardware and latest software and high-speed Internet connectivity, making it very convenient for the client to control, manage and collaborate online with their virtual employee(s).  Your data will always be safeguarded with a virtual employee because not only are they under strict surveillance at all times, the vendor also makes sure that the clients precious data is stored either on their large virtual servers or directly on the clients own server back home.
  5. 5. VirtualEmployee.com Where can you find a virtual employee? Well, the outsourcing industry is filled with vendors of all types offering quick-fix solutions to a myriad outsourcing requirements. However, one needs to do a thorough background check before deciding to partner with any of them. Remember, there are plenty of websites for freelancers, and maybe even virtual assistants, but not as many for a virtual employee. One of the leading outsourcing companies in India is VirtualEmployee.com and it has the distinction of being the first to introduce the concept of the virtual employee to the world. So, the answer is that you can find this virtual employee in cyberspace, provided you do some research and make a well-informed decision that is not just based on low cost alone. How to hire a virtual employee? The really reputed outsourcing vendors would have a recruitment process that mirrors the one any company would normally have in place in their own set-up. Resumes would be sent to you (the client) for scanning and the short- listed ones would be interviewed by the vendors recruitment executives and then by you as well. For technical vacancies, candidates may even be asked to appear for tests to further test their skills and expertise levels. Depending on how well established the vendor is, a client sitting in the US or the UK can easily enjoy conducting an interview with the selected candidates via modern means such as video conferencing as well. Only when you are totally satisfied, will you hire, in much the same manner as you would locally.
  6. 6. VirtualEmployee.comSome effective tools to communicate with a virtual employee Once you have hired your virtual employee, it is essential to establish an effective communication system with them since this forms the backbone of any successful outsourcing venture. Here are some tools that will hold you in good stead when dealing with your virtual employee: 1. Emails – The number one tool for online collaboration. Makes sure that all emails are stored properly and contain clearly worded instructions so as to avoid any ambiguity. Be prompt in replying to and acknowledging emails. 2. Video conferencing – Sometimes a mere telephone call or an email or a Skype chat does not suffice. A face-to-face interaction often is the best way to discuss important aspects of work. This not only adds to the overall clarity but also saves time and avoids miscommunication. 3. Skype chats – The backbone of modern-day office communication, Skype is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate with your virtual employee, and effective for sending files as well in case email is having technical glitches. 4. Telephone calls – You could establish a pattern of one telephone call a week or whatever frequency suits you. A reputed vendor would have a telephone with the local number of your country as well.
  7. 7. VirtualEmployee.com A virtual employee can be an enormous asset and an important addition to your team, irrespective of the time zone difference or the geographical distance. A good employee makes a significant contribution to a companys growth – it doesnt matter whether they are located down the corridor or halfway across the globe. JOIN VE AT : http://www.facebook.com/outsourcehub http://twitter.com/virtualempFacebook: http://www.linkedin.com/company/virtual-employee-pvt.-ltd.Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/user/virtualemployeeLinkedin: http://www.youtube.com/user/virtualemployeeGoogle+: http://www.flickr.com/people/virtualemployeeYoutube: http://www.a2zoutsourcing.comFlickr: http://www.virtualemployee.comBlog:Website: