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Top 10 reasons why veon for sugar crm projects


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Top 10 reasons why you should choose Veon Consulting for all your SugarCRM requirements.

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Top 10 reasons why veon for sugar crm projects

  1. 1. Top 10 ReasonsWhy Veon Consulting for SugarCRM Projects Visit us @
  2. 2. #1 Associate with thought leaders in SugarCRM Thought Consulting space. Engage consultants and not Leaders mere developers Contribution to community - SAP SugarCRM Integration Solution - SugarCRM Real Estate Solution - SugarCRM Upgrade Solution - SugarCRM Territory Management Solution Whitepapers - SugarCRM Best Practices - Migration from Approach - How to size your CRM application - Steps for successful CRM Implementation Project Over 100 SugarCRM Implementation.Experience 95% On time and within budget!!! Visit us @
  3. 3. #2 Best Thorough documentation of projectPractices Walkthrough and requirement sign off. Preventing unnecessary customization by using out of the box feature to maximum Meticulous project planning Iterative demos and work in progress instance so that you can judge the progress and give your inputs CRM Launch Enjoy greater predictability with our methodology. Date Visit us @
  4. 4. #3All Service SugarCRM Consultingunder oneRoof Integration with Accounting / VOIP Solutions Migration to SugarCRM from other solutions SugarCRM Upgrade Service Support and Maintenance services Data cleanup and performance optimization We are partners of choice for E-Commerce andNon CRM Web 2.0 applications as well Visit us @
  5. 5. #4 We avoid changing SugarCRM Core filesUpgradeSafeCoding All lines of code are well commented Core files if changed are maintained exhaustively Use of logic hooks to ensure easy upgrade later We understand that CRM is a long term investmentLong Term for you and we take care of small things which Partners ensure your long term success. Visit us @
  6. 6. #5Senior Working on SugarCRM since version 3.0SugarCRMCommunityMember Been part of Beta testing of the solution Active member of SugarCRM communityContribute Active sharing of information in SugarCRM and Gain Community makes us unique. Visit us @
  7. 7. #6 Many options for our customersFlexibleCommerci Conventional models like Fixed Price and Hourlyal Terms Pricing Hire full developers / team across for a quarter for larger implementationsGuidance Partners at Veon Consulting go to all extent to make your CRM Project successful. Visit us @
  8. 8. #7 Worked extensively on EnglishMulti –Lingual SugarCRM Implementations in SpanishExperience SugarCRM Project experience in Portuguese Experience in working in Dutch, German (Deutsche) Visit us @
  9. 9. #8 Extensive Customer Feedback MechanismCustomerRating Customer Support Portal for Issues Customer Rating of 9/10 across SugarCRM Projects which is testimonial to CRM Implementation within our Organization Visit us @
  10. 10. #9Growth Yearly growth of 200+% year on year 40% repeat customers IT partners of choice for our customersDifferentia Our firm footing on best practices make us tor consultants and not mere application developers. Visit us @
  11. 11. # 10 We don’t take shortcutsLong TermPartner Focus is on building a solution which you will use for years We go an extra step to ensure your end users are ok with the solution, performance of the application is fine tuned etc. Our To see our solutions work for your organization forMotivation years. Visit us @
  12. 12. info@veon.inUS +1-877-436-7990India +91 40