6 Jobs That Are Outsourced The Most


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The 6 most popularly outsourced jobs include customer service, IT and HR etc. Such jobs either don't add value to the core business of a company or hiring qualified resources in these fields is very expensive for them

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6 Jobs That Are Outsourced The Most

  1. 1. 6 Jobs That Are Outsourced The Most
  2. 2. The 6 jobs that are the most outsourced include:• Customer Service• Information Technology (IT)• Human Resource (HR)• Legal Services• Payroll• Website Services
  3. 3. Customer Service  Manufacturing companies have an obligation to give after-sales service  Same is the case with services companies  By outsourcing customer service companies save a lot of resources  It ensures 24x7 client care and support  This helps in customer retention and customer satisfaction
  4. 4. Information Technology (IT)  Hiring IT resources locally is very expensive for companies  Often this talent is unavailable in small towns and cities  On the other hand, IT resources are abundantly available at offshore locations like India  Remote access tools make it easy to resolve IT issues from anywhere in the world  Low cost talent powers the growth chart of these IT companies
  5. 5. Human Resource (HR)  HR takes care of hiring and retaining the best human resources  This department requires highly qualified personnel  These resources have to be trained on the latest HR practices  Hence it is very expensive to maintain an in-house HR team  Outsourcing of this function absolves companies of all these liabilities
  6. 6. Legal Services  Every small and large company has to deal with a lot of legal issues  They have to hire expensive legal professionals to take care of these issues  Well qualified and low costing legal resources are easily available at offshore location  So, most of the companies find it best to outsource their legal requirements
  7. 7. Payroll  Payroll is a support function that takes care of the remuneration of employees  However, it also consumes a lot of office space and the companys resources  By outsourcing this function, a company can free up its human and financial resources and channelize the same into more profit-making ventures  Thanks to technology, this function can be easily carried out by skilled low costing talent in offshore destinations
  8. 8. Website Services  Website services include functions like website development, website hosting, Internet marketing, domain name registration, blogs, email services, and so on  Human resource for website services is readily available at cheaper offshore destinations  Most of the offshore vendors provide comprehensive web services  India is leading in IT outsourcing, thanks to its ample English-speaking talent pool and low salaries
  9. 9. Thank YouHire dedicated employees for your Payroll Services